Models of TVs of this brand differ primarily in the quality of the raw materials used, the color reproduction of the image and the saturation of the picture. Consumers note the elegant design and appearance, the minimum thickness of the product, a user-friendly interface and a good viewing angle. We have compiled a review of the best Panasonic TVs.

Top best Panasonic TVs

Panasonic TX-65HXR940 65

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The TV has a diagonal of 65 inches (which corresponds to 164 cm), so it will decorate any living room, including large ones. The screen resolution of 3840*2160 allows you to watch any movies and TV shows in high image quality.

Model TX-65HXR940 65″ has LED backlight, stereo sound, Smart TV technology, support for My Home Screen OS, intelligent system based on Panasonic HCX Pro. Built-in tuners of various formats allow you to watch any digital channels in good quality, without additional connection of a set-top box. There is a teletext function and picture-in-picture.

Sound power of 20 watts is provided by two speakers. Playback of content from external media is available due to the presence of several connectors: 4 HDMI, 3 USB, Ethernet port, headphone input and others.

Users choose the Panasonic TX-65HXR940 65″ smart TV for excellent sound and picture quality, simple intuitive setup, modern design, large diagonal, high screen resolution, smart interface, advanced functionality.

Panasonic TX-32FSR500

Panasonic TX-32FSR500

Panasonic TX-32FSR500

This creation of Panasonic won the hearts of buyers due to its low price and many features. In addition to supporting Wi-Fi, which connects to your home network without problems, there is a Smart TV. The 31.5-inch diagonal supports 720p HD picture quality, which looks much better than other cheap second-tier TVs.

Sound at 20 W, like all Panasonic: clear, without interference and hiss. Some in the reviews complained that at first the sound is too loud and does not correspond to the standard scale. But all this is easily fixable in the settings. There is progressive scan images and LED backlighting. “Panasonic” can be hung up to the wall almost close because all the necessary connectors look either down or to the sides.

Panasonic TX-49FSR500

Panasonic TX-49FSR500

The display resolution of 1920×1080 px with a refresh rate of 50 Hz allows the instrument to reproduce a clear and realistic image. LED backlight provides contrast and improved color reproduction. Thanks to the progressive scan, jitter of the transmitted picture is eliminated, and the viewing angle of 176 ° allows you to comfortably view your favorite TV programs from any angle.

The device is equipped with two built-in tuners that allow you to receive signals from all standard digital broadcasts, equipped with a DVD player, program guide and sleep timer. There is a useful Smart TV function that allows you to watch movies, videos and play games via the Internet. It is possible to delay watching your favorite TV show for later playback using the Time Shift option.

Panasonic TX-49FSR500 is equipped with connectors for additional devices: USB (2 pcs.), HDMI (2 pcs.), Component and AV inputs, headphone jack and Ethernet. Wi-Fi and Miracast wireless connection formats are supported. Sound power is 20W (2 speakers 10W each).

Panasonic TX-32DR300ZZ

Panasonic TX-32DR300ZZ

The cheapest TV in our top 32-inch TV and the best in its price category among competitors. When compared with famous brands, then for such a price you can take only 23 inches. And then there is support for NICAM stereo sound, and good viewing angles of 178 degrees without inversion, and well-thought-out ergonomics for wall mounting (convenient location of outputs and connectors).

There is a surround sound mode, which many noted in the reviews as good. A decent picture is characterized by the absence of glare, correct color reproduction, excellent contrast and more than sufficient margin of brightness. Recommended for watching live channels in the kitchen.

Panasonic TX-24FR250

Panasonic TX-24FR250 TV

The device has a display resolution of 1366 × 768 px and a refresh rate of 50 Hz, which allows you to get a good quality image. Installed Edge LED backlight improves contrast and reduces the thickness of the product itself, making this series of TVs look thin and elegant.

Panasonic TX-24FR250 provides for the connection of additional equipment, for this, HDMI (1 pc.), USB (1 pc.) Connectors, component and AV inputs are built-in, thanks to the media player, you can view photos and movies, listen to music from removable media. The package includes a headphone jack, so you can view the image with sound without disturbing strangers.

The sound power of the equipment is 6 W (2 speakers of 3 W each), for a model of this size, it is quite a sufficient value. This device has a good viewing angle (178°), allowing viewing from anywhere in the room, and built-in tuners (DVB-T/C/T2) provide reception of digital and analog TV channels.

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