It is impossible to imagine a kitchen without a stove – it is not for nothing that it is called the heart of this room. Today, the market offers new and advanced technologies for such devices. The basis for the most recent developments was the principle of induction. Such plates are recognized as the most efficient and economical in operation. But not every housewife knows how to choose an induction hob.

Induction hob and cooking

General advantages of this technique

It would be useful to talk about the advantages of such devices.

  1. The main one is economy – their efficiency can reach up to 90%. In comparison with them, gas and electric stoves do not rise more than 60%. Everything is due to the work of electromagnetic waves, which immediately heat the dishes, and not the burners and air.
  2. Maximum safety just due to the impossibility of getting burned on the panel during the cooking process. In a more general sense, it is worth noting the improvement of the microclimate of the kitchen.
  3. Easy to manage allows you to adjust the heating temperature. Users should not be afraid that burnt food will stick to the surface.

Heating principle of induction cooker

It is important to consider such moments of the device operation:

  • this technique should be used carefully by people with built-in pacemakers;
  • it is impossible to install under metal products;
  • you should choose the location of the panel away from the refrigerator and other electrical appliances so as not to impair their performance.

Read more about the advantages and disadvantages of induction cookers here. Indeed, such a technique has many advantages – as well as models of such a device. Now it remains to decide one question: which induction hob to choose?

Information about burners

The number of burners on an induction hob can be completely different – from one to six. The double version even got the name of the domino design, by analogy with a dice. Of course, the more burners are represented, the more dishes can be cooked on such a panel at the same time. Naturally, the more family members, the more burners will be needed. Usually one of them is made with larger heating zone. And there are even those that have an oval shape (which is very convenient with non-standard wok-type dishes).

By the way, the burners do not have to be round – for an induction cooker they can be diamond-shaped, hexagonal, or here, as the imagination of the developers will try. Usually under these elements in the future should pick up dish sizes when cooking. This moment is very important – the heating will turn on only if 70% of the area is covered.

In modern models, you can adapt the heating zone to the diameter of any pot or pan (expand or narrow).

Size and Design

Modern technologies make it possible to produce a panel of any shape – from square to oval. A future user can choose which induction cooker is better to buy based on the size of his kitchen. For example, if the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe room is small, then you can advise diamond variantwhich fits perfectly in a corner. Dimensions also allow you to choose individually: from miniature 30×30 cm to large 100×100 cm.

original plate design

It is important to consider the design of the kitchen. Most models come in a dark color, which is perfect for both light and dark interiors. The design features themselves encourage users to purchase one or another hob with induction.

  1. The designation of heating zones, which is usually represented by circles of different sizes. On some models they are highlighted in red, on others they are not at all.
  2. The choice of model must necessarily be based on the general concept of the surrounding space. If the kitchen is made in country style, then you can “settle” a model with a floral background in it. But for a high-tech interior, it’s better not to accentuate the circles at all.
  3. On the silver surface fat stains will not be so noticeable – this will allow you to maintain a presentable appearance longer.
  4. The lion’s share of induction cookers has a glass-ceramic coating. However, there are also those in which the coating is made of tempered glass – They are more expensive, but do not stand out in terms of practicality.

Hansa cooker

Dependent or independent option

The question of how to choose an induction cooker also affects the features of its location: it can be dependent and independent. In the first case, it is understood that the equipment will have to be installed strictly above the oven.

Another important point is that both the oven and the induction hob must belong to the same brand.

Independent option gives more space for installation – you can do this in any convenient place in the room. It is quite possible to place a tabletop panel even in the center of a large kitchen-dining room (just don’t forget about the hood), and define the oven in a completely different corner.

Tabletop panel

Possibilities of modes and functions

Experienced housewives know that for the preparation of certain dishes it is important to adhere to a certain temperature regime. The settings of most of the options presented allow you to adjust the heating range of the burners.

When buying, you should pay attention to the fact that the device has at least 14 power modes – this will simplify the use of equipment.

Power modes

Numerous additional functions will make cooking even more enjoyable. Here are some of them worth paying special attention to.

  1. Control lock may be vital in families with young children.
  2. Function protective shutdown will automatically turn off the device at the moment when the liquid “escaping” from the pan gets on the surface.
  3. Very comfortable and the presence of a timer, which will turn on the stove at the right time. For greater comfort of use, there is a sound signal.
  4. The residual heat display shows how cold the surface is.
  5. If you need to cook something very quickly, you can use power boost mode, which will increase the power of the burner, “pulling” the power of the neighboring one onto itself.
  6. power management able to control power consumption. In practice, it works like this: the user sets the required consumption rate, and the stove will adhere to this rule. In the same way, you can adjust the desired temperature by writing it in the device’s memory.
  7. Cooking can be temporarily stopped by pressing pause, or you can extend it by keeping warm (very convenient in those families where family members return home at different times).
  8. Another interesting innovative technology is the so-called induction without limitswhen the pan is simply placed on the stove anywhere, and the technique turns on the heating there. This know-how can not be found in all manufacturers.

induction hob

Each user determines for himself the functions he needs. For example, defrosting and a cooking program for individual dishes are not so relevant – you can completely do without them.

Helpful Hints

When choosing an induction cooker, it is useful to listen to the following tips.

  1. When choosing the size (number of burners) of induction, it is necessary to take into account cooking volume and kitchen area. The larger the family, the more the stove is needed. Most often, buyers stop at 3-4 hobs, with one of them large in size and power. The different diameter of the burner allows you to cook both coffee in a Turk, and something large-scale in a large frying pan.
  2. The higher energy efficiency class, the lower your electricity bills will be. It is better to take a stove not lower than A, or A + class.
  3. Touch control – it is convenient and practical. The control panel is usually built into the surface itself, without level protrusions. Cleaning such a stove is very simple, there is no need to clean the buttons and controls, it is enough to wipe the entire surface.
  4. To get guaranteed high-quality equipment, it is better to take it from a manufacturer who specializes in exactly the type you need. Good induction cookers are produced by Electrolux, Bosch and Zanussi. Of the “relatives” worthwhile kitchen appliances are Kitfort (RF) and Gefest (Belarus).
  5. Security and protection options – a big plus, and in a family with small children – a real necessity.
touch control

Touch control of the stove is convenient

Which cookware is suitable for induction cooker

The principle of operation, which underlies the induction cooker, is very different from that of traditional electric and gas stoves. Induction cooking requires special cookware. This means that some of the kitchen utensils will have to be updated at the same time as the purchase of the hob. You can leave the one that has a magnetic bottom: cast iron, steel (not all), some other metal. But glass, ceramics, aluminum, copper and other non-magnetic materials are not suitable for induction cookware.

You can check if the dishes are suitable using a simple magnet (for example, from a refrigerator). The magnet will stick perfectly to the “correct” dishes. If there is no magnet at hand, you can put the dishes on the stove and turn it on. If the pan or pan does not contain materials with ferromagnetic properties, the device simply will not “see” it and will not work.

checking cookware for induction

If the magnet sticks, then the cookware is suitable for induction.

It should also be borne in mind that the induction cooker is sensitive to bottom quality. It must be perfectly even. If there are “hernias”, large cracks or simply irregularities at the bottom, the stove will not see such a pan. Another nuance: the diameter of the dishes should not be less than 12 cm. Too small a bottom will also remain unrecognized by the stove.

Rating of popular induction cooking devices

The choice of induction panels in stores is simply huge. They are presented in all price segments, most equipment manufacturers have at least one line of inductions. An overview of the best models will help you not to get lost in such a variety and buy a really reliable stove with good characteristics.

Bosch PIE631FB1E

This is a popular model from Bosch, it belongs more to the premium sector, because. costs about 38 thousand rubles. On an area of ​​​​60 by 52 cm there are 4 burners. Power adjustment touch, in the range of 1-9. There is powerboost option, in which the power of the entire stove is given to one burner for the fastest possible heating. Thanks to PowerBoost, a kettle (3 l) of water boils in less than 3 minutes. The stove has protective functionsin particular, it will not work without cookware or with unsuitable cookware.

Bosch PIE631FB1E


  • high power;
  • excellent quality materials and European assembly.


  • in PowerBoost mode it makes a lot of noise;
  • high energy consumption, electricity spends even in the “rest” mode.

Electrolux EHH 56240 IK

Such a panel costs about 20-23 thousand rubles. This is a classic 4 burner stove. Its total power is 6.6 kW. This model is not very sensitive to the quality of dishes and is well Works even with cookware with weak magnetic properties. To ensure safety, Electrolux EHH 56240 IK has intelligent load sharing (in order to limit the one-time load per phase to 3.6 kW). If you cook simultaneously on two burners located one below the other, forced cooling is turned on, the pulsed operation of the coil becomes noticeable. When working in a two-phase network, there are no such problems.

Electrolux EHH 56240 IK


  • Excellent value for money and quality;
  • can be connected to any network;
  • fast heating.


  • does not behave very well at high power when connected to a single-phase network.


This is an inexpensive two-burner hob with good performance. Such a panel will fit perfectly into a small kitchen or studio. Its power is 3.5 kW, which is more than enough for 2 points. Stove supports quick heating option. Power is adjustable to 10 positions, there are protective options: blocking, timer. When mounting the panel, it is important to install the fan correctly. So it will last a long time and will work quietly.



  • low price;
  • good power and fast heating.


  • at minimum power almost does not heat;
  • There are poor quality examples.


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