Owners of cottages and small apartments, as well as culinary studios, are often looking for small kitchen appliances in order to correctly place them in the kitchen.

Such models are desktop electric stoves, which are a mini-stove with an oven and burners.

To choose the right model for you, you need to know the features of such a technique.

Rating of the TOP 5 best desktop electric stoves with an oven in 2022-2023

Distinctive features

Electric tabletop stoves with an oven heat up very quickly, but due to their low power they consume less electricity.

Designed for cooking a wide variety of dishes, some are equipped with two cooking zones. Adding burners allows you to expand the functionality of the technique and use it as efficiently as possible.

There are several types of models:

  • cookers with electric burners – common with owners in summer cottages or small apartments;
  • gas burners – more familiar, but will cause inconvenience if there is no gas in the kitchen;
  • stoves without burners – function as an oven. suitable for baking, roasting fish or meat, it is also possible to defrost food in them.

Usually made of metal, but there are models with an enameled surface..

According to consumer reviews, the metal is more durable, but the furnace walls can get very hot. Equipped with a convection function, you can bake several dishes without mixing smells. More modern models have touch controls that can be controlled using a smartphone through a special application.


Advantages and disadvantages

It is worth noting the advantages and disadvantages of these plates, which are taken into account by the owner before purchase.


  • low power consumption;
  • compact dimensions;
  • easy to use;
  • pleasant appearance;
  • acceptable cost of models;
  • multifunctionality;


  • the housing may become warm;
  • in some models it is impossible to use the oven and burners at the same time;
  • there may be a marriage during assembly in cheap models.

How to choose and what to look for?

Number of burners

Not all stoves are equipped with burners, and if they are, then there are only two of them. It is not possible to arrange more burners.

Burners will make the stove more functional, but if you have an oven and burners, you can not use them at the same time.

It is worth choosing a stove with burners only if there is a need for it.


Basically, the hob is electric, but there are stoves with gas burners..

When choosing gas burners, electricity consumption will be more economical, but the electric option is most familiar to owners, especially in small apartments or cottages.



The choice of size depends entirely on the wishes of the client, based on the area of ​​\u200b\u200bhis kitchen. It is worth choosing those dimensions that are most suitable for the needs of the user.

Some may need a roomy oven for cooking multiple meals, or a small stove for a summer cottage.


The main control of such plates is a display with touch buttons.

Some modern models are equipped with app control and Bluetooth function.. There is also a mechanical control with rotary knobs.

Combined control is considered more convenient, where both the display and the mechanics are included.


High power in this type of oven is not observed, basically, all stoves have a power of about 1600 watts.

Higher power can cause a short if the grid fails.

High power also means high power consumption, but low power may not be able to handle certain types of food.

Oven parameters

The oven usually has several modes – grill, top and bottom heating, food defrosting function.

Almost all stoves are equipped with convection, which allows you to evenly heat food and bake more complex dishes..


Additional functions

Additional functions in electric stoves add basic functionality that allows you to use the technique to the maximum.

Some features:

  • the presence of an electronic timer;
  • residual heat indicator;
  • display showing cooking time and oven temperature;
  • availability of automatic cooking programs;
  • turning off the stove at the risk of overheating;
  • special handles for transportation;
  • equipped with rubberized feet that do not scratch the surface and facilitate movement;
  • special bumpers will save the escaped products from hitting the table surface.

TOP 5 desktop electric stoves with an oven

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Kitfort KT-1702

Small cooker the size of a microwave, equipped with a convection oven. one

Allows you to bake grilled chicken and skewers on a spit. This model is highly reliable for 2022-2023.

Turns on interior lighting. Unfortunately, there are no burners, it is possible to use only as an oven. There is a defrost function.


  • type of equipment – mini-oven;
  • oven volume – 28 liters;
  • backlight – yes;
  • timer – yes, mechanical;
  • body material – metal;
  • oven temperature – 230 degrees;
  • power – 1500 W;
  • mode – upper grill, defrosting;
  • convection – yes;
  • dimensions – 51 * 31 * 42 cm;
  • thermostat – yes;


  • low price;
  • pleasant appearance;
  • fast heating;
  • easy to operate;
  • compactness;
  • the ability to cook on two baking sheets;
  • timer notification;
  • full functionality.


  • no burners;
  • the surface of the hob gets hot.

REDMOND SkyOven 5706S

Stylish mini-oven without burners, made in metallic color. Suitable for cottage 2

or a small apartment, a culinary studio. Equipped with a grill, convection and temperature maintenance.

Has touch screen control. For the convenience of the owner includes additional cooking programs


  • purpose – mini-oven;
  • capacity – 35 liters;
  • grill – yes;
  • heating mode – upper and lower heating;
  • control – touch;
  • backlight – yes;
  • complete set — the pallet, a lattice, a skewer;
  • timer – yes, electronic;
  • material – metal;
  • heating temperature – 230 degrees;
  • power – 1600 W;
  • smartphone control – yes;


  • compact dimensions;
  • spacious oven;
  • the presence of an electronic timer;
  • additional functions;
  • grill – yes;
  • application – yes, you can run the stove from your smartphone;
  • nice design;
  • many functions.


  • control only via Bluetooth;
  • the body of the equipment heats up;

Kitfort KT-1703

Stylish stove with burners and oven. Has mechanical control 3

mechanical timer.

A spacious oven and hob allows you to use the equipment for all necessary tasks..

Unfortunately, you cannot use both the oven and the burners at the same time.


  • type of equipment – mini-oven;
  • hob – yes;
  • backlight – yes;
  • control – mechanical;
  • material – metal;
  • oven temperature – 230 degrees;
  • power – 1600 W;
  • timer – yes;
  • oven capacity – 30 liters;
  • convection – yes;
  • dimensions – 38.5 * 36.8 * 45 cm;


  • the presence of a hob;
  • mechanical control facilitates operation;
  • acceptable price;
  • multifunctionality;
  • compactness;
  • stylish design;
  • spacious oven;
  • good power;
  • high quality materials.


  • no additional cooking programs;
  • It is not possible to use the burners and the oven at the same time.


Mini-oven made in a stylish metal design. Suitable for culinary four

studios or cottages.

Has functions of a grill, convection, uniform heating from below and from above.

Timer can be set to one hour if needed. Equipped with lighting and a spacious 33 liter oven. More expensive than other models.


  • model – mini-oven;
  • oven capacity – 33 liters;
  • control – mechanical;
  • convection – yes;
  • backlight – yes;
  • equipment – skewer, pallet, grill;
  • heating – top and bottom;
  • grill – yes;
  • timer – yes;
  • power – 1600 W;
  • dimensions – 55 * 32.3 * 29 cm;


  • pleasant appearance;
  • ease of use;
  • the presence of convection;
  • temperature and power adjustment;
  • compactness;
  • capacity;
  • bakes pastries well;


  • more expensive model;
  • lack of burners;
  • case heats up.

Moulinex Optimo OX444832

The most compact of all models, the capacity of the oven is only 19 liters. 5

Perfect for a country house or student’s room. The model does not lose its relevance in 2022-2023.

Thanks to its stylish design, it will decorate the culinary studio. The model is equipped with mechanical control, grate and grill. The presence of a thermostat.


  • model type – mini-oven;
  • additional functions – defrosting;
  • convection – yes;
  • control – mechanical;
  • timer – yes;
  • materials – metal;
  • power -1380 W;
  • oven capacity – 19 liters;
  • dimensions – 46 * 31 * 28 cm;


  • acceptable price;
  • no heating of the stove walls;
  • uniform heating;
  • no burning of food;
  • compactness;
  • double glass on the door;
  • the presence of a timer;
  • quality assembly;
  • stylish design.


  • only oven without burners;
  • small capacity of the oven.

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