Combined stove, but different in antique design. These are special curly knobs for adjusting the intensity of gas supply, and a combination of gold and brown. But in terms of functionality, this is an absolutely modern stove that supports both electric ignition and a gas control system. Moreover, the oven in this model is fully electric.

Functionality Hansa FCMA58109

The functions declared in this gas stove:

  • automatic ignition (due to gas control, it is required to hold the handle after ignition);
  • oven – electric;
  • cast iron grates;
  • surface – enameled stainless steel (brown);
  • control – mechanical and electronic;
  • quick warm-up is provided;
  • small compartment for dishes under the oven;
  • gas control;
  • there is a mechanical timer for the oven;
  • grill with convection (built-in fan, but without speed control);

Gas stove Hansa FCMA58109

Pros and cons of a gas stove

Key advantages of this plate:

  • custom design;
  • a convection grill is supported – the best option for cooking meat dishes;
  • short circuit protection, the heating element is securely hidden behind the screen, so moisture and grease do not get on it;
  • compact layout (takes up little space, but the oven is voluminous).

Among the shortcomings, if you focus on customer reviews, you can highlight:

  • narrow (trays – non-standard);
  • only one color version;
  • no door lock and no bright oven light.

Technical specifications

The characteristics of the gas stove indicated on the official website:

  • burners – 4.
  • oven volume – 65 liters;
  • dimensions – 85 by 60 centimeters.
  • the number of baking sheets in the set – 2;
  • energy class – A +.


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