Siphon for tea - what it is, device features, principle of operation, existing advantages

Tea is one of the most popular and favorite drinks. It has not only taste, but also healing properties. Properly brewed tea has an exceptional aroma, fills the body with energy and vivacity. The tea siphon is one of the best designs for making tea cocktails.

What is a tea siphon?

The drink brewed in this device differs in taste and aroma from those prepared in other ways. A tea siphon (gabet) is a special device for preparing drinks. The design consists of two glass flasks connected by a tube, a filter, a heating element, a stand, a tripod. There are several types:

  • gas;
  • gas siphon for tea

  • halogen;
  • galgen siphon for tea

  • alcoholic.
  • alcohol siphon for tea

Models differ in volume, shape, design. Flasks are made of heat-resistant, borosilicate glass. The tea siphon was formerly used to make coffee and was named the gabet, after the French technician who converted the old model. Such products are in great demand among connoisseurs, gourmets of tea and coffee.

Siphon for tea – features

Compliance with safety rules when using a siphon for tea and coffee with a burner is one of the main operating conditions. In addition, the following features of the use of the device are known:

  1. The device requires careful and careful handling.
  2. It is strictly forbidden to touch the glass with bare hands. Be sure to use cotton gloves or special napkins.
  3. Refuel gas burners only after they have cooled down.
  4. It is not recommended to use more than 10 minutes. The flask may overheat and burst.
  5. You can prepare a tea cocktail and coffee in one device, you just need to change the filter.

Siphon for tea – the principle of operation

To get to know the device, you need to know how it functions. The principle of operation of the siphon for making tea is as follows:

  1. Water is poured into the bottom tank.
  2. A heating element is placed under it.
  3. After boiling, the water will turn into a gaseous state.
  4. The pressure in the flask increases, and the water will begin to move upward.
  5. Tea is poured into the upper flask into the water.
  6. The mixture is infused for a short time.
  7. The heating is turned off, and the steam becomes water again, falling down.

Siphon for tea – pluses

A few advantages that will leave no doubt about the positive qualities of a siphon for tea with a burner:

  • brewing tea preserves the beneficial and taste properties of the drink;
  • you can prepare various types of tea, coffee;
  • use new components for tea cocktails;
  • gives visual pleasure from the cooking process;
  • according to preference, cold or hot water is poured into the container;
  • a siphon for brewing tea is convenient to take on a picnic;
  • tea leaves can be reused, it does not lose its useful properties;
  • ideal solution for tea tastings, festive events;
  • the ability to adjust the heating mode;
  • you can fill the siphon for tea using ordinary gas burner cylinders.

tea siphon with burner

How to choose a good siphon?

If you want the tea and coffee siphon to work for a long time, consider the following points when choosing:

  1. The flask must be made of high quality, heat-resistant material.
  2. Rubber pads should not be soft.
  3. Siphon for tea and coffee with metal filters will last a longer period of time.
  4. Textile filters have a short service life, but the aroma of tea is better preserved in the drink. They provide filtration of small particles of the drink. Fabric filters should be stored in the refrigerator, in a container with water.
  5. Gas burners should be easily adjustable. During operation, there should be no foreign odors.
  6. The best manufacturers are: Japanese brand Hario and Taiwanese Yama class.
  7. A quality product is expensive.
  8. Purchase products in specialized stores.

How to use a tea siphon?

Read the instructions carefully before using the device for the first time. Consider how to brew tea in a siphon correctly:

  1. Check the integrity of the device.
  2. Using a special hook, fix the filter with a spring.
  3. Put the desired amount of tea leaves with a measuring spoon.
  4. Pour hot water up to the level indicated on the container. Place the top container on the bottom, cover with a lid.
  5. Place a burner under the bottom of the flask, light the wick.
  6. When using a gas burner, control the operation of the tea siphon, do not allow strong boiling.
  7. Cooking time is 1 min. When the water rises into the top flask, stir the tea with a wooden spoon.
  8. After the liquid drains into the lower flask, the tea is ready to drink.
  9. Remove the burner, remove the top flask.
  10. Carefully pour the drink into tea cups or bowls.
  11. Rinse flasks and filter after use.
  12. The varieties of red tea, pu-erh, oolongs are especially refined.
  13. If you follow the instructions exactly when using the tea siphon, it will last for many years.


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