Gas stoves are a technique that is in great demand. The devices are widely used due to their excellent characteristics.

Among them is the possibility of fast cooking with minimal consumption of natural gas.

Plates are practical and multifunctional. There are gas stoves in the range of well-known brands that have won the trust of consumers.

Before you give preference to a particular model, you should familiarize yourself with the features of the technique.

Types of gas stoves

Units differ by brand as manufacturers implement different features.

For example, they combine the use of different resource sources in slabs. This allows you to use the equipment more efficiently.

Types of plates by the type of resource used:

  • Gas. The devices are equipped with gas burners and a gas oven. They provide easy and fast cooking. The plates are independent of the power supply, so they can be used even during power outages. All modern units are equipped with electric ignition and a gas control system, which eliminates the risk of burns when turned on and an accident in case of gas leakage.
  • Combined. Models are equipped with an electric oven and four burners. In the assortment of some companies there are units that have three gas and one electric burner. This option is optimal for those who regularly experience interruptions in the supply of resources. An electric oven has more temperature settings than a gas oven. Some models are equipped with a grill with a spit.

According to the way the plates are located, they are divided into two types:

  • Freestanding. Classic variant. You can install the device in any place where communications are available. Among the freestanding models there are combined stoves and units that run entirely on gas. The range of well-known brands consists of 60 and 50 cm wide slabs. They have a beautiful design. There are models in white, silver, black and beige.
  • Embedded. They are a cooktop. The oven can be purchased separately and installed in a convenient location. Modern models are covered with glass-ceramic or stainless steel. Both materials are resistant to prolonged heating, do not deform over time and are easily cleaned of dirt. The only downside is the high cost.


Which is better – gas or electric oven?

It is worth choosing a unit with a gas or electric oven, focusing on your preferences and the frequency of cooking.

To make a choice, it will not be superfluous to look at the characteristics of the devices, compiled taking into account consumer reviews.

Evaluation criterion gas ovens Electric ovens
Requirements for unit installation Main pipeline and indoor ventilation Power line suitable for high load
Safety of use The gas is dangerous due to the risk of fire and explosion in case of leakage, therefore the operation of the stove requires compliance with safety regulations. A safer option if you follow the connection instructions
Number of modes A small selection of modes, while there are inaccuracies when setting the temperature Large selection of temperature conditions, the ability to turn on one or more heating elements
Functions Less functional Some models include grilling
Operating comfort Convenient if equipped with electric ignition. Due to this, it is not necessary to set fire to the gas with a match. Simple and convenient to operate
Food quality It takes skill to learn how to cook well in a gas oven Cooking is very simple: just choose the right mode and pull the dish out of the oven in time
Cleaning the oven Some models are equipped with an automatic cleaning system, which is a steam supply All modern models can be cleaned due to the high quality of materials in the working chamber, any means are suitable
Economy of use Small amount of gas is consumed When used wisely, resources are consumed economically
Plate price You can find inexpensive and expensive models in the assortment. Plates are presented in the segment “economy”, “standard” and “vip”

Popular manufacturing brands

Most people buy a stove for at least 10 years. In this regard, it is worth responsibly approaching the choice of model. There are products from several dozen manufacturers on the market, but only a few of them were able to win the trust of users.

Description of plates of popular brands:

  • Darina. The range consists of equipment class “economy”. The domestic manufacturer took into account the needs of people when developing models. The units combine attractive design and versatility. The burners have high power, and the grates are made of reliable material. The hob has a durable coating that can withstand thousands of heating and cooling cycles. Models are equipped with gas control and other options that make the use of the device simple and safe.
  • Gefest. A well-known Belarusian company, which is one of the leaders in the production of household appliances. There are gas stoves of standard width (60 cm) and narrow ones (50 cm), which are conveniently placed in small kitchens. Models have automatic ignition of burners, high-quality lighting and a grill.
  • Hansa. A distinctive feature of the units is the introduction of ECO-GAS technology, due to which the user saves up to 12% of natural gas. Equipment and accessories are made of high quality materials. Grids, hob and oven are perfectly cleaned of dirt. The units are safe to use, as the manufacturer has equipped them with a gas control system and electric ignition.
  • Electrolux. Plates with a durable surface and high-quality gratings. They have an attractive design, suitable for any interior. Some models are equipped with a display, grill and other additional options.


How to choose and what to look for?

Before buying a stove, you should get to know the characteristics better. These include the type of burners, grate material and other criteria.

What to look for in order to choose a good quality stove:

  • Burner type. Most stoves have standard burners. The difference is only in the size of the nozzle and power. Many models have a burner that heats up faster.
  • Grating material. Plates are equipped with gratings made of steel or cast iron. The latter are the most practical, since the material is resistant to prolonged exposure to high temperatures and does not deform from increased load. Steel grates are more fragile, so they can bend from overall dishes. Models with cast iron grills are more expensive.
  • Cooktop coating. Manufacturers use enamel or stainless steel to cover the work surface. Enameled plates are cheaper, but the material is less reliable and requires careful maintenance. In addition, the top layers of enamel are porous, so grease easily eats into them. The stainless steel surface is easy to clean and does not require the use of special detergents.
  • Functionality of the oven. The volume of the chamber is from 40 to 62 liters. When choosing an oven, it is worth considering the number of people in the family.
  • Additional options. These include electric ignition, which excludes direct contact with fire. Gas is supplied by pressing a button or turning a switch. The presence of electric ignition increases the safety of using the unit.
  • Temperature conditions. The largest range of modes have stoves with an electric oven.


TOP 7 gas stoves

What is the best gas stove in your opinion? You can vote one once.

The rating of gas stoves will help you find the most suitable model. The TOP-7 includes stoves from popular manufacturers with a description of the main characteristics, pros and cons according to consumers.

Hansa FCMW68020

FCMW68020 is a quality stove from a well-known company. Equipped with durable gratings that are not damaged5

during operation. The plate is easy to clean from stains due to high-quality coating. The unit is safe to use and consumes a minimum amount of resources.


  • dimensions – 60x60x85 cm;
  • control – mechanical;
  • oven volume – 65 l;
  • electric ignition – hob.


  • economical use of resources;
  • powerful burners;
  • spacious oven;
  • good feature set;
  • high-quality gratings;
  • simple and safe use.


  • high price;
  • small guarantee (365 days).

Gorenje G 6111 WH

Stove with a modern design that will decorate the interior of the kitchen in any style. Provides fast cooking6

. Safe to use due to the presence of electric ignition. The door is equipped with double glass, which does not heat up when the oven is in operation.


  • dimensions – 60x60x85 cm;
  • control – mechanical;
  • electric ignition – hob + oven;
  • oven volume – 74 l.


  • safety in use;
  • thick glass;
  • large oven;
  • quick heating burner;
  • attractive design.


  • enamel coating;
  • There is no overlay on the grids for small dishes.

GEFEST 5500-03 0044

Equipment with an original design and a good set of functions. Equipped with a display for ease of use7

, timer and automatic ignition. The surface is covered with high-strength enamel, resistant to corrosion and deformation.


  • dimensions – 50 × 58.5 × 85 cm;
  • control – mechanical;
  • oven volume – 52 l;
  • electric ignition – yes.


  • powerful oven;
  • display with clock and timer;
  • the presence of electric ignition;
  • simple and inexpensive care;
  • grill with convection.


  • low quality display;
  • inconvenient power distribution of burners;
  • complicated instructions.


Economy class unit with excellent performance. Equipped with gas control technology and grill, usingeight

which is easy to prepare complex dishes. The hob has 3 burners and one electric burner.


  • dimensions – 50x57x85 cm;
  • control – mechanical;
  • oven volume – 52 l;
  • electric ignition – yes.


  • low price;
  • simple operation;
  • powerful oven;
  • simple care;
  • convenient dimensions;
  • grill available.


  • inconvenient management;
  • no gas control on the hob.

Electrolux EKK 951301 X

The plate has an attractive design and high quality. Made from durable stainless steel9

to corrosion and mechanical stress. It is completed with the convenient baking sheet made of qualitative material.


  • dimensions – 50x60x85 cm;
  • control – mechanical;
  • oven volume – 56 l;
  • electric ignition – hob.


  • attractive design;
  • large oven;
  • simple control;
  • fast food preparation
  • durable coating.


  • complex instruction;
  • small guarantee.

GEFEST 6100-04 0001

Unit from a trusted manufacturer. High build quality combined with an affordable priceten

. The model is equipped with one electric hotplate and three gas burners.


  • dimensions – 60x60x85 cm;
  • control – mechanical;
  • oven volume – 52 l
  • electric ignition – yes.


  • the presence of electric ignition;
  • there is a timer;
  • powerful oven;
  • the presence of a grill;
  • spit and 2 baking sheets included;
  • protective shutdown;
  • gas control burners.


  • you can not turn on the grill without lighting;
  • enameled finish.


High quality model at an affordable price. Has an attractive appearance. Easy and safe to useeleven

due to the presence of automatic ignition: the flame appears immediately after turning the handle. The stove is equipped with a sound timer, which is very convenient when cooking.


  • dimensions – 50x60x85 cm;
  • control – mechanical;
  • oven volume – 52 l;
  • electric ignition – hob.


  • grill;
  • good oven lighting;
  • durable coating;
  • easy cleaning of the surface and oven;
  • durable glass;
  • modern design.


  • inconvenient management;
  • no electric burner.

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