We chose a bright corner kitchen made of natural materials with a wooden worktop. These are the favorite colors of the Scandinavian style – practical and multifunctional. In a small area, a simple interior without elaborate decor, with clear lines and strict geometry, would look best.

Neoclassical cuisine

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The balcony block was dismantled, thanks to which more free space appeared, the suite is always lit with a maximum of light, primarily natural.

Corner kitchen from solid wood

There is a feeling of freshness and purity, a lot of lightness, light and air. Tranquility, peace and simple solutions – this is how our interior can be described.

Ash wood facades

The kitchen of Alegre Velari is an example of the rational arrangement of cabinets according to a well-thought-out plan. It was possible to create an ergonomic space for home gatherings and cooking.

wooden table top

The set is angular, with a central part and a shorter one on which the hob is located. Instead of the upper cabinets, one hood was installed, slightly lightening the solid monolithic row of deaf sections.

Corner kitchen from solid wood

Facades made of solid coffee-colored ash with a clearly visible texture of wood are very beautiful, they will delight for a long time with natural splendor and lively warmth.

Ash wood facades

The sides of the table top have solid ash wood overlays. This interesting decision made the work surface more original.

Tiled apron

The worktop comes in different heights, so we could place the oven in the bottom row and leave a part for the work surface.

wooden table top The wooden table top and light brown small-sized tiled apron are reminiscent of the comfort of a warm home. The third complementary color has become a good companion for the white fronts, dividing the border between the upper and lower cabinets, diversifying the light space.

Tiled apron

Soft contrast was necessary so that the situation does not merge into a single spot, but at the same time the wood and wall panel do not stand out from the overall picture of the bright interior.


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