The electric oven Midea AF944EZ8-SS is a compact but multifunctional household appliance. It will modestly fit in your kitchen, but it will take over most of the cooking of your favorite dishes and become your daily assistant.

Functionality Midea AF944EZ8-SS

It is equipped with a powerful grill and a microwave emitter.78541

With it, you can do everything:

  • defrost and reheat food;
  • bake meat, fish and vegetable dishes;
  • cook pie and cake.

The automatic oven programs will come to your aid to carry out different recipes. You place the products, indicate its weight and press the button. Now to prepare a dish according to the recipe is the task of technology.

The control panel is easy to understand. Switches – recessed into the housing. The operation of the stove can be blocked, protected from children.

Distinctive features

  • 7 heating modes;
  • Fast heating function;
  • Convection;
  • microwave;
  • Combined programs;
  • Automatic programs;
  • Defrost program;
  • Timer;
  • Security lock.

Model Benefits

  • Built-in microwave function;
  • Compact;
  • Recessed switches;
  • Powerful grill;
  • The presence of an automenu;
  • There is a backlight, a cooling fan.

Model Disadvantages

  • Tight door opening.


  • Rated voltage – 230 V;
  • Power – 3350 W
  • Working volume – 44 l
  • Dimensions (SHDV) – 595 x 568 x 454 mm
  • Weight – 36 kg
  • Manufacturer – China


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