Oiler - what is it, main types, how to choose and use, original options

We all know that high-quality butter is a useful product for humans. It contains fatty acids and vitamins necessary for a healthy body, it affects the immune system and hormonal levels. You should not exclude it from your diet, but you need to store the oil properly. To do this, there is such a container as an oiler.

What is an oiler?

If there is a need to serve butter to the table, then it should not be in its original packaging, but on a special beautiful plate. It must be stored in a closed container, without access to light, since in the air this product goes rancid and weathered. A butter dish is a small saucer with a high lid that can cover a two-hundred-gram piece of butter. It will retain all the useful properties of the product and allow you to beautifully serve it to the table.

what is an oiler

Types of oilers

On sale there are two main types of oilers: flat and recessed. The first version of the plate has small sides along the edges that fix the lid and prevent it from slipping. A recessed oiler with a lid is more suitable for soft butter, but it is more difficult to wash it, because some of the fat will stick to the walls of the container. The main requirement for oilers is that they must be safe for human health. Since oil is a perishable product, the lid must tightly close the container, preventing air and foreign odors from the refrigerator from entering it.

What is the buttercup made of?

This kitchen accessory is made from different materials: porcelain and steel, wood and ceramics, plastic and glass. It is possible to purchase a combined oil container in which a ceramic base and a glass lid, a wicker stand and a porcelain top, a steel plate and an acrylic lid are harmoniously combined. Many housewives want to have a beautiful butter dish, which can be conveniently used in everyday life, and it will be appropriate on the festive table.

metal oiler

For those who often drop and hit dishes, a stainless steel oiler is perfect. It copes well with temperature changes: it can withstand negative temperatures, for example, storage in the freezer, it is washed in the hot water of the dishwasher. The material is hygienic and inert, does not absorb foreign odors, preserving the freshness of the butter.

Stainless steel is an opaque material that prevents deterioration of the delicate product. A metal butter dish is used both in everyday life and will perfectly fit into the festive table setting, and in the kit you can choose a serving knife that suits the style, which will not leave scratches on the steel surface of the container.

metal oiler

glass oiler

This is an inert material that does not absorb any odors, so a glass butter dish with a lid is perfect for storing any cow butter, including flavored butter. A small drawback of such an item may be its transparency, however, it is dark in the refrigerator (where it is located most of the time), so this will not affect the quality of the product. Although you can purchase a tinted glass oil container. A crystal butter dish decorated with carved patterns looks beautiful on the festive table.

glass butter dish

ceramic oiler

The concept of ceramics includes several different materials created on the basis of clay, but differing in the method of firing and the presence of additives:

  1. porcelain butter dish – the most expensive of all. This material is thin, light, translucent in the light, but durable. Such an elegant butter container will look harmoniously with a porcelain table set.
  2. porcelain butter dish

  3. faience butter dish – it looks similar to porcelain, but the material is more porous and fragile. Faience products are glazed and painted. Blue Gzhel is especially popular.
  4. earthenware butter dish

  5. Glass ceramic oiler – combines the practicality of glass and the beauty of porcelain. Such a product is allowed to heat in the microwave and wash in the dishwasher. You can purchase a model with a figured lid, decorated with volumetric decor, gilding, perforation.
  6. glass ceramic oiler

plastic oiler

This is the cheapest product in this line. A butter dish made of plastic can be plain and patterned, transparent or bright. In any case, it must be made of food-grade plastic that is safe for health. Such a plastic accessory is short-lived, because scratches appear on it from frequent contact with a knife. If it breaks, it will not shatter into small pieces, as glass does.

plastic oiler

Wooden butter dish

Perishable foods must be stored properly. A wooden butter dish is perfect for this purpose. You can buy an oil dish made of oak or cedar. Tannins, which are rich in their wood, disinfect the product, enriching its aroma and taste. The opaque material protects the oil from rancidity. The practical wooden butter dish does not break and will serve as a table decoration for a long time.

wooden butter dish

Modern oilers

Technological progress has not ignored such a seemingly simple kitchen item as a butter dish. New items on the cookware market:

  1. Oil dish with cooling effect. On its bottom there is a special removable cooler container, which is first cooled in the freezer, and then inserted into the bottom of the butter dish, and keeps the oil cold. Such an accessory can be used when setting the table or even taken on a hike. It will also come in handy when the lights in the house often turn off.
  2. oiler with cooling effect

  3. Oiler with temperature controller. There are models that are powered by a battery, batteries, mains, or even a USB port. Such oilers have a special regulator with which you can increase or decrease the level of cooling of the butter.
  4. oiler with temperature controller

  5. Oiler with dispenser, which can itself serve the desired piece of butter, providing a beautiful and fast table setting. By placing softened butter in a special compartment, the desired portion is obtained by pressing a special button. There are oilers shaped like a syringe. So you can get curly or round (in the form of a tablet) servings of oil.
  6. oiler with dispenser

How to choose an oiler?

Those housewives who are interested in which butter dish is best for butter should also pay attention to such criteria as tightness. The shelf life of a fresh product in the refrigerator and the absence of foreign odors depend on this. For those who buy oil in a standard 200-gram package, you must choose the appropriate container for storing it. For packs weighing 100 g, smaller oilers are produced. In addition, these kitchen accessories can vary in shape and are:

  • rectangular;
  • oval;
  • round;
  • square.

The first two types of oilers are considered the most convenient and practical, since a standard piece of oil fits freely in them. A round or square oiler is not very suitable for this, and the pack of oil will need to be trimmed to fit the product in the container. In addition, oilers come with or without handles. The latter option is not very convenient to use, since it is inconvenient to pick up such an oiler, and the lid will constantly fall from it. It is better not to store oil in a butter dish without a lid, but to use it only for table setting.

How to use an oil can?

Utensils for oil should be convenient and practical. It is better to use a not very deep, but wide oiler: it is more convenient to cut the oil in it. After the meal is over, the butter dish should be covered with a lid and put in the refrigerator: this way the oil stays fresh longer. When the piece is over, it is recommended to thoroughly wash and dry the container.

Original oilers

Those housewives who love beautiful kitchen accessories know that an oil dish should be unusual and eye-catching. Handicrafts are especially popular. You can buy a designer butter dish as a gift or for your own use.

  1. In a classic-style kitchen, a crystal product with a butterfly instead of a handle will look original.
  2. crystal butter dish

  3. Cat lovers will appreciate products decorated not only with images, but also with ears.
  4. butter dish with ears

  5. If you adhere to the design in a rural style, then an oil dish in the form of a bag can become an original addition.
  6. oiler bag

  7. A pear-shaped butter dish can be considered a work of art.
  8. butter dish pear


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