The joy of a rich harvest is sometimes overshadowed by the need to figure out how to process it. Fruit pies quickly get bored, there is not always enough time for vegetable rolls or jam preparation. Zealous housewives want to have one more option for processing raw materials in stock. This opportunity is provided by a press for squeezing juice – in addition to the main product, it is also used for the manufacture of alcoholic beverages (wine, cider), pressing cheese or meat, and other operations. Convenient and easy to use, it helps to cope with any number of fruits – from two pieces to kilogram volumes.

When choosing the best option for a juicer-press, you should focus on:

  • Recommended type and size of fruits.
  • Metal quality.
  • Stable placement on the surface.
  • The convenience of a handle.
  • The force of pressure on the fruit.
  • The presence of additions in the form of a strainer and kalesbornik.

Top best manual juicer presses

CAN CAN 0103

CAN CAN 0103 juicer-press

The brand positions this juicer as a press for the professional, but that doesn’t mean its impressive functionality can’t be used at home. First of all, I am pleased with the convenient rack mechanism, which does not require much effort when squeezing juice from pomegranates, and even a child can handle citrus fruits! For the quality and purity of drinks, a filter of a special shape is responsible, which retains the pulp and bones.

Maintenance of the device also does not require a lot of time, because the filter, bowl and drip catcher can be easily disassembled for cleaning, and it is enough to wipe the lever with a damp cloth. The declared productivity is also pleasantly impressive, because it is 50 kg of processed raw materials per hour. Of the minuses – the small capacity of the built-in bowl for collecting juice, so it is recommended to use your own.

Maskot MC-U

Maskot MC-U juicer-press

A professional mechanical fixture is equipped with a stable stand (22×17 cm). It extends 50 cm in height. Bowl diameter – 10.8 cm. Carefully thought-out system with a comfortable handle levels the efforts of the user. All this is the key to convenient work with citrus fruits and pomegranates of different sizes.

Useful additions include a durable industrial gear, stainless steel filter and funnel, and a built-in drip pan.

As the owners note, squeezing juice with the “assistant” from Maskot turns into a real pleasure. Indeed, even a child can cope with simple manipulations. In addition, pomegranates, oranges, lemons and other fruits give off moisture, almost to the last drop, which leads to cost-effectiveness and a rational approach to cooking.

Vittorio Venetti VVCK-015-2

Vittorio Venetti VVCK-015-2 juicer-press

This mechanical juicer is ideal for making fresh juices from citrus fruits or pomegranates at home. Firstly, it is equipped with two nozzles designed for large and small fruits, so oranges, tangerines and lemons will not be a problem for her. Secondly, the press is very easy to use: just cut the fruit and turn it through the cone – the built-in juice container will prevent the liquid from splashing, and then you can conveniently pour the drink into a glass from it. There is no need to sharpen the cones, which greatly simplifies the maintenance of the device. Users praise the juicer for its high quality materials, ease of storage (you can hide the nozzles inside the bowl) and extraction efficiency, but note that sometimes the bones pass through the sieve.

Kale 1704

Kale 1704 juicer-press

The built-in sponge filter qualitatively removes grains. In addition, the clamping force is 90 kg, which allows you to effectively separate the juice from citrus fruits and pomegranate. According to test results, the system collects 20% more pulp and moisture than analogues on the market.

Stand dimensions – 18×21 cm, height – 48 cm. The premium product is made of strong metal. The discreet design is a combination of marble and silver tones. The rounded top cone is perfectly adapted to work with large fruits. Swivel drip pan is designed to keep the kitchen clean.

Perhaps the main thing for which the machine from Kale is praised is the unsurpassed spin quality. Monolithic design and premium metal quality are undeniable arguments in favor of the purchase.


PROFFI KITCHEN PKT0259 juicer-press

This juicer will take its place with honor not only in the home kitchen, but also on the bar counter for professional cocktail preparation: it is suitable for squeezing all kinds of citrus fruits, as well as pomegranates, which will significantly expand the arsenal of drinks available to you. The case and the entire mechanism as a whole are made of reliable stainless steel, so that with careful handling the device will last for many years, and the base is equipped with rubberized legs so that the juicer does not slip on the table during operation.

As for the design features, the increased distance between the press and the built-in filter container will allow you to adjust the lever clamp and squeeze juice from fruits of any size. Of the minuses, buyers highlight the lack of fixation at the handle – if handled carelessly, there is a risk of pinching fingers.

Cancan 0103

Cancan 0103 juicer-press

The basic equipment is complemented by a stylish cup holder. Cleanliness and safety in the kitchen is the merit of a strong fixation through rubberized legs. Additional convenience for the user is the wide shape of the bowl and the well-thought-out distance between the upper and lower press.

The base made of cast iron and stainless steel has proven itself perfectly. High-performance work is achieved by introducing a special filter into the machine, a special level of inclination and additional holes. According to the brand, their product squeezes moisture out of fruit up to 30% more efficiently than its peers. So, the unit is able to process up to 50 kg of fruit per hour. The system can easily withstand loads up to 90 kg.

SVR-01M “Farmer”

SVR-01M “Farmer” juicer-press

The Farmer model can hardly be called a “juicer”, although in the first place the manufacturer positions the device precisely as a press for manual cold pressing of fruit juices, including pomegranates and citrus fruits. The thing is that the dimensions of the main tank with a volume of 5 liters, a strong screw design and a capacity of up to 15 liters of juice per hour allow you to process any raw material, which makes this juicer an ideal purchase for a summer residence.

There is no separate bowl for collecting liquid, but the stack plate has a special recess and is equipped with a chute for easy draining of the juice. Moreover, the set includes a special bag for collecting pulp, made of food-grade material. The disadvantages include the lack of polishing of the body, because of which it can scratch the surface of the table.

Foodatlas MJE-1

Foodatlas MJE-1 juicer-press

The original design is eye-catching. The press comes in discreet black and bright orange. It looks “fresh” and stylish. The dimensions are quite compact – 28x19x43 cm. The lever structure is made of durable metal, resistant to mechanical stress. Stable placement without play is the merit of the legs on the suction cups. The set comes with a large bowl for fresh juice.

The optimal tilt of the body allows you to achieve maximum output of the finished drink. As a result of the impact of the machine, pure juice without pulp and seeds is obtained. Food steel does not react with various substances, which allows you to preserve the original taste of the ingredients. Customers, among other things, admire the good build quality of the product from Foodatlas.

Skiico Kitchenware 18x22x40

Skiico Kitchenware 18x22x40 juicer-press

This is the best option for those who prefer to regularly consume freshly squeezed juices based on citrus fruits (oranges, lemons, tangerines), pomegranates, and vegetables. The unique method of preparation eliminates the appearance of bitterness in the drink, which positively affects its taste characteristics.

The system is represented by a combination of metal and black blotches of plastic. Compact dimensions (18x22x40 cm) are an advantage for many. The lever principle of operation allows you to get the result in a couple of movements – just put a half of the fruit on a special stand and turn the handle.

The owners are satisfied that the machine collects the maximum amount of valuable moisture from natural raw materials. Despite the heavy weight of the device and considerable effort on the part of the user, most buyers recommend the product to their friends and acquaintances. Due to the strength of the structure, it is applicable for use in cafes and food courts.

Greenberg GB-353

Greenberg GB-353 juicer-press

The machine, 44 cm high, weighs 6.8 kg. Silver color is perfect for any interior. A capacious bowl is fixed on a strong base. High quality stainless steel is used for manufacturing. Cast frame and non-slip feet are a significant advantage for customers.

The lever mechanism allows you to put the device in action. Cold pressing is the key to the preservation of nutrients. In addition, the drink turns out to be pleasant to the taste, without characteristic bitterness.

If necessary, the device can be easily disassembled and washed under running water. Based on the reviews, it is safe to say that the device works not only as efficiently as possible, but also quite quietly. Not surprisingly, the mobile system is often taken with them on trips and to the country. And, if it weren’t for the claims to the ascetic design, the GB-353 model could well claim leadership in the segment.

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