Femininity is back in fashion! In fact, she is always in trend. The ICONIC CODE brand team knows this, so they create incredibly feminine models that emphasize natural grace and attractiveness. One of these models of artificial fur coats is the Claddic Nude fur coat, the very embodiment of femininity.

Fitted classic silhouette, the waist is emphasized with a belt made of Italian eco-suede. Suede inserts organically emphasize the silhouette of the model, and a slight shimmer of suede adds a special charm. Suede inserts perform, in addition to aesthetic functions, practical ones. For example, inserts in the pocket area prevent abrasion of the fur in this area. Inserts on the back visually stretch the silhouette and make the owner of the fur coat slimmer. The suede belt drapes beautifully, emphasizing the waist.
A mink-like faux fur coat in a pleasant milky shade, a nude color that is now in trend. The fur is incredibly soft to the touch, like natural mink fur. Order a fur coat, try it on and you won’t want to take it off.
The length of the midi coat, i.e. Can be styled with both trousers and skirt. And do not be afraid that the skirt will “peek” out from under the clothes.
All ICONIC CODE brand coats are beautiful not only from the outside, but from the inside. We pay attention to lining and fittings. The lining is made of artificial silk with a “delicious” chocolate shade. The lining has a nice muted sheen. The lining is dense, no seams or threads are visible through it, as is the case with other fur coats.
The coat is insulated to minus 20, so you will feel comfortable in winter.
Thanks to the thoughtfulness of the “design” of the model, the fur coat does not hang like a bag. Duplicating materials in the collar, hem and other places of the fur coat allow it to keep its shape. Our fur coats are sewn according to all the rules for tailoring a solid winter coat.
The CLASSIC NUDE coat looks perfect not only in studio photos, but most importantly – live.

Be luxurious this winter!


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