A cutting board is one of the main attributes in any kitchen. Thanks to it, the surface of the table retains a beautiful appearance and does not deteriorate from scratches. But it is important to choose the right accessory so that it does not absorb excess odors and is easy to wash. Some cooks recommend buying several products at once and applying each for a specific product. This will increase safety and extend the service life.

The best cutting boards for the kitchen made of plastic


Kesper plastic cutting board

Kesper is the only manufacturer in the group that combines several materials: plastic and marble. Thanks to this, cutting boards are inexpensive, but they last a very long time. The surface of the product is resistant to damage, does not absorb odors, copes with any products. Plastic feet on the back prevent slipping. The board is light, compact, fits in any kitchen. The manufacturer advises the use of ceramic knives, they scratch the surface least of all.

Buyers write about the durability of the board, note its design and versatility. It is suitable for serving, not afraid of high temperatures. Despite the cost, it gives the impression of a solid product. If you use any knives other than ceramic, then small scratches will appear on the surface. Not everyone liked the legs, crumbs clog under them. But this does not affect the functionality, the board serves for years.


POLYMERBYT Comfort plastic cutting board

POLYMERBYT Comfort offers good quality at the most affordable price. The ribbed surface traps liquid and crumbs, and the rubberized edge prevents slipping. The product does not absorb odors, does not dull knives. One side has a hanging loop. The board is very simple, no antibacterial coatings, the plastic is not the most durable. But the working surface is of high quality, without scratches and burrs, copes with its task perfectly.

Buyers write that the product is very resistant to dirt, any vegetables and meat can be cut on it. The surface is not painted, does not absorb smells. It is enough to wash the cutting board under running water, and it will become clean. Do not put it in the dishwasher, the paint will peel off immediately. Knife marks quickly appear, and gradually microparticles of plastic will end up in food. Therefore, these boards need to be updated regularly and are often sold in large sets.

A set of flexible cutting boards “Fissman”

Fissman flexible cutting board set plastic cutting board

Fissman offers a set of several boards for every type of product. They differ in color, have small designations, even a child will understand. The manufacturer talks about hygienic plastic that does not absorb odor and is easy to clean. The product does not dull knives, has a good service life, does not take up much space. The corners can be bent to pour chopped food. A nice bonus is the bright design that looks good in the kitchen.

Plastic boards have a small but comfortable handle. The manufacturer uses durable material that scratches less than cheap competitors. Products serve for many months without losing their presentation. The pattern does not peel off after washing with a hard sponge, the manufacturer even allows you to put them in the dishwasher. Comes with color stand. It is stable, but not everyone liked it. They write about a very branded surface, bulkiness. But because of her, the set costs more than the rest.


Martika plastic cutting board

Martika offers a wide range of plastic boards in different sizes made from durable, safe material. Products do not deform under the influence of water and hot dishes, do not slip on the surface of the table, provide safe cutting. They do not absorb juice and odors, do not change color, look decent. Boards can be put in the dishwasher. The manufacturer made a loop for hanging. On the reverse side there are rubber feet. There are several vibrant designs to choose from.

Despite the small thickness (only 6 mm), the product does not deform or bend. It is very light, washes quickly, has a rough surface. The latter prevents products from slipping out from under the knife. However, scratches quickly appear on it, the board loses its presentation in a few months. It will not withstand a strong blow or fall, it is not designed for many years of service. The reviews advise buying a new board every 2-3 months.

The best cutting boards for the kitchen made of wood

Mayer & Boch

Mayer & Boch wooden cutting board

Mayer & Boch offers products made from bamboo, an environmentally friendly, safe wood. The cutting board does not fade, retains its marketable appearance for years. The material practically does not absorb moisture, has excellent antibacterial properties. The product is suitable for cutting products, as a stand, for table setting. The reverse side has lining. For convenience, a handle is built in, there are recesses on the sides for draining liquid.

In the reviews, the product is called the highest quality, note the absence of notches and burrs. They write that a wooden board made of bamboo is not as afraid of water as competitors. It is easy to clean and does not absorb odors. It weighs more than plastic, looks solid. The surface is not scratched by knives, products do not slide on it. However, over time, it turns a little yellow, it is not recommended to put hot dishes on the board. If you forget the product in water, it may be deformed.


Zeller wooden cutting board

Zeller offers some of the most expensive hardwood cutting boards for any kind of food. The product is characterized by a long service life and high density, due to which it does not deform, does not absorb moisture and odors. It is easy to clean, does not have a detrimental effect on the knives. The reverse side has metal legs that do not slip on the table. The material has antimicrobial properties, is practically not afraid of dampness.

The reviews praise the impressive size range and design that fits into most kitchens. The wooden board can be washed in the dishwasher at low temperatures, the color does not change. Products do not slip on the surface, do not spill out of the product. Marks remain only when cutting aggressively with very sharp knives. However, the price puts many people off. Finding a board in ordinary stores is not easy. It is not made from a single piece of wood, and may crack if dropped or pressured.


BergHOFF wooden cutting board

BergHOFF thought over the design of the board: it is coated with stainless steel, cork reduces the risk of damage to knives, the edges have silicone inserts. The company worked together with professional designers to create the most functional and high-quality product. The basis is bamboo, known for its antibacterial properties and the ability to repel moisture. The wooden board is treated with oil, which increases the service life.

Satisfied users write about the durability of the product. The surface is easy to clean and has no burrs. The board quickly weathers and dries out, weighs a lot, and is stable during operation. However, the material is not solid, the tree will split from a strong blow. A few years after use, cracks appear, which increase until a piece of the product breaks off. Not everyone likes a lot of weight, the board cannot be hung on a hook, and it cannot be dried horizontally.


Tramontina wooden cutting board

Tramontina opens the rankings of the best, enticing buyers with an unusually durable material: Masaranduba from South America. The wooden board has straight grain and fine texture, it is the most resistant to bacteria, pests. The material is safe for people, and rubber resins make the surface moisture resistant. The manufacturer left a recess for draining liquid and crumbs. However, the tree is afraid of strong pressure, aggressive cutting and falls.

Buyers write about the ergonomics of the product. The board is comfortable to hold and hang on a hook. It does not absorb odors, does not allow products to slide on the surface. Washes well, but does not tolerate the dishwasher. The board must not be left damp, otherwise it will swell. With proper care, it will last for years. However, over time, burrs appear, the surface needs to be sanded. Gradually, the material becomes thinner, cracks are inevitable.

The best cutting boards for the kitchen made of glass


Multihouse glass cutting board

Multidom offers inexpensive boards that are resistant to knives. They tolerate high temperatures very well. Plastic feet on the back prevent slipping. The glass surface does not absorb odors and is not afraid of the dishwasher. The product is hygienic, has good thermal insulation properties. A nice bonus is a large selection of bright colors and patterns.

Users warn that glass, although durable, can break. You need to carefully monitor the chips, small particles of material risk getting into food. Customers refer to these products as a clean option, and they retain their original hygienic appearance for many months. The boards are very light but stable. Celebrate cheerful colors, quality of the picture. They say that the product can withstand even heavy dishes with food. However, they warn that ceramic knives cannot be used, they quickly deteriorate.


Zeller glass cutting board

They are made of heat-resistant, most durable material. The surface is easily cleaned of stains and grease, and is dishwasher safe. Rubber feet prevent slipping. You can even beat meat on them without fear of splitting the products. The material does not like ceramic knives, it treats the rest very carefully.

Boards attract with their bright designs and rich assortment, there are any sizes and shapes. Products do not take up much space, fit into any kitchen. However, like many other glass boards, they make unpleasant sounds when cut. They are an excellent support for dishes, do not crack under heavy weight. Glass does not emit any substances when heated, does not react with products. The surface of the boards is corrugated so that the food does not slip. The glass is quite heavy and stands firmly on the countertop.


Fackelmann glass cutting board

Fackelmann is the only rating board made from acrylic. The latter is known for its durability. The product is very light, yet stable and reliable. The manufacturer has added an ergonomic handle for which it is convenient to hold the board. A drain groove is left along the diameter. The design imitates crushed ice, the product looks solid. Gently rounded edges provide security.

Buyers write that the board does an excellent job with any products. It is easy to care for, just wash off the pollution with warm water and soap. It cleans up great in the dishwasher. The label indicates all the manipulations from which the product will not suffer. However, acrylic blunts knives faster than glass, and the sounds when cutting are louder. Buyers are not advised to put very hot dishes on the surface, a crack may appear. The product withstands a large load, but will break from a direct blow.

Polystar Global Art

Polystar Global Art glass cutting board

Polystar Global Art offers durable (glass thickness approx. 6 mm) boards at an affordable price. The choice of sizes and shapes is small, a few standard options. On the reverse side there are 4 legs that prevent the product from sliding on the table. The surface does not absorb odors, is not afraid of moisture. When cutting, it produces a sound characteristic of glass. The product can be used as a stand for hot dishes. It does not leave bacteria, scratches. The board is perfectly cleaned in the dishwasher.

Users warn that knives will quickly become dull from strong impacts on glass. The surface is smooth, because of this, products sometimes slip out. Tempered glass weighs more than competitors, which is not to everyone’s liking. It is inconvenient to hold the product with wet hands, it can slip out. If this happens, the glass will break into small pieces. But no traces of use appear on the board, it retains its presentation. The picture is protected by a film, it does not fade, does not change color.

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