There is always not enough space in the kitchen, and the issue of compact storage is relevant even for the happy owners of a large area. Multifunctional utensils come to the rescue. The idea of ​​”one hundred in one” is not new, the question is how it is implemented. We tell you how to choose the right pots that will become your faithful helpers in the kitchen and will not take up much space.

High quality stainless steel

The quality of the material directly determines how long the dishes will serve you. The best option is 18/10 stainless steel. The unique properties of the material are due to the inclusion of 18% chromium and 10% nickel in its composition. The NADOBA Maruska series of pots is made of just such steel. The utensils are resistant to corrosion, acids and alkalis, and are characterized by increased strength. The manufacturer gives a 10-year warranty on the collection.

Thick flat bottom

The thicker the bottom of the dish, the stronger it is, this is obvious. In addition, a perfectly flat bottom adheres better to the burner, the pan heats up faster, which means that much less electricity is spent. In NADOBA Maruska pans, the bottom is not just thick, it is a three-layer “sandwich”: stainless steel – aluminum – stainless steel with an inner thickness aluminum layer 4 mm. The design provides uniform distribution of heat and fast uniform heating. A dish cooked in such a dish acquires the very amazing rich taste that we expect from homemade food.


It is with this idea that we started our article. And now we tell in detail how a multifunctional pan will help save space in the kitchen.

Volume marking

Pour liquid “by eye” or measure it with improvised containers, as our mothers and grandmothers did, now, fortunately, is not necessary. You can get a special measuring cup, but it will be another extra item in the kitchen. A solid saucepan from a reliable manufacturer will certainly have a displacement marking. On the inside of Maruska pots there is a convenient measuring grid, which eliminates the need to buy a measuring cup. Everything is exactly like in a pharmacy.

Built-in colander

A colander is a necessary thing in the kitchen, but, alas, it’s rather big, and it takes up space – wow! Therefore, the idea of ​​embedding this object in the lid of the pot causes sincere delight. Maruska pots have a built-in colander, so draining the water is quick and easy. And an old colander can, for example, be sent to the country, to wash greens and berries.

Compact storage

And finally, the most interesting. How to make it so that our miracle saucepans also almost take up space? Now we’ll tell you.

Folding handles

Everything ingenious is simple – a pan with folding handles really takes up significantly less space. Thanks to this design feature, the dishes of the Maruska collection are especially loved by customers. Which is not surprising, because the owners of such pans have much more space both in the refrigerator and in the kitchen cabinet.

Can be folded into one another

The perfect addition – here it is! When the pots can be stacked side by side, there is much more space on the shelves.

In the Maruska series there are three pans of different sizes and three sets in various configurations. Thanks to folding handles, all dishes are compactly removed “by height”. Here is the long-awaited free space! The pans are suitable for all types of stoves, be it gas, electric, induction or glass-ceramic. Dishes can be washed in the dishwasher and by hand. NADOBA Maruska – everything fits perfectly!


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