A girl can have as many backpacks as she wants. There is definitely one favorite among them. As a rule, something universal that you can take with you for a walk, to the cinema, a restaurant, to work. Consider what everyday accessories should be like using the RXL backpack series from the new GRIZZLY collection as an example. We will tell you why they are chosen by students and young mothers, fashionistas and travel lovers.

How not to follow fashion and always stay in trend

Some girls do not let go of fashion magazines. Before buying something, they look at what trend is now set by Louis Vuitton, Hermes, Chanel or Gucci. Others have no time to follow all this. But everyone wants to be fashionable and modern.

The trend of 2021 was the abundance of bright colors. One of the calmest colors of the season is a caramel shade of orange. A lot of caramel accessories were presented by Hermes fashion house. Versace designers went further – they released a collection of neon bags.

If we look at the RXL GRIZZLY series, we immediately notice these trends. This is because the manufacturer’s designers follow fashion shows instead of you and embody all the trends in new collections. No need to spend hours leafing through magazines, and then look for something similar in stores.

GRIZZLY accessories are always in fashion.

How to evaluate the practicality of a versatile backpack

Imagine you buy a backpack for every day. Today you take it with you to work – inside a lunch box, a thermos and a couple of apples. Tomorrow you go to training – put your sports uniform and change. The day after tomorrow you need to carry a package of documents, for example, to housing and communal services. On weekends, you just walk around the city – take a backpack with you just in case. Suddenly you have to put something.

As you can see, a versatile backpack should be roomy and, of course, light. It is better that the A4 format is placed inside. GRIZZLY designers have taken all this into account in the RXL series: a voluminous main compartment, many pockets inside (fits A4), and the models weigh only 498 grams. Thanks to the presence of a shoulder strap, it is not only a backpack, but also a convenient bag.

If you are going somewhere and you need to keep your hands free, carry a backpack behind your back with classic straps. The belt helps when you need to put something inside or, on the contrary, get it on the go.

Came to the university – use the accessory as a bag. They hung it over the shoulder on a belt and got easy access – you can get notes or a tablet. At the same time, you do not need to look for where to put the backpack or squirm with it on your knee.

If a young mother goes for a walk with her baby, it is enough to hang such a bag on the handle of the stroller.

The backpack can be worn behind the back on the straps or on the belt over the shoulder.

A truly versatile backpack knows no bounds

Travel lovers take the GRIZZLY backpack with them on a picnic, business trip and vacation. It is light, voluminous, things that will be needed on the way are placed inside. At the same time, the dimensions are such that with a backpack you are allowed into the cabin of an aircraft of any airline. Including popular Russian air carriers:

– Aeroflot.

– Rossiya Airlines.

– Utair.

– Victory.

– Ural Airlines.

All important things you take with you as hand luggage.

The reliability of the backpack is above all

Girls use their favorite accessories almost daily. Of course, with such use, things quickly lose their attractive appearance: spots, scuffs appear, seams diverge in weak places. Such scenarios are excluded with GRIZZLY accessories.

If you take a closer look at GRIZZLY backpacks, you will see that all the seams are even, neatly stitched, and the most stressed areas are reinforced. The straps hold up well even when fully loaded.

The material is treated with moisture and dirt-proof impregnation. It’s hard to get dirty. But even if you put a stain somewhere, it is enough to wipe this place with a damp cloth and everything is clean again. Despite difficult operating conditions, accessories remain as new.

Be smart about your day to day backpacks. Then they will serve you for a long time and help out in any situation.


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