Intensive eye cream with Caviar creates a genuine delight in improving the quality of the skin of the eyelids of beauty salon clients, due to the triple complex of active ingredients aimed at Rejuvenation – Circles under the eyes – Moisturizing the skin around the eyes.




“THREE high-tech complexes for the eyelid area in ONE application with double volume”

QS PROFESSIONAL cosmetics recommendations for the face and eyelids are an excellent gift for friends and acquaintances who visit high-class beauty salons.

Believe us, we know that you are constantly looking for something new. Whether focusing on girlfriends, or advertising or a beautiful showcase qs salon, constantly attracting the highest quality GMP. And the new one attracts many times more, especially if you visit a beautician’s office or a beauty clinic for a long time.

Intensive eye cream with Caviar is liked by patients 35+ without exception. The cream provides an impact on the skin based on growing customer and beauty salon employee reviews and never causes allergies.

Send us questions in the WB Questions section in the near future, enjoy the expansion of the range of quality products and enhance the effect of cosmetology services. The cream has a volume of 30 ml versus the usual 15 ml, which is an effective course with a consumption of more than 6-8 months.

Time is changing, have time to enjoy the samples and the joy of the new state of the skin of the eyelids. Currently you will receive more than nrosto cream. Join now!


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