Hotpoint-Ariston gas stoves are appliances from one of the leading manufacturers.

The company produces products of the middle class.

Plates differ in build quality and long service life.

When choosing a model, you should get to know the brand better, evaluate its pros and cons.

The rating of the best plates will allow you to find the right option.

Distinctive features

Hotpoint Ariston belongs to the well-known Italian holding Indesit Company, specializing in the production of household appliances..

The company has been operating since the 1930s. During this time, it has increased production capacity and introduced new positions. This allowed the brand to enter the TOP-3 in terms of sales in the world.

Feature Hotpoint-Ariston – stylish and unique design of gas stoves. The technique is produced in several series, in which the models are very different from each other. The devices are of high quality, so the probability of marriage is excluded.

Plates serve for several decades, subject to the rules of operation.

Modern models are equipped not only with standard modes, but also with additional ones. Among them is a grill with a spit, which allows you to learn new basics of culinary skills.

The stoves are equipped with a gas control system, which ensures maximum safety when using them.


Types and their brief description

According to the type of resource use, plates are divided into two types.:

  1. Gas. These are units with gas burners and a gas oven. They are of high build quality. They do not depend on electricity, so even without light, you can cook your favorite dishes. Most models have electric ignition, due to which you do not need to use matches.
  2. Combined. Combine the ability to cook on gas and electricity. The most popular are in areas remote from regional centers, where there are often interruptions in the supply of gas or electricity. The units have a gas hob and an electric oven. They are considered more functional, since the oven can be used for defrosting and drying, including the lower or upper heating element.

According to the type of placement of the plate, there are two types:

  1. Freestanding. Plates in the classic version. They can be put in any place where the necessary communications are carried out. Devices can only work on gas or have an electric oven.
  2. Embedded. Models are represented by hobs. Their advantage compared to free-standing ones is in the glass-ceramic coating and convenient operation. They do their job very well. Among the disadvantages are the high cost, as well as the need to use special dishes.


Advantages and disadvantages

Users highlight a number of advantages of the Italian brand’s equipment:

  • attractive design;
  • spacious drawer for storing kitchen utensils;
  • good sizes (there are models with a width of 50 and 60 cm);
  • high quality of the case and component materials;
  • excellent build quality;
  • the presence of standard cooking modes and additional functions;
  • spacious oven (up to 62 liters);
  • the presence of gas control and electric ignition, which increase the convenience and safety of operation;
  • control the degree of cooking due to high-quality illumination;
  • excellent quality hob.

Most users have not identified any shortcomings with Hotpoint Ariston cookers.

Some copies have limited functionality, due to a lower price. For example, there are models without automatic ignition and grill. Also, budget models are equipped with a cheaper coating – enamel.

How to choose and what to look for?

Buying a stove involves studying various nuances. These include technical characteristics, power and reliability of the units. In order for the purchase to meet all the necessary requests, you need to consider the selection criteria.

What to look for when choosing a stove:

  1. Burner type. Most Hotpoint-Aristons are equipped with standard burners, which differ from each other in nozzle size and power. The advantage is that the hobs have gas control and electric ignition, which eliminates the possibility of burns when the gas is turned on.
  2. Grating type. Plates are completed with steel or pig-iron lattices. The latter are considered the most practical. The material is resistant to prolonged exposure to high temperatures and deformation. Steel is more fragile, so it can bend from heavy dishes. The best models are equipped with cast-iron grills.
  3. Hob material. The manufacturer uses enamel or stainless steel in the manufacture of hobs. Enamel is an inexpensive coating that is used for budget stoves. It protects the hull from impact and corrosion, but is more difficult to keep clean due to the porous structure of the top layer. The stainless steel surface is easy to clean and does not require the use of special detergents.
  4. Functionality of the oven. Oven chambers can have a volume of up to 62 liters, which is very convenient for families of three or more people. For convenience, the oven is equipped with a thermostat that maintains the temperature in a given mode.
  5. Additional options. They include options that do not affect performance, but make the use of the stove more convenient and practical. This is a digital display, a timer and a storage box for dishes.


TOP-3 gas stoves with Hotpoint-Ariston gas oven

Which gas stove with Hotpoint-Ariston gas oven do you think is better? You can vote one once.

Many people prefer to cook exclusively on gas. The company has created a wide range of stoves with gas oven and hob. They have an attractive design and wide functionality. A rating of three popular models will simplify the choice of the most suitable unit.


A model with a modern design that has all the necessary functions for daily onecooking.

The hob is covered with white enamel. The stoves are equipped with four burners. Operational safety is due to the presence of electric ignition and a gas control system.


  • dimensions – 50x60x85 cm;
  • control – mechanical;
  • oven volume – 59 l;
  • electric ignition – yes.


  • safe use;
  • quality material;
  • convenient location of the burners;
  • the presence of a grill and a timer;
  • quick heating burner.


  • slow heating of the oven;
  • small guarantee (365 days).


A modern stove with which you can quickly and comfortably cook delicious 2meals for a large family.

The unit has four burners with different power. Among them, one burner for quick heating of food.


  • dimensions – 50x60x85 cm;
  • control – mechanical;
  • oven volume – 59 l;
  • electric ignition – no.


  • there is a timer;
  • equipped with a grill with a spit;
  • has an attractive appearance;
  • does its job very well.


  • no display;
  • no automatic ignition;
  • no thermostat.


The HS5G0PMX model will perfectly fit into the interior of kitchens in the style of minimalism, hi-tech and 3

any other.

Has a modern design that combines silver and black color. The hob is made of stainless steel.

It has four burners with different power.


  • dimensions – 50x60x85 cm;
  • control – mechanical;
  • oven volume – 59 l;
  • electric ignition – no.


  • fast food preparation
  • the presence of gas control;
  • simple cleaning by conventional means;
  • quality hob material.


  • no electric ignition;
  • inconvenient timer setting.

TOP 4 gas stoves with Hotpoint-Ariston electric oven

Which gas stove with Hotpoint-Ariston electric oven do you think is better? You can vote one once.

For some reason, the gas stove is not suitable for all housewives, so Hotpoint-Ariston produces combined stoves. They combine the possibility of cooking on gas and electricity. The stoves have an electric oven equipped with a good choice of temperature settings. The TOP-4 presents models with the best characteristics.


A cooker in a unique design that combines all the necessary functions for a quick fourand simple cooking.

Made in beige style. Suitable for a classic interior in bright colors.


  • dimensions – 50x60x85 cm;
  • control – mechanical;
  • oven volume – 60 l;
  • electric ignition – hob.


  • fast food preparation
  • there is a timer and clock;
  • safe inclusion of gas;
  • good dimensions;
  • the presence of an electric grill with convection;
  • double glass doors;
  • oven lighting.


  • inconvenient cleaning of gas supply valves;
  • high price;
  • small guarantee.


Cookers with a powerful and spacious oven. Equipped with automatic 5

gas switch.

It has a durable hob. Management is simple due to the presence of convenient switches and a display.


  • dimensions – 50x60x85 cm;
  • control – mechanical;
  • oven volume – 60 l;
  • electric ignition – hob.


  • fast food preparation
  • excellent lighting;
  • grill with convection;
  • one burner for quick heating;
  • safe use.


  • boring design;
  • unstable legs;
  • plastic box.


Stylish silver plate, which will become an indispensable assistant in the kitchen and 6

interior decoration.

Features simple controls. Equipped with a convenient display with which it is convenient to monitor the cooking process.


  • dimensions – 50x60x85 cm;
  • control – mechanical;
  • oven volume – 60 l;
  • electric ignition – hob.


  • stainless steel surface;
  • gas control system;
  • fast heating;
  • many oven modes;
  • easy cleaning of the surface and oven.


  • small guarantee;
  • unstable legs.


Unit with timer, user-friendly display and easy operation by turning 7


It is safe to cook on such a stove, as there is an automatic ignition of the burners.. The stove has an energy efficiency class A, which means the minimum consumption of resources.


  • dimensions – 50x60x85 cm;
  • control – mechanical;
  • oven volume – 60 l;
  • electric ignition – hob.


  • convenient door with fixation when opening;
  • quality grill;
  • good oven lighting;
  • gratings are made of cast iron;
  • optimal number of burners;
  • stainless steel surface.


  • a small drawer for dishes;
  • insufficient temperature conditions;
  • no small flame.

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