With good kitchen appliances, cooking is no longer a chore.

Recently, induction hobs have been firmly holding positions.

In terms of quality of work and functionality, they surpassed electrical counterparts.

The Slovenian household appliances company Gorenje offers a wide range of induction cookers with a variety of options.

Rating of the TOP-7 best Gorenje induction hobs 2022-2023

Features of hobs

Externally, the induction panels of this brand almost do not differ from each other. On sale there are devices in black and white, without sophisticated design. But they fit into any style of kitchen and become part of the interior.

There are different types of panels according to the number of burners. Models come in 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 burners. For a summer residence or occasional use, 1-2 burners are enough. For a family, it is logical to buy a hob for 3-5 burners.

The manufacturer is ready to offer additional features. Not the fact that everyone needs them, and such models are more expensive.

Additional options:

  • power boost – the mode of accelerated operation of the burners, is necessary for the rapid boiling of water. Most modern models have this option by default.
  • Soft Melt – low temperature mode. Useful for melting butter or chocolate, languishing sauce.
  • stay warm – Long-term keep warm function. Relevant when the food is ready, and the home is late for dinner.
  • IQboil — long-term maintenance of the set temperature. Useful during cooking in large quantities of water (pasla, soups).
  • stopgo – a function that allows you to turn off the stove for a certain time and do other things. After switching on, work will continue in the specified mode.


Advantages and disadvantages

The hob is purchased for many years, and Gorenje products are not cheap. It is important for the buyer to have an idea about the advantages and disadvantages of hobs from this manufacturer, so as not to be disappointed in the purchase.


  • European assembly – all stages of production take place on the territory of Slovenia. Also, there are no cheap Chinese components of dubious quality in the devices.
  • Moderate power consumption – devices belong to energy class A. Taking into account some features of induction cookers, the total consumption is less than on electrical counterparts.
  • Stylish design – the appearance of the panels is designed in accordance with modern trends.
  • Easy surface care – after each cooking, it is enough to wipe it with a damp sponge, in extreme cases with soapy water.
  • Safety – many models are equipped with an automatic shut-off function, as well as a child lock on the control panel.


  • Price – the brand occupies a high price segment of the market, which is why the products are not available to all consumers.
  • Included wire and plug missing.


The best Gorenje induction hobs

The brand offers a wide range of cooktops. They differ in cost, functionality, number of burners. An inexperienced buyer is confused in the variety of models and cannot decide.

Below are the induction cookers from the rating – the main characteristics and features of the most popular brand models are considered.


Modern four-burner hob with an original design. In this model, the designation has been updatedfour

cooking zones – they are marked with lines instead of the usual circles. It is worth noting that this is one of the best models of 2022-2023.

A convenient touch panel allows you to adjust the temperature and set other settings. A wide range of power allows you to choose the optimal mode for a particular dish.


  • Clear management.
  • Beautiful appearance.
  • Safety shutdown function.
  • Control panel for each burner.
  • Easy care.


  • High price.

IT 635-ORA-W

Stylish 4-burner hob. The convenient control panel with touch switches is located5

at the front of the instrument.

The cooking zones are marked with horizontal lines instead of the usual circles. Despite the white color of the surface, spots and stains are not noticeable on it. For cleaning, just walk on it with a damp sponge or cloth.


  • Heats up quickly.
  • Unusual appearance.
  • Residual heat indicator.
  • Control panel lock.
  • Simple care.


  • Noisy when boiling.
  • High price.


Double burner hob. The best option for a small kitchen or people who do not cook a lot.6

The black color of the surface is in harmony with any interior. Burners have different power, designed for different diameters of the bottom. The convenient touch control panel is in front.


  • Acceptable price.
  • Residual heat indicator.
  • Compact dimensions.
  • Easy care.
  • Accelerated heating.


  • Limited functionality.


Brand new from the Karim Rashid collection, which will decorate any kitchen. Stylish four-burner hob7

with an unusual design.

4 cooking zones, touch control. Additional options will not allow water to boil away, help you gently defrost meat or melt chocolate.


  • Residual heat indicator.
  • Functionality.
  • Original graphics on the work surface.
  • Automatic dish recognition.
  • Easy care.
  • Child lock panel.


  • High price.

IK 640 CLI

Stylish hob for the modern family from the Classico collection. 4 cooking zones are highlighted with an original pattern. The model does not lose its relevance in 2022-2023.eight

The device will perfectly fit into the kitchen in the style of Provence, country, classic. There is no metal frame around the perimeter, so you can mount the panel flush with the countertop. Management is carried out by means of rotary switches.


  • Stylish design.
  • The ability to simultaneously use burners at maximum power.
  • Automatic maintenance of optimal temperature conditions.
  • Child lock.
  • Residual heat indicator.


  • High price.

IK 640 CLB

Anthracite hob from the Classico collection. Interesting design of the designation of the cooking zones.9

Also, instead of the usual touch buttons, control is carried out using rotary switches. The appliance can be installed flush with the worktop, creating a single work area. Functionality and a wide range of power allows you to choose the optimal mode for complex dishes.


  • Automatic burner power adjustment.
  • Original appearance.
  • Residual heat indicator.
  • Acceptable price.
  • Function of the accelerated heating.
  • Child lock.


  • A little noisy at high power.
  • Dirt accumulates in the area of ​​the switches.
  • There is no timer.

IT 640 BSC

Modern four-burner induction hob in anthracite color. Burner power variesten

from 1.2 to 1.6 kW, the diameter is calculated for different dishes.

There is no metal frame around the perimeter of the work surface, as on many models. This allows the appliance to be built flush with the countertop, but does not hold spilled liquid.


  • Acceptable price.
  • Rapid boiling of water.
  • Residual heat indicator.
  • Child lock.
  • Sound timer with automatic shutdown.


  • Noisy when running in Power Boost mode.

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