Fashion is a capricious lady, and it is sometimes difficult to keep up with her. However, this season she decided to make an indulgence for the participants of this race in the category “Bracelets”. No, bracelets have not left the fashion runways; on the contrary, they have become even more popular with both sexes. But how simplified the approach to their compatibility and relevance!

We are pleased to present you a selection of bracelets for spring-summer 2022!

Stones, more stones!

Women’s bracelets made of stones are distinguished by a more restrained color scheme: precious and semi-precious stones with a dark tint are in priority. However, if a woman is focused on finding a chosen one, you can choose the option of white beads.

pearl beads

Minerals can exist both in the form of inserts in bracelets made of metals and other materials (up to the skin), and on their own. The trend is models of bright white beads, which can be interspersed with metal / silver charms and / or contain an accentuated central element of a larger and brighter stone or a metal talisman.

Charms, charms…

Charm pendants that have come into fashion are still resoundingly popular among fashionistas of all ages. But most of all, young people love such bracelets. With the help of charms, you can compose any message to the world around you: emphasize your desires, indicate your circle of interests or status on the love front.

fantasy bracelets

Nowadays, bracelets are in fashion among young people, surprising with their interesting shape. This stems not only from the brightness of the elements, but primarily from the desire for self-expression.


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