Women at such an elegant age are advised to dress with taste, and the wardrobe should be dominated by a monochrome palette and a few decorative elements that will accentuate the image. Colorful ladies with appetizing forms need to take a closer look at solutions that hide flaws and shift attention to virtues.

When compiling a capsule wardrobe, it is necessary to focus on functionality, practicality and convenience. Avoid blouses with ruffles, which only add unnecessary volume and look ridiculous at this age. But blouses with lace details will look appropriate. For monochromatic clothes, pick up a bag made of leather with metal details, as well as stylish shoes with low heels. This will help you look beautiful and in accordance with your age, complexion.

Important Points

In order to remain feminine in any situation, when buying a new set of clothes, you must consider the following points:

Style. Choose models that will visually slim, stretch the figure.

Textile. Dense fabrics with draperies, silk, as well as cotton that is pleasant to the touch, can be best suited with the addition of viscose.

Color spectrum. Choose clothes in a neutral color so that the pieces of your wardrobe are perfectly combined with each other. But if this style seems too boring to you, then add bright details to it. For example, a brooch, a stylish watch, glasses. When choosing clothes for the summer, try to get the one in light colors. But bright details are used to place accents.

Regular fit fitted trousers

Women with appetizing forms are better off choosing models made in dark colors, which visually slim the silhouette. Wear a thing with a T-shirt, chiffon blouse, body shirt. Spice up your look with a stylish clutch.


This thing is considered indispensable for a basic wardrobe, because the product sits perfectly on the figure and even pulls it up a little. But it is important to choose a model that will hide the flaws and will look advantageous in any situation. Try on different options to look elegant.

Wrap dresses

Choose a model with a narrow belt so that it is on the side. The most trendy models are those that are decorated with draperies. They will help to hide excessive fullness.

long models

If you are going to a restaurant or to a social event, then wear a luxurious dress to the floor or below the knees. A tight top accentuates the curvaceous chest, and if the bottom is loose, then this approach will help hide the tummy and visually reduce the volume on the hips.


Full women who are over 50 must definitely get a few tunics. Choose models of a straight cut, a la a trapezoid. If you are worried about a bulging belly, then look at the options with a high waist.

Office Style

For going to the office, it is best to choose a pencil skirt or straight-cut trousers, a white blouse without a pattern. But the option with small peas and geometric shapes, vertical stripes is also suitable. Pick shoes with a small heel, which will help to look strict.


It is an essential element of every wardrobe. There is an option to choose a classic solution. This is a jacket and trousers with a straight cut. But a tunic, a cardigan is also suitable. Make sure that all elements are well combined with each other.


You can create a beautiful and delicate look if you wear black leggings and a voluminous cardigan. Pair with a large bag and pumps for a bright and dynamic look. Choose clothes that you will be comfortable doing your usual activities, shopping and going to work.

Choose clothes in which you will be comfortable doing your usual activities, shopping and going to work.

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