The eternal problems of skin aging and imperfection of the figure – a rare woman has not encountered them! Massage with vacuum cups became popular among the beautiful half of humanity just a few years ago, and has already gained great popularity. Today you can choose a course of procedures in the salon, or you can buy vacuum jars and work on your body and face at home.

Vacuum massage came to us from Tibet, where it served as a way to treat many diseases. However, today it has become a cosmetic procedure for body shaping and facial rejuvenation. Vacuum jars create a pressure drop, as a result of which blood actively flows to the affected area of ​​the skin and stimulates cell renewal. This whole process contributes to the regeneration of the skin and getting rid of fatty stagnation.

Types of vacuum massage

There are two types of vacuum massage: static and dynamic. With a static massage, the jar precisely works on a certain area, since it is motionless. With dynamic massage, the bank is first attached to the surface of the skin, and then moves in the direction of the massage lines. For this type of massage, it is better to use oil or cream. In both cases, the skin should be warmed up before the procedure with a massage brush or simply with your hands.

Benefits of vacuum massage

The effect of massage with vacuum jars at home cannot be overestimated:

– improves muscle contraction, which in turn increases their elasticity;

– blood circulation and oxygen supply of tissues are activated;

– excess fluid is removed from the body, swelling decreases;

– skin relief and complexion are leveled;

– Collagen fibers in tissues are restored.

All these factors together give a stunning cosmetic effect – skin renewal at the cellular level.

Of course, the best result can be achieved only in a set of actions:

– drink the daily norm of water;

– follow the principles of healthy eating;

– be active during the day;

– carry out vacuum massage for 15 minutes a day, and the first successes will not be long in coming!

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