Grilling is a very popular leisure activity in our country. The best gas grills allow you not to depend on the availability of firewood and the weather, as well as cook food at any time of the year. Spare ribs and juicy sausages, eggplant and other light vegetables cooked without charcoal and firewood are free of impurities released during the combustion process. A gas grill is more convenient to use, and also pollutes the environment much less than a conventional barbecue. They are comfortable to use, easy to clean, easy to adjust the flame and monitor the temperature thanks to the built-in sensors that are equipped with both professional and many portable models.

Top best gas grills

Weber Spirit E-320 Original GBS

Weber Spirit E-320 Original GBS gas grill

The American manufacturer of gas grills has created a great barbecue model. Weber Spirit has great functionality:

  • The porcelain enameled lid has a built-in analog thermometer;
  • Retractable side surfaces, one of which easily turns into an additional burner for cooking or heating;
  • Porcelain-coated cast-iron grills with GBS system (for cooking special dishes, it allows the use of special inserts: cauldron-woks, pans and grills);
  • Specially designed Flavorizer plates specifically designed for steak cooking. Prevents flame formation.
  • For more comfortable operation, the burners are equipped with electronic ignition.

In their reviews, the owners show sincere satisfaction with the quality of the grill and its balanced cost. In addition, Weber gives a 25-year guarantee for the cover and 10 years for gas burners, which is the main confirmation of the high quality of the equipment. Thanks to the sturdy wheels with locking, the gas grill is easy to install in the most suitable place for cooking on fire. It is suitable not only for the veranda or lawn of a country house, but will also become a necessary attribute on a summer restaurant site.

Napoleon Legend-325, 115x57x115 cm

Napoleon Legend-325, 115x57x115 cm gas grill

Case – steel, silver color. There are three burners on it, which work with the help of mechanical regulators. Two of them are designed for steaks, and allow you to reach a temperature under the hood of about 300 degrees. But a small side burner is most often used for parallel stewing or sauce preparation. The ignition system is automatic. For the gas cylinder, a capacious cabinet with a door is provided. The size of the cooking surface is 46×43 cm.

The design provides two side tables with hooks for accessories. It will be easy even to move the grill around the area or room, because the design provides for all-weather wheels equipped with a stopper. The production is located in Canada, the manufacturer’s warranty applies to the grill.


SABER 670 gas grill

Unfortunately, cost is the aspect that buyers are forced to pay attention to in the first place. However, if the question concerns status, it will be difficult to find equals to this grill. Barbecue equipment is made of high-quality food steel, looks solid, and, judging by the reviews of the owners, is one of the best solutions for a summer playground, because it carries not only a practical load, but also has a positive effect on the image of the institution.

Burners under the grate, in general, give 16.5 kW of power – you can cook a lot and quickly on it. For the purpose of control, analog thermometers are built-in – one for each. The auxiliary burner (5.3 kW) is retractable and can also be used as an additional worktop. Dividers and grease collectors are covered with porcelain enamel, so it will not be difficult to put the grill in order. In the rear part, on a dais under the dome of the hinged lid, there is a grate for heating finished products. There is also an electric spit and all the tools you need for a barbecue, including an all-weather cover.

Char-Broil Professional PRO 2S

Char-Broil Professional PRO 2S gas grill

For the convenience of work, two spacious tables are made on the sides, which can be folded at any time. One of them is heated. This makes it possible for cooked dishes not to cool down while others are fried. Ignition – piezoelectric. The temperature is controlled by switches.

The dimensions of the cabinet allow you to place a gas cylinder up to 18.2 liters. And to open a bottle, you no longer need to look for an opener, it is located immediately on the front panel. Grill care is also simple: rinse the removable grease tray and wipe down the cast iron grate. The manufacturer has no doubts about reliability, for example, only burners have a 10-year warranty.

Electrolux Professional E7GRGHGCFU

Electrolux Professional E7GRGHGCFU gas grill

This unit has the highest power of gas burners – 16 kW. The corrugated surface of the grate (double-sided – for meat or fish) and high removable sides that protect against splashes of hot fat – there are no design solutions in this grill. All the quality of materials and components is subordinated to one goal – to cook the maximum number of dishes in a short period of time. If you believe the reviews of the owners, the Electrolux Professional E7 does it very well, especially since the working area measures 63 x 47 cm (0.3 sq. M).

The equipment is stationary, and no wheels are provided for transportation – traditional legs that allow wet cleaning under the grill. Both main and liquefied bottled gas can be used as fuel – it is enough to install the appropriate jets. Like all Italian gas appliances, the Electrolux Professional barbecue grill is equipped with a gas control system that interrupts the fuel supply in the absence of a flame.

Napoleon PRO285

Napoleon PRO285 gas grill

Externally, the case made of cast aluminum has an oval shape, the top of the grill is covered with a lid with a handle and a thermometer. This ensures uniform frying of dishes and helps maintain the required temperature. Grill power – 4.1 kW. It is controlled mechanically using two rotary switches. There are carrying handles on the side.

To get started, you just need to connect the gas cylinder. With the help of an automatic ignition system, it is easy to ignite one of the two independent burners. Cast iron grates are very durable. The working surface area is about 1800 cm2. The equipment is made in China.

BROIL KING Baron 490 (with skewer)

BROIL KING Baron 490 (with skewer) gas grill

Despite the fairly affordable price for professional equipment, the BROIL KING Baron 490 hides excellent barbecue capabilities that not all of the more expensive competitors have. The combination of steel (body), cast iron (grid) and cast aluminum (top) provides the best grill performance. High-quality materials and assembly, coupled with Dual-Tube gas equipment, are the key to reliable and safe operation for a fairly long period of time.

The grill will be a great helper at a family holiday or youth parties. It can be safely used in summer cafes, BROIL KING Baron 490 is suitable for giving in the countryside or the terrace of a city apartment. Five burners, one of which (the most powerful, for a skewer) is located at the back of the working surface, allow you to cook a barbecue for a large number of guests – the area of ​​the grill allows, and there is also an additional side surface (its burner power is almost 3 kW).

Weber Q 1200

Weber Q 1200 gas grill

In the manufacture of this model, high-quality materials were used. So, the grate is made of cast iron and equipped with special Flavorizer® plates to reduce fire outbreaks. Porcelain enamel is applied on top of it. Aluminum pot and lid perfectly reflect heat and reduce the weight of the appliance. On the sides of the grill are folding reinforced nylon tables. You can always put something on them.

The appearance of the grill is also quite interesting. On the sides there are two small tables. Electric ignition is switched on by pressing one button. A thermometer is built into the lid. There is a removable tray for quick cleaning of grease. The device also allows you to use both a conventional gas cylinder and portable cartridges. To do this, you need to purchase a special adapter. But the price of the Weber Q 1200 is quite high.

Start Grill Esprit-31B, 103×46.6×94.5 cm

Start Grill Esprit-31B, 103×46.6×94.5 cm gas grill

The ability to connect to gas allows you to significantly save money on cooking. At the same time, the taste of products and the benefits from them will be much higher than frying in oil, for example. The top cover with the handle, is densely closed that provides excellent baking of products. On the side there is a convenient table for dishes and dishes. Under the grate there is a compartment with doors in which the gas cylinder is stored.

This grill is quite powerful – 14 kW. Due to the presence of four burners, you can cook a wide variety of dishes at the same time for a company of 8 people or a large family. The instrument control is mechanical. But the ignition here is already automatic. Only the difficulty of self-assembly causes little difficulty for buyers.


O-GRILL 700T gas grill

This grill is also richly equipped. So, you get a storage and carrying bag, a multi-layer grill, a stone pizza plate, adapters for most gas cartridges. And there is a convenient handle for carrying. But here are some complaints from buyers that the match extension is removed under the accessory box.

The body of the device has a heat-resistant coating that does not fade after many cooking cycles. The grate is made of cast iron. The color scheme is very diverse: from white and brown, to rich blue, red and orange. The legs are stable, conveniently fold, and the device practically does not take up space during storage. Made in Taiwan with 18 months warranty.

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