Recently, while walking in the open spaces of my favorite marketplace, I came across a wonderful belt that can be worn without a buckle. It is attached simply, it must be tied according to the proposed scheme.

I came up with another way that I liked even more. The belt is presented in classic black.

To be honest, I could not even believe that such a belt would look so beautiful on a shirt, a dress, a raincoat, and jeans. Fortunately, it turned out to be very convenient and does its job perfectly. The belt does not slip down, hold securely and look very elegant.

This is an awesome idea for a belt. I have always disliked how the buckle made my waist look bigger. This accessory solves the problem.

I’m tired of metal buckles that rub against the skin and cause irritation.

I’m glad I found a belt with such a cool design. My stomach looks flatter because the buckle doesn’t stick out.

By the way, if you forget about the design for a second, you can reveal another interesting benefit of it – at the airport you will not “beep” when passing through the turnstile simply because there are no metal parts on the belt!

The product is made of high quality durable leather and provides complete freedom of movement.

In addition, the belt adjusts to a wide range of waist sizes.

The belt is adjustable in length and will fit any size.

I am happy with the purchase, this is just a godsend for me!


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