Tabletop electric stove for 2 burners (induction). The best option for use in the country. Takes up minimal space. And due to induction heating elements, it consumes electricity as economically as possible. The cooking surface is glass-ceramic. There is a convenient smooth regulator of intensity of heating. The maximum power consumption is 3.1 kW.

Functionality Ginzzu HCI-241

Features provided by the manufacturer:

  • placement – desktop;
  • there is a safety shutdown;
  • control – through the touch panel, there is also a mechanical switch (electricity supply to the device);
  • number of burners – 2;
  • there is a blocking of touch buttons;
  • can be built into compatible cooktops.

Ginzzu HCI-241 gas stove

Pros and cons of the stove

The main advantages of the plate:

  • very compact;
  • fast heating due to induction heating elements;
  • there is a convenient height adjustment (legs);
  • protective shutdown in case of overheating;
  • There is a touchpad lock.


  • the touch panel is quite sensitive, it also reacts to moisture, grease;
  • the timer is not accurate (only preset values ​​can be specified).


Specifications declared by the manufacturer for this plate:

  • power – up to 3.1 kW;
  • number of burners – 2;
  • dimensions – 30 by 52 centimeters (height – 9 centimeters);
  • color is black only.

Ginzzu HCI-241

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