The love for headscarves originated in the East, when a woman looks so chaste, sophisticated. The scarf is very relevant now for emphasizing femininity in the formoh, how many compliments are immediately said to a girl with a headscarf covered, an association immediately arises for the truth of the beautiful image of a Russian woman here the main thing is to tie it correctly and beautifully.

Scarves were popular in the 90s! Remember or look for photos in the style of “bandit’s wife” – a lot of photo shoots in this style have been held lately and the most gorgeous intersting photos are obtained!

And now it is more relevant than ever, because fashion is returning, like the spirit of patriotism and the film Brother and Brother 2 in the cinema.

A scarf is not only a fashionable accessory for the neck or head now, but also an indispensable thing for going to church. It is very pleasant to put on your most beautiful scarf, it’s good when a person is beautiful not only in soul, but also in appearance!

It is very important to wear scarves in the demi-season, when there are strong winds on the embankments and in order not to catch a cold and freeze your ears once again – a scarf will become an indispensable thing!

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