Follow me by Pherolab is your new seductive fragrance that captivates from the first note

Perfumes with pheromones arouse genuine interest from both young girls and stately women. This is an amazing product that gives self-confidence, makes you feel desirable and seductive. It is this fragrance that is presented by the Pherolab brand, which is engaged in the production of high-quality perfumes using innovative technologies and high-quality raw materials.

A valuable addition to the collection is the fragrance “Follow me”. It creates a truly playful mood. Created for natures who are ready to demonstrate their obstinacy and a note of rebelliousness.

Bright highlight of women’s perfumery

Thanks to perfumes with Pherolab pheromones, a woman will be able to turn a man’s head, arouse his interest and feelings of affection. This effect is guaranteed by the impeccable formula of the composition, which combines a mixture of pheromones and oxytocin. This pair is complemented by a perfume composition that emphasizes the bright features of women’s perfumes.

This fragrance is able to reveal all female sexuality and seductiveness. It gives confidence in oneself and one’s own abilities. And it also has a positive effect on social ties with the stronger sex.

The strengths of the fragrance and its classification

“Follow me” from Pherolab should not be ignored by direct women who are able to confidently go to their goals. They will be able to appreciate the amazing composition of the fragrance, in which spicy and floral accents stand out brightly. It is they who awaken true sexuality, while maintaining tenderness and grace.

Perfumes with pheromones have the following features that distinguish them from analogues:

They differ in the formula, which includes natural ingredients.
· Cause interest in the maximum allowable concentration of pheromones.
Presented in an expensive oil base that does not cause skin irritation.
· Persistence of aroma reaches 6 hours. Pheromones remain on the body for up to 8 hours.
Presented in premium packaging marked “Honest Sign”
· Careful control over the production of each batch of perfume is carried out, so the high quality of the product is guaranteed.

“Follow me” has an impact on the male subconscious. It pushes the representatives of the stronger sex to take decisive action, which is exactly what a woman expects.

What’s in

The high quality and effectiveness of perfumes with pheromones is ensured by the choice of exclusively high-quality raw materials for their production. This is one of the points that the manufacturer places the greatest emphasis on in the process of working on their own product. The formula is based on natural pheromones from the USA, combined with a perfume fragrance from France, fragrance fixatives and other classic substances.

The composition does not contain components of synthetic origin, as well as alcohols and other non-natural additives that can cause unwanted reactions. The natural formula does not overdry or irritate even the most sensitive skin.

Women’s perfume with pheromones “Follow me” from Pherolab – the scent of true attraction

Perfume with pheromones and oxytocin “Follow me” does not leave indifferent fans of sensual floral fragrances with spicy spicy notes. This is an amazing composition that will definitely interest a man.

The Pherolab brand offers an amazing introduction to the world of seductive perfumery that can surprise and enchant. Women’s perfumes with pheromones are presented in a stylish and convenient bottle, which displays appropriate conciseness.

Follow me perfume by Pherolab will be a great gift choice for yourself or a loved one who is not indifferent to such bright compositions. An elegant box in black and red colors was provided, which gives the perfume a presentable look, solves the problem of choosing the right design for an unexpected present.


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