Gas stoves have recently been replaced by electrical appliances, this is most relevant for large settlements. Therefore, some housewives, when faced with a gas-powered appliance for the first time, are at a loss. Almost everyone can light the burners, but turning on the oven is much more difficult for them. Therefore, it is worth figuring out how to properly light the oven in a gas stove.

Cooking pizza in the oven

Operation features

In reality, there is nothing complicated in the operation of gas stoves. The manufacturer prescribes all the main points in the instructions, but if there is no such instruction, for example, when moving to a new apartment, when the stove was inherited from old tenants, you can use the standard recommendations, which are almost the same for each model.

According to the principle of its operation, the oven belongs to potentially dangerous devices, therefore, when operating it, it is very important to take into account all rules of use and safety precautions. In most modern models, it will not be difficult to ignite the gas, since there is an electric ignition system, and the gas control safety system is located in the oven.

Electric ignition and gas control

Red arrow – electric ignition, blue arrow – gas control

But some ovens still need to be ignited manually. Let’s deal with the question of how to use the oven, in more detail.

Gas oven ignition options

Depending on the model of the gas oven, there are two ways to ignite the flame in it, which are implemented by different technical means.

  1. Electric ignition (electric ignition) now installed on many, even inexpensive stove models. In this case, the flame appears in the oven without the direct participation of the hostess, which is more convenient and safer.
  2. Manual ignition of the oven. Here you need to follow the safety rules, act quickly and deftly, clearly according to the algorithm. Cookers with manual ignition usually belong to the “economy” price sector.

The procedure for igniting these devices varies slightly. Next, each of them will be described in detail.

Electric ignition

Electric ignition can be automatic (with one button) and mechanical, when the gas is started and the ignition itself is carried out by different controls. In automatic mode, it is enough to press and briefly hold one key. The plate will do everything and control itself. For mechanical electric ignition you need:

  • move the gas supply regulator to the maximum position;
  • press the ignition key for a while;
  • the flame should stabilize for 5-10 seconds, after which the ignition button can be released.

If the flame does not appear or does not “seize”, a second attempt can only be made after the oven has been opened with the door open. ventilate from the remaining gas.

On a note! The ignition control is usually located next to the oven temperature knob, on the right or in the center of the stove control panel.

Oven electric ignition button

Oven electric ignition button

The built-in security system is designed so that the gas control sensors do not turn on immediately, so as not to work with the “accidental pressing” option. Therefore, it takes a few seconds for everything to work, for the temperature inside to reach a certain value, for the security system to fully turn on. When the gas control is turned off, the gas supply will be stopped. That is why with electric ignition you need to be patient and wait for these 5-10 seconds.

After the flame has appeared and stabilized, you can adjust the gas supply force, that is, the cooking temperature in the oven.

Manual ignition

This method can also be applied in those devices where electric ignition is provided (for example, if it malfunctions, or if there is no electricity). Therefore, knowing how to light the oven with matches is useful for all owners of a gas stove, regardless of its model.

  1. The oven should be pre-ventilated by opening the door for a while (1-2 minutes is enough).
  2. Visually determine where the gas outlet is located.
  3. Light a match (or lighter) and bring it to the igniter.
  4. After that, turn the gas supply knob and hold it for at least 15 seconds. After the flame has appeared, and this happens almost instantly, the match can be removed.
  5. During this time, the flame should stabilize, ignite evenly, without gaps and sparks. If everything is good, you can close the oven door and adjust the temperature for a specific recipe.

Pilot window

The outlet of the igniter is a cylindrical tube brought to the front surface of the oven. Usually it is located at the bottom in the middle or on the side wall. Sometimes it is at the top, in particular if the stove is equipped with a gas grill. It is necessary to find the igniter hole in advance, before the start of ignition.

Advice! Long (for example, fireplace or tourist) matches or household lighters with a long nozzle are best suited for lighting the oven. So the distance from the hands to the open fire will be greater, and the hostess will act calmer and more confidently, without fear of burns.

Matches for lighting the oven

Matches for lighting the oven

Safety precautions when working with a gas oven

Gas is a source of danger. It is highly flammable, can accumulate imperceptibly (you can determine it by smell) and collect in an explosive volume. It is necessary to work with it carefully, observing all the necessary safety measures, regardless of how simple or advanced the stove model is in the kitchen.

  1. Gas can accumulate in the enclosed space of the oven. Therefore, before lighting the oven, needs to be ventilated.
  2. During operation, the flame should be around the entire perimeter of the burner, there should be no empty gaps. If there is such a problem, you can ventilate the oven and re-ignite it. If it does not help, you need to call a specialist.
  3. It is necessary to periodically look behind the working oven: in order to the flame burned and was uniform.
  4. It is strictly forbidden to use the oven to heat the room.
  5. Independently or with the help of specialists regularly check gas hoses and all their connections for tightness. You can use soap suds the old fashioned way. Specialists use gas analyzers.
  6. Need an oven all the time put in order: wash out food residues, soot. This is not only a matter of cleanliness and beauty, but also of safety. The fumes can clog the gas holes and the oven will not work properly.
  7. If there is a smell of gas or a gas alarm is triggered, it is forbidden to use the oven and any other sources of open fire, it is dangerous. The room must be ventilated, the source of the leak must be found and eliminated.
Oven care

Oven care

If there are malfunctions in the gas oven, you can check it on your own (without disassembling the elements and connections) at a primitive level. In difficult, incomprehensible situations, it is necessary to call the master.

A gas stove with improper operation, any breakdown becomes a source of danger. Therefore, its condition and work must be constantly monitored, not left unattended.

Some nuances of the operation of plates of various trade brands

If, when following the recommendations described above, it was not possible to ignite the gas stove oven, then the matter may be a malfunction of the stove or individual functional elements. Since gas equipment is potentially dangerous, immediate troubleshooting and repair is required.

Owners of devices of such brands as Greta, Darina, Gorenye may encounter difficulty in kindling during operation. When the relay is turned on and pressed, the burner burns, and when you release it, it stops. Such a moment is the result of prolonged use when thermostat fails. Due to a breakdown, it does not determine the temperature in the cabinet, so the fire immediately goes out. Another common problem faced by the consumer is outlet of gas control contacts in the oven. Most often, it occurs in the plates of the brands Indesit and Hephaestus.

Elimination of any cause is prohibited to be carried out independently. To do this, you need to call the specialists of the gas service, they will not only determine the cause of the breakdown as accurately as possible, but will also quickly eliminate it.


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