Blender whisk - what is it for, what types of such a device are there, how to choose the right one?

When purchasing a blender, not every housewife focuses on the complete set of whisk attachments. With ordinary choppers, you can whip pancake dough without lumps and proteins to a fluffy foam, so why overpay? The question will disappear, one has only to prepare a dish with the right equipment. The whisk for the blender is presented in assortment.

What is a blender whisk used for?

Initially, the whisk attachment was included only with the mixer. Finding out what a whisk is for, we note that it is used for accelerated whipping. Thin dough, milkshake, fluffy protein cream, sauce and much more – a whisk for a blender will make mechanical devices faster. Many may disagree, justifying this with extra money and space in the kitchen, but personal time saved on long manual whipping is worth more.

Types of whisks

Unlike the variety of hand-made whipping products, the whisk attachment for a blender can only be of three types:

  1. frame whisk gives the dough or sauce a uniform consistency without lumps and clots, has a classic whisk shape with rounded rods.
  2. whisk attachment for blender

  3. rounded whisk – has the same shape as the frame, but it is larger in volume, and is suitable for making cocktails and creams, due to the fact that when whipping the ingredients, it fills them with air.
  4. electric whisk for whisking

  5. S-shaped electric whisk for whipping, will be able to mix tight dough for pies, manti, dumplings and so on, the large diameter of the hook will cope with high work loads.
  6. hand whisk

How to choose a whisk?

When choosing a blender with a whisk, it is important to consider it visually and tactilely, and not from a picture in an online store. If you are attracted by a tempting price on the site, then it is better to go to the nearest store with appliances and evaluate the product before ordering according to the following important indicators:

  1. The strength of the whisk is an important characteristic that is responsible for the quality of beating thick mixtures, as well as an indicator of service life. For example, you should pay attention to the whisk for the Braun blender, the manufacturer has invested in it the hardness of steel, which will ensure many years of use.
  2. The power of the blender into which the whisk will be inserted should be large, an insufficient indicator will lead to gradual damage to the device and to equipment jamming during whipping.
  3. The product must be of a suitable shape, so you need to think in advance what you plan to whip with a whisk in a blender, and what the manual version can handle.

blender whisk braun

How to use a whisk?

When working with a whisk for a blender, it is necessary to observe accuracy and softness in movements, especially at the stages of acquaintance with a household appliance:

  1. Even with turbo mode and several speeds in the blender, the whisk should not press on the walls and bottom of the container to avoid deformation of the rods.
  2. You can work with a whisk for a blender for no more than four minutes, if this time was not enough, then you need to pause or use a hand-held device at the end of the process.
  3. The whisk should be rinsed immediately after use.

How to insert a whisk into a blender?

It may seem that this is not an essential question, because what could be easier than inserting or removing a whisk. There are a number of rules that are related to safety and blender performance:

  1. Before inserting the whisk for whipping cream or other tasks, you must make sure that the device is unplugged.
  2. When inserting the product, you need to very carefully turn its leg around the axis in order to find the desired recess in the grooves of the blender.
  3. The whisk is inserted when a click occurs – this applies to all blender models.
  4. When removing the whisk from the blender, you should carefully turn the leg against the axis. On some models there is a special button, when you press it, the whisk will be released from the grooves of the hole.


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