Without which item is it difficult to imagine the wardrobe of a modern woman? Of course, without a belt, the image seems incomplete, because it is the belt that emphasizes the stylish look. It gives confidence, adds rigor, or vice versa, relaxes the female image. An indispensable leather belt has entered the top of the most trendy wardrobe items for women this year. Women’s belts made of genuine leather are strong and reliable, and most importantly wear-resistant and justify their cost several times as much as possible.

How to choose the right women’s leather belt?

Any women’s belt emphasizes sexuality and visually decorates the figure, giving harmony and perfectly completes the image and gives it gloss.

How to choose the right belt:

  • It is important to know where you will wear it: on the hips or at the waist. Please note that there are universal models of classic belts. Keti Wood leather belt has a width of 4 cm and a length of more than 99 cm, which will emphasize the waist or beat the hips of any figure.
  • Take measurements of the selected area with a regular centimeter tape.
  • Choose the right size according to the size table, taking into account your size.

How to emphasize the figure with a belt:

  • The more magnificent the shape of the figure, the thinner the belt at the waist is needed, visually it will slim the figure.
  • For representatives of the hourglass figure, a wide belt is suitable, it will emphasize the rounding of shapes.
  • Catchy details in the form of additional elements or buckles are best laced with a thin belt, it will visually attract attention and lengthen the figure.

What can a woman wear with a natural leather belt?

Leather belts of different shades are perfectly combined with any clothes, it is only important to harmoniously choose and combine the desired format of the whole image.

Modern design designs have a wide range of product prints: with rhinestones, embroidery, various decorative elements.

If you doubt and do not understand the combination of various elements of clothing and belts, then the classic black women’s belt will become relevant.

It will be a great addition to any look, suitable for both dresses and skirts, trousers and shorts.

A fashionable belt is an excellent gift for any celebration for a woman: for her birthday, March 8, or just as a sign of attention to give a natural belt to a mother, woman, girlfriend or sister


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