Electric stoves are one of the most popular types of cooking surfaces. There can be many reasons for this, the main of which is the increased functionality of the device. When deciding to buy this type of equipment, it would be reasonable to ask yourself how to choose an electric stove. Moreover, in this case it is necessary to provide for many different nuances.

Varieties of electric stoves

When choosing an electric stove, it is easy for buyers to get confused in the abundance of offers. The equipment differs in the type of heater, materials of execution and consumer qualities. Features of models of different types must be carefully studied and taken into account when choosing, so as not to be disappointed in buying a new electric stove.

Classic stoves with cast iron burners

The segment of models is represented by floor and desktop options. The burners of classic stoves are heating elements in the form of a closed spiral or cast-iron pancakes. The hob can be made of stainless steel or metal with a heat-resistant enamel coating. The body of the models is made of enameled metal, most often white. On sale there are enameled plates, decorated in a different color scheme: brown, black, gray or beige shades are used.

full size electric stove with cast iron burners

The working surface of the electric stove stainless steel Looks aesthetically pleasing and easy to clean. In addition, the material is impact resistant and durable. The main disadvantage is a predisposition to the formation of divorces. Spots from the smallest drops of water and fat are clearly visible. The stove must be wiped after each cooking.

enameled plate looks no worse, but more practical. However, it is prone to chipping and cracking, and requires care when cleaning. To avoid scuffs, do not use a hard brush, metal mesh, abrasive chemicals.

They choose classic models, because such a technique reliable and durable, unpretentious and affordable. You can cook on cast iron burners in any heat-resistant cookware. Floor stoves are equipped with an oven with a minimum set of necessary functions.

tabletop stove with cast iron burners

The disadvantages of electrical appliances are as follows.

  1. Fat must not be allowed to get on the burner due to the difficulty of cleaning cast iron from burns.
  2. Uneven heating of the bottom of the dishes protruding beyond the burner.
  3. Long heating and cooling of burners. Difficulty in temperature control.
  4. An increase in the cooking time associated with the duration of the heating of the burners.
  5. Electricity costs.

Glass-ceramic electric stoves

Devices with a working area made of glass-ceramic are gradually gaining popularity, since they are superior in functional terms to their classical counterparts. Glass-ceramic plates look modern and stylish. Thanks to interesting technological and design solutions from manufacturers, appliances not only perform the functions of cooking properly, but are also able to decorate the kitchen interior.

In combination with glass ceramics, manufacturers use various types of heating elements.

  1. Halogen burners. A powerful spiral is assembled from halogen lamps. After switching on, the burner heats up instantly. A working burner shines with a characteristic bright red light. On such a stove, dishes are cooked faster. However, the service life of halogen heaters is short, additional repair costs are required.halogen burner
  2. Rapid type burners is a rapidly heating coil of nichrome (heat-resistant alloy). The rapid burner heats up in 10-12 seconds, is characterized by economical power consumption, and a long service life.rapid burner
  3. Innovative Hi Light heating element produced in the format of a wavy tape from a high-resistance alloy. Hi Light burners heat up twice as fast as rapid analogues, while energy consumption is a quarter higher. The intensity of the burner is not adjustable, each is set to a specific heating mode.
    hi-light burner

    The Hi-Light burner hides under the glass-ceramic surface

Glass-ceramic stoves are distinguished by a number of points that are positively evaluated by users:

  • stylish appearance;
  • quick heating of burners;
  • additional functionality in ovens floor stoves.

The disadvantages of the technique are the increased price, the vulnerability of the hob to accidental impacts, the difficulty in cleaning from dirt and burns caused by splashes of fat and escaping liquid. Also for used dishes the bottom must be extremely flat.

Induction models

Induction electric stoves differ in a fundamentally different technological solution, despite the fact that the working surface of the devices is also made of glass-ceramic. When cooking a dish, the dishes with a special bottom are heated, and not the panel itself. The thermal effect is based on the phenomenon of electromagnetic induction. The technology is as follows.

Directly under the working panel of the device is an induction coil with a copper wire. When an electric current is applied to the coil under the influence of a magnetic field, an induction current is generated. The dishes with magnetic placed in the burner zone play the role of a current conductor in a closed circuit, under the influence of which it heats up. The work surface heats up only under the bottom of the cookware during cooking.

working principle of induction cooker

The main advantages of induction cookers are high efficiency (about 90%) and safety. Since the stove does not heat up outside the cooking zone, the broth splashing out of the dishes does not burn, and is removed without fear with a sponge.

Manufacturers equip devices with various sensors and automatic functions. Safety and wide functionality are reflected in the high price of induction technology. The ventilation system included in the design of the stove makes little noise during operation.

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Optimal dimensions

The dimensions of the kitchen are of no small importance when choosing an electric stove – this will help to conveniently use it. For most plates height in 85 cm goes well with kitchen furniture. It will not be difficult to make it higher or lower – the adjustment must be made due to the legs and countertops. And if we are talking about a similar type of embedded panel, then this item will not have much meaning there.

Electric stove

For our small apartments it will be much more relevant to choose required width – from 50 to 90 cm. A narrow configuration will save usable space, and a wide one will add presentability to the interior. A width of 60 cm is considered standard, on which dishes of various sizes can fit. But you need to think about the place where to put the stove at the design stage of the kitchen.

Functionality of the oven

Thinking about how to choose an electric stove, many people notice exactly the symbiosis of such a device with an oven. A hob in the form of a built-in panel may not have it, then it is important whether both appliances will fit together (dependent and independent options).

Electric oven

An oven is already provided under a conventional electric stove. In the simplest type, there is a backlight, top and bottom heating elements, and temperature control. However, many prefer to buy a device with extended functionality.

  1. In the presence of convection, hot air will be blown, which will prevent the products from burning.
  2. Automatic programs will select the optimal cooking temperature for specific dishes.
  3. The temperature probe will allow you to find out the temperature regime of the dish being prepared, and will inform you about the readiness with a sound signal.
  4. If the device has telescopic guides, they can pull out the trays one at a time or together.
  5. Modern models have well-thought-out door protection: the glass can heat up to 80 degrees Celsius and will not burn the skin. This is due to blowing or the use of a vacuum double-glazed window in the door.
  6. And in some ovens even a grill is provided, which will create an appetizing crust on a dish without drying meat or fish.
  7. The most “advanced” models use self-cleaning capabilities. We are talking about catalytic purification and pyrolysis. In the first case, the walls of the oven are covered with grease-absorbing enamel – it will be enough to wipe the appliance from the inside with a napkin. Pyrolysis, on the other hand, involves heating the surface to 500 degrees so that the contaminants themselves burn out.

self-cleaning oven

Additional features

On the question of how to choose an electric stove for your kitchen, a future user of technology is often looking for the most interesting option. Manufacturers vied with each other to offer a number of the most useful options.

  1. Automatic maintenance of the desired temperature at a given period of time.
  2. Dishes recognition (in the most “smart” versions). The stove will turn on by itself if the necessary dishes are not placed on it (for example, metal, this will not happen with a plastic plate). When the dishes are removed, the heat will automatically turn off.
  3. Boil control quickly bring the burner to the desired temperature.
  4. Numerous sensors and indicators will bring the cooking process to the level of a chef, and the most liked recipes can simply be stored in memory.
  5. The most commonly used one deserves good reviews timer, which can be applied both to individual burners and to the entire stove (depending on the model). There are two types – mechanical and fully electronic. The first one will just give a signal, but the second one can just be programmed.
  6. The function of protection against children is very relevant, especially if they are constantly present in the house. This option will turn off the stove when there are no adults in the house.

You should take care in advance that the purchased unit does not consume a lot of energy. Class A models should be chosen, which will be true to the principle of economy even with intensive use. Such a choice will allow not only not to worry about electricity bills. It is also more productive work, both in terms of heating and cooling.

Ready solutions

Gets a lot of feedback cooker DARINA 1D EM241 419 W. And this is due not only to the reasonable price of the device (about 11,555 rubles), but also to the rapid heating provided by two express burners (out of a total of four). The hob is covered with an enameled surface, and the dimensions of all plates are 50x60x85 cm. It is a pleasure to operate the stove – all settings of the mechanical switches are clearly defined. A timer is also provided.

But that’s not all. The equipment has a bright indication, which allows you not to forget to turn off the unit. In the oven for such reasonable money there is convection, a grill, and 13 cooking modes.

DARINA 1D EM241 419W

Stove DARINA 1D EM241 419 W

Glass ceramic is recognized as one of the most popular models. Zanussi ZCV 9540H1W. Not least due to its price of 21,300 rubles. Energy class A and dimensions 50x60x85 cm make it a welcome guest in any kitchen. The oven has a grill.

The hob has 4 burners with residual heat indicators. This gives even more safety at work. According to customer reviews, they are satisfied with how all the declared functions work.

Zanussi ZCV 9540H1W

Electric stove Zanussi ZCV 9540H1 W

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