It is difficult to imagine a girl who leaves the house empty-handed. After all, you need to take your wallet, phone, hygiene items, some cosmetics and more with you. Usually they take a handbag for these things, but now women’s urban backpacks are increasingly preferred. And there is an explanation for this trend.

A good backpack is more functional than a handbag

The usual situation is you are going for a walk with the children. In addition to the usual phone and wallet, you need to take with you: a bottle of water, a pack of tissues, a toy and something to eat. On the way home, you will most likely want to stop by the store and buy something for dinner. Handbag in this situation is not helpful.

For everyday tasks, GRIZZLY urban women’s backpacks of the RXL series are suitable. For example, models: RXL-120-1, RXL-122-4, RXL-123-7 and RXL-126-3. They are light and roomy. Volume from 8 to 15.5 liters. At the same time, the weight is only 325-495 g.

The backpacks have pockets for the phone and accessories, side pockets for a water bottle. If you want to take some bulky things with you or go to the store after a walk, you can put everything in the main spacious compartment. And most importantly, your hands remain free.

Casual urban backpack GRIZZLY RXL-122-4.

Walking around the city is more comfortable with a backpack

First, your hands are free. Secondly, the RXL series backpacks are made in such a way that you don’t even feel them behind your shoulders.

The back of the backpack is reinforced. If you take something heavy with you, the load is evenly distributed on your back. Soft straps do not rub your shoulders while walking. You are less tired during the day.

You can carry this backpack with you every day – just in case. Perhaps the only drawback is that at first you will catch yourself thinking that you forgot your handbag at home.

Casual city backpack GRIZZLY RXL-120-1.

Everyday style is a timeless classic

Urban women’s backpack is an everyday accessory. You can take it with you to work, a walk around the city, to cafes and even to the beach. The classic style of the RXL backpacks is appropriate for any situation.

Fashionable prints make the models more vibrant, modern and youthful. Such backpacks are actively used not only by women, but also by teenagers. Especially for young people, there is a pocket for gadgets with a diagonal of up to 13”. Now your tablet or laptop is always at your fingertips.

Casual city backpack GRIZZLY RXL-123-7.

Special requirements for urban backpacks

The minimum weight is one of the important criteria for choosing everyday accessories. But relief should not be at the expense of quality. Otherwise, with daily use, the fabric is quickly wiped and the seams diverge.

In the manufacture of GRIZZLY backpacks, dense, durable polyester is used. A three-stage quality control has been introduced in production. The most loaded areas are reinforced with additional seams. At the end, the surface is treated with water and dirt-repellent impregnation.

Even lightweight accessories last a long time with daily use. You will probably get tired of the backpack faster and want to buy yourself a new one than it will tear. Moreover, GRIZZLY designers update their collections every year. They follow the latest trends and fashion shows from around the world. In a year, new models of women’s backpacks with top fashion prints are waiting for you in the catalog. If you want, you can continue to wear accessories from this collection. They will last a long time. And if you’re looking to keep up with fashion, we’re sure you’ll want to pick up something from the new collection.

Casual city backpack GRIZZLY RXL-126-3.

Backpacks of the RXL series will be appreciated even by lovers of handbags

In addition to the classic straps, each model has a comfortable handle. The backpack RXL-126-3 has two handles, just like in the usual women’s handbag. This makes the model universal. When you walk around the city, put on straps on your shoulders and your hands remain free. Go to public transport or a store – carry a backpack by the handles, like a bag.

If you need an urban women’s backpack, choose models that are light, stylish, comfortable and practical for everyday use.


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