Freestanding high quality stainless steel gas stove. It has a stylish design and harmoniously fits into any interior of the forge. Thanks to its spacious oven, it is suitable for large families. The product is equipped with a drawer for dishes of impressive size. This allows you to store baking sheets, pans in one place, which optimizes the space in the room.


Beko FSG62120DXMCS – a model that has 4 burners and an oven with a volume of 75 liters. Convenient mechanical switches allow you to control the power of the flame. The product is equipped with a timer that promptly informs about the end of the cooking time. Durable stainless steel housing is highly resistant to mechanical stress. This indicates a long operational period of equipment without loss of visual appeal.

Gas stove Beko FSG62120DXMCS

Distinctive features

The model is equipped with an electric grill. This helps to diversify the menu and prepare delicious and healthy dishes for the holiday. Another feature of the product is the gas control of the columns. This option ensures the safe operation of equipment.

Pros and cons of the model


  • stylish design;
  • gas control;
  • electric ignition;
  • ease of care;
  • the presence of an electric grill;
  • durable stainless steel body;
  • spacious oven, drawer for dishes;
  • there is a timer;
  • functionality;
  • quality performance.


  • stamped body.


Technical and operational characteristics of the product:

  • material – stainless steel;
  • number of burners – 4;
  • quick heating burner – yes;
  • control – mechanical;
  • switches – rotary;
  • timer – yes;
  • energy consumption – class A +;
  • oven capacity – 75 l;
  • grill – yes, electric;
  • stonecrop oven – ordinary;
  • gas control: burners – yes, ovens – no;
  • storage box for dishes – yes;
  • dimensions – 60x60x72 cm.

Beko FSG62120DXMCS

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