Stylish knitted hats in cool autumn or winter will become an indispensable accessory. Modern fashion trends can make any knitted hat an addition to the most sophisticated style.

Knitted hats are used in completely different styles due to their practicality, versatility and attractive appearance. They can create a beautiful look with various outerwear: a leather jacket and a raincoat, a windbreaker and a coat, a down jacket and a fur coat.

One of the most relevant women’s trends for the autumn-winter season of 2022 is the simplicity of execution and the absence of various frills. In addition to brevity, you should pay attention to popular color palettes. Bright hats are at the peak, however, classic pastel colors do not lose their relevance. The following forms of hats are seen as the hit of the season:

  • lapel hats;
  • beanie;
  • models with large viscosity;
  • hats with pom-poms;
  • hats with earflaps;
  • warm knitted bandages.

As A Nomad brand hats clearly follow fashion trends, while the most important criterion is quality and comfort. Hats have proven themselves to be worn well. Models of demi-season caps are soft, light, sit comfortably on the head, keep their shape well and are easy to care for. Proven in practice!


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