Those who do not see the point in acquiring expensive appliances either do not have sufficient funds, or simply were not interested in the quality and functionality of premium washing machines. In this category, there are mainly world-famous brands, giants in the production of household appliances for the home – Bosch, AEG, Siemens and some others. As a rule, these models are produced directly in the country of origin of the brand, and their quality and functionality are at the highest level. The choice and purchase of such equipment is a responsible task, which is why we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the review of the best premium washing machines.

Overview of the best premium washing machines

Miele WED125WCS

Washing machine Miele WED125WCS

Model of a well-known premium brand. Features of the Miele washing machine – reliability, quality of washing, materials and workmanship. This technique has been working for years, is not capricious, does not spoil the fabric. Users often share their surprise at the difference in washing quality between a Miele machine and models from other brands. They assure that things become like new. Although functionally the model is simple. Of the interesting options, only automatic dosing of funds is implemented. The containers are filled with washing gel and conditioner, during the cycle the machine automatically takes the right amount depending on the load. Filling containers is enough for an average of 20 washes. In the Miele lineup, this is not the most expensive model. Users lack additional functions in it – drying, a greater variety of programs.


  • Reliability, German assembly
  • Wash quality
  • Automatic dosing
  • Doesn’t damage delicate fabrics


  • No drying
  • Total 11 automatic programs

Bosch WAT286H2OE

Washing machine Bosch WAT286H2OE

Premium standalone washing machine powered by an inverter motor. The model is built into the smart home system, the washing modes are easy to adjust, taking into account the soiling of the laundry and the type of fabric. The manufacturer used i-DOS technology. Liquid detergent and fabric softener are dosed automatically, filling the tray is enough for 20 washes. In the “Auto” program, users do not need to select a mode, the sensor system will automatically set the duration and intensity of washing. The model does not have a drying option, but this is one of its few drawbacks. Quality, abundance of programs, remote control – it costs its money. Users share the same opinion. Of the pluses, the quality of washing, ease of operation, quietness of work, loading by 9 kg, and flexibility in setting modes are often called. Among the shortcomings – there is no program for down and outerwear, the difficulty of connecting a smartphone.


  • Automatic dosing of detergents
  • Flexible settings, many programs
  • Automatic selection of the washing program
  • Integration into the smart home system


  • No program for washing outerwear
  • Difficulty connecting smartphone

Electrolux PerfectCare 700 EW7W3R68SI

Washing machine Electrolux PerfectCare 700 EW7W3R68SI

Built-in premium washing machine with timed drying. The inverter motor runs quietly, breaks less often compared to collector motors. Drying after the end of the cycle gives dry laundry ready for ironing. The TimeManager option allows you to adjust the wash time. The model has 14 programs. Heavily soiled laundry can be easily washed on the stain removal mode, clean, but lying in the closet, will be refreshed with steam. There are programs for washing jeans, delicate fabrics, sportswear and outerwear. But most of all, users like washing and drying in one hour. According to user reviews, the model is one of the best among washing machines with a dryer – functionality, European assembly, washing quality. Minus – it is difficult to understand the abundance of modes and options.


  • Quiet inverter motor
  • Many functions and modes
  • Drying by residual moisture
  • Washing and drying program for 1 hour


  • Difficulty with programs


Washing machine LG F-1K2CH2T

An expensive washing machine justifies the cost with a drum capacity of 17 kg. And in the dryer you can throw up to 10 kilograms of laundry. On sale there are no analogues in terms of loading. Capacity is complemented by increased functionality. Washing with steam removes difficult stains, disinfects, softens the fabric. Six directions of rotation of the drum gently wash all kinds of fabrics. And the mobile diagnostic function finds a malfunction even before calling the wizard. The washing machine is assembled on the basis of an inverter motor, it washes and spins quietly, without vibrations. Buyers believe that this is the best option for a family of 6-8 people. 2-3 sets of bed linen are placed in the drum at the same time. The machine washes clean and dries well. Buyers name only two drawbacks – large size and low spin speeds up to 1100 rpm.


  • Drum for 17 kg of dry laundry
  • Drying up to 10 kilograms
  • Mobile diagnostic function
  • Steam treatment


  • Large size washing machine
  • Revolutions up to 1100 rpm

V-ZUG AdoraWash V2000

Washing machine V-ZUG AdoraWash V2000

An expensive washing machine from a little-known premium brand in Russia. It compares favorably with other models by the quality of materials and assembly, unusual functions. For example, the washing machine door opens automatically after the end of the program. The water transparency sensor monitors the residual content of detergents, if they are detected, it continues rinsing. In half load mode, the machine consumes less powder and water, starts saving energy. An interesting option is the impregnation of sportswear, jackets, and tourist equipment with water-repellent properties. You need to wash on this program with special products that are sold in sports stores. This feature is also found in Siemens washing machines. It’s very hard to find fault with something. The only downside is the small number of reviews.


  • Quality of materials and assembly
  • Sportswear impregnation function
  • Automatic opening of the sunroof after the program
  • Lots of features and options


Kuppersbusch WA 1920.0W

Washing machine Kuppersbusch WA 1920.0 W

An expensive German brand washing machine assembled in Switzerland. The manufacturer focused on quality, but in terms of functions, the model is not inferior to other participants in the rating. Features – reversible sunroof, enhanced sound insulation and delayed start up to 7 days. Such options are not usually found in budget washing machines. The set of programs is standard, includes modes for washing different fabrics, direct injection, soaking, preventing creasing. Quality is felt in everything – a stainless steel tank, a touch-sensitive text display with well-read symbols, drum illumination. Even externally, the washing machine looks soundly. According to user reviews, this washing machine has many advantages – impeccable workmanship and washing, noiselessness, reliability in terms of leaks. Of the shortcomings, they call a high price even for premium equipment and the lack of a drying option.


  • reversible hatch
  • Silent operation
  • swiss assembly
  • Material quality


  • No drying
  • High price

Siemens WS12WL40OE

Washing machine Siemens WS12WL40OE

The premium washing machine combines an abundance of options, the convenience of infusions, spaciousness and reliability. The brushless inverter motor runs silently, breaks less often than collector motors. The model is assembled in China, and this is a drawback. When buying an expensive washing machine, users want to see a European assembly. But they turn a blind eye to the disadvantage due to interesting technologies. The SensoFresh function refreshes clothes with active oxygen, removes unpleasant odors, keeping clothes that cannot be washed clean. When there is absolutely no time, a 15-minute wash helps out. And if you forgot to turn on the washing machine before leaving the house, you can do it from your smartphone. Of the pleasant things – the highlight of the drum, reloading.


  • Drum lighting
  • Cleaning delicate items with oxygen
  • Smartphone remote control
  • Narrow but roomy model


  • Chinese assembly

Xiaomi Wash Machine

Xiaomi Washing Machine

Xiaomi smart washing machine is made in a characteristic laconic design. The brand continues to delight with functional appliances. 10 kg load, 6 kg dry, 21 washing modes for thin and thick fabrics. Not without remote control from a smartphone. Smart premium technology sends notifications about the end of the wash or errors. The application sets the settings, turns on the silent mode, child lock. An interesting air wash with hot steam. The streams of heated moist air soften dirt, eliminate unpleasant odors and disinfect fabrics without harming them. Customers like that the washing machine has 21 programs – for jackets, shoes, different types of fabric. Attractive design, tempered glass touch panel and 6 kg drying capacity. But the application is in English, with remote control there are difficulties.


  • Smartphone remote control
  • 21 washing programs
  • Air wash with hot steam
  • Touch control


  • Application in English

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