If the kitchen is small, and the area does not allow installing a full-fledged gas stove, it makes sense to pay attention to compact models with 2 burners.

What characteristics play an important role?

The type of installation and control, the color of the work surface and the material of its coating, as well as the presence of additional functions, such as electric ignition and gas control.

An analysis of data on purchases of two-burner gas stoves in Russia in 2022-2023 allowed us to compile our own rating of the best models in terms of price / quality ratio.

They collected the most positive user ratings, and Rostest test results confirm the quality and functionality of these devices.

Rating of the TOP-13 best gas hobs for 2 burners 2022-2023

Description and features

Gas two-burner hobs can be produced both as independent appliances built into the kitchen worktop, and combined inside a single housing with an oven.

The standard functions of such an appliance are similar to an ordinary full-sized stove, with the difference that hobs are modest in size and are better suited for small kitchen spaces.

A two-burner gas panel that is not equipped with an oven can operate not only from a gas main, but also from bottled fuel, which is convenient when living in non-gasified settlements. The presence of a pair of burners allows you to feed the whole family with hot food.

It is important to understand that such a device is not suitable for catering and families with a large number of people, since its capabilities are limited. Most models are equipped with one burner of a standard size, designed for 1 kW of power and the second for fast heating (for 3 kW).

The cooktop is protected by strong and durable cast iron grates that can support a significant weight of the cookware.


Advantages and disadvantages

The advantages include the following characteristics:

  • Save space in a small kitchen. The built-in panel takes up little space on the surface of the countertop, allowing you to place a cupboard or shelves for dishes under it.
  • There is the possibility of a separate location or storage of the oven.
  • Modern devices look attractive, can fit into any style of kitchen interior.
  • Simple care. Tempered glass or glass-ceramic surfaces are easiest to clean.
  • Adjusting the temperature allows you to cook any dishes from the main list, from soups and fried foods to simmered ones.
  • Gas appliances are more economical than those that run on electricity, cook food faster and are not expensive.

The cons include:

  • Unsafe operation of panels powered by bottled gas.
  • It is not always possible to make an independent installation of embedded appliances, and the services of professionals are expensive.
  • Delicate care is recommended for stainless steel surfaces, otherwise untidy stains may appear over time.
  • The combustion of liquefied gas is accompanied by the appearance of soot in pans and pans and the release of combustion products.


How to choose and what to look for?

Consider a list of the most important parameters that should be considered when choosing gas-powered two-burner hobs.

type of instalation

By installation, the models are divided into:

  • Desktop models can be installed on any hard surface, be it a stool or a table. Such devices are mobile, they can be moved. width is from 30 to 40 centimeters, length – from 50 to 60.
  • Floor options – often equipped with additional storage space for utensils, the height is 85 centimeters, the width is from 30 to 90 centimeters, the length is from 50 to 60 centimeters.
  • Built-in 2 burner models have the greatest compactness and in size usually do not exceed 29-32 centimeters in width, in length – from 32 to 50 centimeters.


Built-in 2-hour gas hobs can differ in the type of control used:

  • Mechanical. Adjustment is made by simply turning the knob. The method is very convenient and highly reliable. But at the same time, it is not possible to clearly regulate the flow of gas to the device and control the temperature.
  • Electronic. It is a panel with sensors or buttons. It features high accuracy of temperature and power settings, and the ability to access other processes.


Panel material

It could be:

  • Enameled finish. It has a large assortment of shades, but white is more popular than others. Possesses an esthetics, is easily exposed to washing, does not corrode. But only if integrity is maintained. When scratches and chips appear, the properties are lost.
  • Stainless steel. Goes well with modern decor styles. Does not scratch and allows washing with the use of aggressive household chemicals.
  • Strained glass. Possesses excellent indicators of durability and excellent appearance. Not afraid of temperature fluctuations. Requires delicate cleaning with the use of special equipment. May crack if hit hard.

Panel color

The enameled surface provides the richest palette of colors, from elegant white to bright red.

Glass ceramics are more often produced in black or white, but there are other classic colors.

The stainless steel plates are available in a matching shade of metallic gray or silver.

When choosing a hob, it is important to ensure that it fits organically into the equipped interior and emphasizes the merits of the kitchen design. Stainless steel plates are well suited to high-tech design, and classic models covered with white enamel will look great in a bright kitchen.

Electric ignition and gas control

Convenient options that increase comfort and safety when using the hob.

The presence of electric ignition will allow you to refuse to buy and use matches. Gas control is a protection mechanism against accidental gas leakage when the burner flame suddenly goes out, when there is an instant blockage of the blue fuel supply to the device.


TOP 3 best gas hobs for 2 burners by price / quality for 2022-2023

The choice of small 2-burner gas stoves is very extensive, but in 2022-2023, only 5 models collected the most positive user reviews.


The compact black hob will not take up much space in the kitchen due to its convenient onevertical arrangement of burners.

Rotary switches are located on the front panel, and under each control knob there is an electric ignition, so you do not have to use matches to light the fire.

The device is suitable for connection to the main gas pipeline, and for operation from liquefied gas in cylinders.

At the bottom of the case there are 4 support legs that prevent slipping on the kitchen surface and increase the stability of the device. The burners themselves are covered with durable cast-iron grates.

This material does not deform under the influence of high temperatures and withstands increased loads..

The working panel is made of dark tempered glass. This material is also resistant to heat, but it is better to clean the panel from dirt immediately, since the removal of frozen fat and dried food particles causes certain difficulties.


  • number of express burners – 1;
  • width 29 cm;
  • depth 51 cm.


  • the metal part can be removed for washing;
  • modern design;
  • high-quality body assembly;
  • even flame burners.


  • metal switches get very hot;
  • two large pots fit on the panel with difficulty.


A distinctive feature of this hob is in its original futuristic fourdesign.

The device is equipped with two burners: one economical, the second – increased power.

This allows you to cook your favorite dishes at the optimum temperature or reheat already cooked foods.

Ignition is carried out automatically by turning the knob. The model is absolutely safe to use, because in addition to gas control, it has stable legs that prevent the hob from tipping over under the weight of a heavy pan.

The cast-iron grate is easily cleaned of dirt, but at the same time it does not deform under the influence of high temperatures and successfully withstands a lot of weight..

Another advantage of the device is that jets are provided with the device for connecting the stove to a liquefied gas cylinder.


  • warranty period – 3 years;
  • width 30 cm;
  • depth 52 cm.


  • there are adapters for bottled gas;
  • takes up very little space;
  • detailed instructions make installation easy;
  • the gas is automatically turned off when the flame goes out.


  • nozzles are difficult to unscrew;
  • Rotary controls are set crooked.


Not the cheapest hob, but at the same time it has excellent assembly, simple onecontrol and attractive design.

Together, all these factors make this model one of the best among those on the market in 2022-2023.

The case is metal, but the working surface is glass. The material is easily cleaned of dirt and does not deform under the influence of high temperatures.

With the help of rotary controls, the user can easily adjust the strength of the flame with one hand movement.

The burners themselves are covered with a cast-iron grate, which is able to withstand the heavy weight of the pan without deforming..

One of the burners is made according to the “triple crown” type, which allows you to quickly cook or reheat already prepared dishes.

To improve the safety of operation, the device is provided with gas control.

This is a special function that automatically turns off the gas supply if the fire accidentally goes out due to a sharp gust of wind or liquid escaping from the pan.


  • warranty period – 10 years;
  • width 29 cm;
  • depth 51 cm.


  • the case is not easily soiled and pleasant to the touch;
  • safe operation due to built-in gas control;
  • very simple and clear instructions;
  • durable metal knobs.


  • the cost is higher than that of analogues;
  • auto ignition does not always work correctly.

The best gas hobs for 2 burners

The rating presents the most popular gas 2-burner hobs.

Weissgauff HGG 302 WGH

The 2-burner gas hob comes in a sophisticated design that combines silver and white. It is worth noting that this is one of the best models of 2022-2023.6

Compact dimensions are optimal for small kitchens. Handles are equipped with electric ignition. The material of execution is heat-resistant glass, the grilles are made of cast iron. The materials are durable and practical to use. Rotary control mechanism.


  • White color;
  • finishing material – tempered glass;
  • gas control – no;
  • electric ignition – yes;
  • dimensions – 49 * 26.8 * 4.4 cm.


  • high build quality and finish;
  • reliable grids;
  • simple control.


  • lack of additional features that increase security.


This 2-burner built-in cooker is an excellent example of the harmony of discreet design with cutting-edge7

technological developments.

The manufacturer guarantees the stability of the device for many years, since only high quality materials and components are used in the assembly.

Management – a rotary mechanism made of solid metal. The glass-ceramic coating is easy to clean and is not afraid of temperature changes. Equipped with electric ignition and gas-controlled burners for your safety.


  • White color;
  • finishing material – tempered glass;
  • gas control – yes;
  • electric ignition – yes;
  • dimensions – 48.5 * 26 * 5.1 cm.


  • low price;
  • safety;
  • save space in the kitchen;
  • ease of cleaning and maintenance.


  • awkward controls.


The gas hob received an elegant metallized design. The stove is equipped with two convenient burnerseight

covered with enameled steel gratings.

The design of the burners includes a double and triple crown for fast cooking. Production material – practical stainless steel.

The kit includes additional nozzles for operation on the main or liquefied type of fuel. The burners can be ignited using the electric ignition built into the panel handles.


  • color – silver / metallic;
  • finishing material – stainless steel;
  • gas control – no;
  • electric ignition – yes;
  • dimensions — 26*48.5*


  • stylish appearance;
  • high-quality metal panels and gratings;
  • compactness.


  • noise during operation of a large diameter burner.


The two-burner gas hob is covered with tempered glass and will easily fit into a small kitchen or9

a studio apartment where space for cooking is limited in size.

One of the burners is able to serve dishes with a wide bottom. Management is extremely simple and is carried out using a pair of knobs on the front panel of the device, equipped with auto-ignition. Safety is ensured by the presence of the gas control option.


  • black color;
  • finishing material – tempered glass;
  • gas control – yes;
  • electric ignition – yes;
  • dimensions – 48.5 * 26 * 3 cm.


  • availability of additional options;
  • design;
  • burner of high power.


  • requires frequent cleaning;
  • according to user reviews, gas control breaks down after a few months.

FornelliPGA 30 QuadroIX

The gas hob is intended for cooking or heating different types of dishes. You can even install the deviceten

in the limited free space of a small kitchen. The cover is made of reliable and practical stainless steel, the grille is made of strong, durable cast iron.


  • color – metallic;
  • finishing material – stainless steel
  • gas control – yes;
  • electric ignition – yes;
  • dimensions – 51 * 30 * 4 cm.


  • non-standard approach to design;
  • good quality metal and gratings;
  • burner of increased power for accelerated heating;
  • separate grids;
  • build quality.


  • the inscriptions on the surface of the plate are made with unstable paint and, as a result of frequent washing, disappear over time.


The two-burner natural gas hob has an elegant appearanceeleven

and has a traditional black color. This model has proven itself well in 2022-2023.

This style of decoration is able to decorate any kitchen. Dimensions do not require a lot of space for mounting equipment. Two burners are regulated by a rotary flame power switch, the surface of the tile is covered with tempered glass. Protection against mechanical stress is provided by durable cast iron gratings.

The burners are equipped with an option to control the presence of a flame, if it goes out, the gas supply will be instantly stopped. Rotary handles simultaneously carry out electric ignition when turned and pressed.


  • black color;
  • finishing material – tempered glass;
  • gas control – yes;
  • electric ignition – yes;
  • dimensions – 48.5 * 26 * 3 cm.


  • modest size;
  • modern design;
  • availability of necessary functions;


The width of this built-in gas stove model allows you to place it in a limited space without12

loss of device functionality.

The panel is based on tempered glass, which has a classic white color. Above it is a cast iron grate, the same for both burners and very stable.

The panel is equipped with the necessary modern functions – electronic ignition and a flame control system. The control knobs are completely metal, and the burners are made from a reliable European manufacturer.

The highlight of the panel is the possibility of its use as a built-in or independent device, thanks to the stable legs at the bottom.


  • White color;
  • finishing material – tempered glass;
  • gas control – yes;
  • electric ignition – yes;
  • dimensions – 51.5 * 29 * 5.1 cm.


  • small dimensions;
  • the ability to use as a desktop or built-in;
  • build quality;
  • safety.

Simfer H30V20M411

The model is one of the narrowest in its class, allowing you to free up space in your kitchen to the maximum.13

The material of execution is easy-care stainless steel, famous for its durability and unpretentious care. The grills of the cooker are made of enamelled steel.

Controls are reliable rotary switches with built-in electronic ignition. The device is reliable and durable.


  • color – metallic;
  • finishing material – stainless steel;
  • gas control – no;
  • electric ignition – yes;
  • dimensions – 27 * 49 cm.


  • narrow, compact;
  • resistant to washing and temperature;
  • There is a quick heat burner.


  • limited options for adjusting the flame;
  • unstable operation of the electric ignition.

FornelliPGA 30 Quadro BL

The stylish hob for built-in worktop is equipped with strict square grates.fourteen

Perfectly emphasizes the dignity of both classic and modern kitchen interiors. The surface is wear resistant. The delivery set includes adapters for using main or bottled fuel.


  • black color;
  • finishing material – tempered glass;
  • gas control – yes;
  • electric ignition – yes;
  • dimensions – 51 * 30 cm.


  • interesting design;
  • good quality materials;
  • the presence of a minimum set of functions.


  • long start of automatic electric ignition;
  • there are enamel inserts on the panel.

Hotpoint-Ariston DK 20GH

The independent built-in surface is designed for everyday use for cooking purposes.fifteen

The material of execution is stainless steel of the highest quality. The list of advantages of the model also includes the presence of burners of various degrees of power, options for electric ignition and gas control, ergonomic rotary controls.

Another plus is super compactness and European build quality. The hob will be appropriate in any kitchen as an indispensable assistant.


  • color – metallic;
  • finishing material – stainless steel;
  • gas control – yes;
  • electric ignition – yes;
  • dimensions – 29.8 * 51 cm.


  • takes up little space;
  • nice design;
  • comfortable grid;
  • silent operation.


  • unstable electrical ignition.

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