Melamine sponges - what it is, what it looks like, composition, principle of operation, what are good, harm

For cleaning and washing dishes, many people use foam rubber products, but today melamine sponges have begun to gain popularity, which do an excellent job without aggressive chemicals and at the same time have an affordable cost. Before buying, it is important to carefully study the capabilities of this cleaning product.

What is melamine sponge?

It is a versatile product for home use, created from melamine resin, which can be further processed in a special way. Many users positively evaluate its qualities in cleaning different rooms. Knowing what melamine sponges are, it is known that their effectiveness is ensured without the use of additional cleaning agents. Upon contact, it seems that there is a hardened polyurethane foam in the hands.

What does a melamine sponge look like?

The product is a white or gray rubber eraser, which is endowed with a porous, but strong structure. The melamine miracle sponge is so hard that it can only be fully compressed after pre-soaking. Its fibers have pointed edges and microvilli. In simple words, a melamine sponge is a very fine sandpaper, with a two-stage foam structure: large pores with a large number of antennae capture the bulk of the dirt, and small ones remove the residue and carry out soft grinding. An amazing effect is achieved by creating foam from the contact of melamine resin with moisture.

what does melamine sponge look like

The composition of the melamine sponge


Many who first saw this product are interested in what the melamine sponge is made of. Judging from the name, it is clear that the main material of the product is melamine resin. When hot, it foams crystals that are endowed with a minimum degree of solubility in water. They are obtained from: inonylphenol formaldehyde. As a result of this process, a porous material is formed that resembles a sponge in structure.

Material can be obtained in different ways:


  1. As a result of a chemical reaction between ammonia and cyanuric acid chloride. The thermal effect in this case is about 100ºС.
  2. Thermal treatment of guanidine and formation of oligomers from cyanamide.
  3. A common method of industrial extraction of melamine. Heat treatment of urea is carried out, as a result there is a lack of oxygen, which leads to the decomposition of chemical compounds.
  4. Another common method of obtaining the material is the processing of dicyandiamide.


The principle of operation of the melamine sponge

Due to the unusual structure and qualities, the product not only absorbs and washes away dirt, but is also endowed with pronounced abrasive qualities. The melamine sponge-eraser functions as follows – small particles enter the stain, and the formed foam during friction helps to break the link between the surface to be cleaned and the contamination.

The general principle of operation is that the sponge soaks the dirt, and then carefully scrapes it off without damaging the surface and finally absorbs the liquid. The technology allows you to remove even old stains without the use of abrasive substances and at the same time leave no streaks. This ensures an excellent effect during cleaning.

What is good melamine sponge?

In order to understand what a melamine sponge is good for, you need to get acquainted with its advantages:


  • with a soft surface, the effectiveness is similar to sandpaper;
  • ease of use;
  • no need to pre-prepare the surface;
  • melamine sponge eraser copes with stains on different surfaces;
  • the porous structure absorbs moisture well;
  • one sponge can clean an area of ​​10m².

melamine sponge eraser

Melamine sponge – harm

At first glance, a harmless white bar – a melamine sponge is harmful in a number of cases:


  1. In the presence of eczema or dermatitis, the general condition of the skin of the hands can significantly worsen. It will swell, itch, and even blisters may appear.
  2. Melamine with constant contact tends to accumulate in the body. As a result, this can lead to the development of problems with the urinary system or the formation of kidney stones.
  3. The toxic effect of chemicals leads to the manifestation of allergies.
  4. Substances that contain melamine sponges are harmful to the environment.
  5. The negative effect of contact does not appear immediately. Melamine accumulates in organs and tissues, gradually poisoning them.


What is a melamine sponge for?

Modern housewives, in addition to removing the pollution that appeared in the kitchen, have found many more applications for it. Consider what a melamine sponge is used for:


  • washing off traces of a marker or pen from almost any surface;
  • removal of dried stains from glue, adhesive tape or electrical tape;
  • cleaning food leftovers from the cooking surface;
  • polishing silver without scratches and other damage;
  • removal of dirt from glass surfaces without the appearance of streaks and other stains.


What can be washed with a melamine sponge?

People unfamiliar with this product are interested in what can be cleaned with a melamine sponge:


  1. In the kitchen: the outer part of the refrigerator, dishwasher, microwave oven, glass-ceramic, enamel or steel plates. In addition, you can clean the hood and sink. Many are interested in whether it is possible to wash dishes with a melamine sponge. You can do this, but only process the side of the products that will not come into contact with food.
  2. In the bathroom and toilet: washing machine, shower, toilet, tile joints.
  3. Inside the car: steering wheel, dashboard, eco-leather seats.
  4. Other: mobile phones, monitors, tablets, desktop, door handles, furniture armrests. In addition, dirty mirrors and various glass surfaces can be processed. The sponge is good at removing stains from plastic window sills.


What can not be washed with a melamine sponge?

With a large number of applications, the melamine sponge is not recommended for processing objects:


  • kettles with scale;
  • varnished surfaces;
  • teflon and acrylic;
  • painted metal surface;
  • wooden or stone countertops;
  • pans with non-stick coating.


How to choose a melamine sponge?

Before buying, it is recommended to carefully study all the options offered on the market and the instructions for them. Melamine sponge for dishes and other surfaces is selected according to the following criteria:


  1. The absence of harmful substances in the chemical composition of the product.
  2. The size of the sponge should help to easily cope with pollution without much effort.
  3. Price. Buying online will be cheaper.


Melamine sponge – packaging color differences

The range of products is represented by the following types:

    1. Porous product of one color. You can find colors: melamine sponge white, gray or black. The first options are cheap and popular, the last one costs 2 times more and has a large size.

single color melamine sponge

    1. Multilayer option. The sponge consists of interlayers of different composition. Often melamine is combined with foam rubber, sometimes you can find a reinforcing layer or polyurethane foam.

multilayer melamine sponges

How to use melamine sponge?

Special skills for cleaning this item are not required. Instructions for using a melamine sponge include the following steps:


  • hands are protected with rubber gloves;
  • cut off a piece from the bar;
  • cold water is poured into a special container;
  • lower the sponge and gently wring it out several times so that foam appears;
  • handle pollution.


Use melamine sponges, adhering to important recommendations:


  1. The material must not be twisted to get rid of water. The product is clamped between the palms and pressed. With standard squeezing, the destruction of the pores and the crumbling of the sponge will occur.
  2. Dirt is recommended to be removed in a small piece.
  3. After use, it is recommended to wipe the treated surface with a damp cloth, and then allow time to dry. This is done to remove melamine foam.
  4. The sponge is cleaned of dirt by simple rinsing.



Melamine sponge – life hacks

In addition to the main application, a melamine sponge is used by experienced housewives as follows:


    1. Quick removal of stickers and stickers from dishes. To do this, rub the product with a wet sponge.
    2. Restoring the whiteness of the soles on sneakers and sneakers.
    3. Removing stains, dark streaks and marker marks from a leather bag.
    4. Cleaning your keyboard like new.
    5. Return the soleplate and the surface of the hair straightener to their original cleanliness.



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