When buying new appliances for the kitchen, with a large repair, you may need to know how to outweigh the refrigerator door. Most often, this need arises due to the inconvenient layout of city apartments. In a small kitchen, it is difficult to install a voluminous object so that its doors open in a convenient direction. The warranty card allows you to resort to the service of a master in this matter 1 time for free, but if the warranty period has already expired, calling him will cost a lot. Fortunately, any modern person is quite capable of doing such a simple operation as adjusting the refrigerator door with his own hands.

Determination of the possibility of outweighing

Most modern models of refrigerated cabinets have a second set of mounting holes for changing the hinge mounting side. But before starting work, it is still desirable to make sure that the possibility of hanging the door is provided for a particular device. In this case, on the left side of it there will be holes closed with decorative plugs, on the body the corresponding attachment points of the loops will be noticeable.

Many modifications of refrigerators have symmetrically located handles that do not have to be rearranged on purpose: for the Indesit refrigerator, they are a recess in the upper part of the door, for other manufacturers, the overhead decorative fittings are placed horizontally. If it is necessary to rearrange this part, the standard holes for its fastening are located symmetrically to those used, but on the left side of the door.

Inconvenient location of the refrigerator door

Preparing to rehang

First you need to be well prepared for work. First of all, free up space around the refrigerator so that nothing interferes with the dismantling of the doors. In addition, you should prepare the entire tool in advance. Most often it is enough to have the following things:

  • adhesive tape for fastening doors;
  • screwdrivers – straight and cross-shaped;
  • pliers or wrench.

When all the preparatory activities are completed, you can proceed to the main stage of work.

How to remove the top door

Two-chamber models are usually presented on the market. In modern refrigerators, the freezer is most often located at the bottom. However, regardless of this, it is recommended to start re-hanging from the top door. This is due to the elementary convenience of doing work. The fact is that if there is a desire to start dismantling from the bottom up, then the refrigerator itself will have to be put on its side, which can harm it and simply be inconvenient. Before starting work, you need to securely fix the door. It is easier to do this with ordinary adhesive tape, sticking it in several places. You just need to make sure that it will not peel off along with part of the cladding. After that, you can proceed to the next stage of work.

It is attached to the body with loops that are screwed on with several bolts. With them, and you need to start outweighing. First you have to pull out the plugs. You can perform the operation with an ordinary screwdriver. This must be done carefully to avoid damage to the refrigerator body. It may also be necessary to dismantle decorative panels.

Some models of refrigerators require the removal of the top cover before removing the door. In order not to get confused later, all small parts and fasteners should be put separately. Since some of them are very similar, you can even sign them.

Now you can start unscrewing the bolts of the upper hinge and dismantling it. After that, you need to remove the plugs from the top handle and remove it. If it is not fastened with bolts, then you can not touch it. This means that the handle has already been designed in such a way that it is possible to rehang the door.

Now that all the fasteners are unscrewed, you can peel off the adhesive tape and gently lift the door and pull it out of the middle hinge. It should come off easily, with a smooth upward pull.

How to properly remove the bottom door

Similarly, with the help of adhesive tape, the lower door of the refrigerator is prepared. Then we remove the middle loop. In this case, it is important not to forget to remove the gasket from the pin, otherwise it may simply be lost. After that, you can peel off the adhesive tape and remove the door from the bottom support. It should be put aside for now, and rearrange all the plugs on the holes that have appeared.

The last step is to remove the hinge from below with a screwdriver and a wrench. It is necessary to remove the pins and bushings, unscrew the screws. The holes are also closed with plugs.

How to transfer stitches to the other side

Installation on the opposite side is recommended to be carried out in reverse order and start from the lower door. It is important not to confuse hinges and fasteners. In this case, there may be problems with the installation of doors. In addition, they may later open poorly, sag and close insufficiently tightly.

As for the installation process itself, you need to start from the bottom loop. It is carried and attached to the opposite side of the case. The bolts are tightened with a screwdriver or wrench, and a pin with a gasket is placed. After that, the door is carefully installed on top. You can fix the handle on it in advance, or do it later. You will also have to stick the door on the adhesive tape to prevent it from falling. Some experts recommend simply tilting the refrigerator back a little. Thanks to this, the door will keep tight and not move in any direction.

Now we have to put the middle loop. It is inserted with a pin into the groove of the lower door, and then it is fixed to the refrigerator body with screws. After that, according to the same principle, the installation of the upper door is carried out. It is important not to forget to play it safe and attach it to the body with adhesive tape.

There are refrigerators in which the doors are not attached to one common middle hinge, but to separate ones. In this case, re-hanging will not cause great difficulties and is carried out in the same way as on refrigerators with one middle loop. There is only one difference: you will have to dismantle and mount one more loop.

You can also experiment and outweigh only one door, and leave the second one unchanged. This solution can be beneficial in small kitchens with not very convenient furniture arrangement. In addition, if the refrigerator is built-in, you can try to win back the opening of the doors in different directions.

Step by step re-hanging refrigerator doors

The nuances of work depending on the brand of refrigerator

For some brands of refrigerators, such as Hotpoint Ariston, for example, plastic door inserts are not included in the kit to replace the door fixing. If a similar problem arose with this or another model, then you can try swapping the top and bottom parts. When mounted on the door, they will be mirrored to the standard mount.

The door of the refrigerator Bosch, Hotpoint Ariston, some other expensive brands is equipped with a closing sensor. In the event of a loose door cover, it should give a signal, and the rearrangement of the door will include the rearrangement of the sensor. The part must be carefully removed from its nest and rearranged into a similar hole on the left side.

When disassembling the Biryusa refrigerator door, the home master may encounter the problem of detaching the top hinge. The fastening of this part is hidden under the top panel of the refrigerator. You can remove it by unscrewing the retaining screws on the back of the device. The thermostat does not need to be disconnected. When the panel is detached, it should be pushed back to expose the top hinge attachment. When rearranging a part, its parts must be swapped, mounting them on the left side.

How to hang the refrigerator door (diagram)

You can hang the door of the Atlant refrigerator with 2 chambers using a special tool – internal hexagon No. 5. The fastening bolts are located under the decorative trim on the front panel, at the top. It can be removed by unscrewing 2 screws from the bottom. The upper hinge must be unscrewed, and from the middle one, simply remove the door by lifting it. Remove decorative strip.

Unscrew the fasteners of the middle hinge with a hexagon, remove the 2nd door from the bottom bracket. Disconnect it from the body and rearrange it to the left. Put the decorative strip in place, install the lower chamber door, adjust it and hang the upper door. Put the decorative bar on top of its regular place. The doors of other two-chamber refrigerators (Indesit, Biryusa, etc.) are outweighed in the same way.

The seemingly complicated process of rearranging the doors is actually quite simple. Like any repair, it is worth just starting. A carefully done do-it-yourself rearrangement will save the owner of the refrigerator time and money, and will help to make sure once again that he can do any business. You may also find useful information on what to do if the refrigerator door does not close.


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