Summer time is ahead, it’s time for barbecues, bike rides, scooters. And you need to take with you a minimum of necessary things. An indispensable assistant when walking, running! What could be more convenient to ride a bike and know that the keys, phone, money will not fall out of your pocket? No need to think about where to put it all! Just enjoy nature, sky, trees, fresh air!

Women’s belt bag began to displace the ladies’ handbags familiar to us. It is small, but all the most necessary things are at your fingertips. Taking a waist bag for barbecue, feel free to go about your business, the handbag will not interfere with you in any way. In the rain, your things will not get wet, they will remain safe and sound! We bring to your attention a belt bag for women in various colors, from light to dark tones. The bag is made of high quality material, it has a secure fastex closure. The length of the belt is designed for different types of figures. Take your bag with you and your hands will be free!


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