Built-in oven with the most simplified control (only mechanical handles). Suitable for those who want to save money and who do not need a wide range of functions.

Although this oven still provides the possibility of grilling. But convection is absent, that is, while cooking on a rotating holder, it is necessary that the door is always ajar (a special holder is provided for this).

Functionality Candy FCS 100 W/E1

Functions supported by this oven:777

  • preset number of modes – 4
  • separate lower and upper heating (you can adjust the temperature for each at your discretion);
  • cooking is provided immediately in 2 levels (on each baking sheet);
  • grill (large);
  • mechanical timer;
  • 4 recipes integrated into memory (selected by mechanical switch);
  • special holding inserts that provide a slight tilt of the baking sheet – completely prevent accidental “slip” when reaching.

Pros and cons of the model

Key advantages of this oven:

  • simple functionality that even an inexperienced cook will understand;
  • low cost;
  • special protection against overturning of the baking sheet when taken out;
  • compact oven
  • 2 years official warranty from the manufacturer.


  • no convection;
  • the timer is only conditional, it will not be possible to precisely configure it;
  • no child protection.


Specifications specified in the instructions:

  • volume – 71 liters;
  • maximum current consumption – 2100 W;
  • temperature – up to 245 degrees;
  • number of heating modes – 4;
  • weight – 32 kilograms.258963

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