Not everyone can afford spacious housing, many property owners have to equip the existing living space. In the article we will figure out how to choose a kitchen set for a small kitchen. Photos on the site show the features of the placement of such furniture.

Kitchen set for a small kitchen

Planning nuances

The kitchen set includes drawers for storing cutlery and other small items, as well as cabinets with shelves. There are also niches for installing built-in household appliances. To properly design the work area, it is necessary to take into account the following nuances:

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  • the presence and location of the heating boiler;
  • placement of engineering communications;
  • outlet location.

Kitchen furniture for a small kitchen should fit into the existing interior. Many property owners are redevelopment of the apartment to combine the kitchen with the living room and get a large common room. Such activities are quite costly. You can do it easier, for this you need to choose the right furniture. Under the headset, you can hide protruding engineering communications and other interfering details.

The best choice is considered a corner set for a small kitchen. Such products occupy a limited amount of free space. In the corner of the room, you can put a sink or use this place to install small household appliances, such as an electric kettle, toaster or microwave oven.

Kitchen furniture for a small kitchen

The right solutions for the location of upper cabinets

In the lower drawers, the headset usually masks large household appliances, such as an oven or microwave. There is also a washing machine or dishwasher, a small refrigerator. Upper cabinets are used to store dishes, cereals and other products.

A good solution in the interior of a small kitchen will be the placement of various pieces of furniture from floor to ceiling. In this case, you can save useful space and hide all unnecessary things. To visually expand the room, glossy furniture with roller blinds or vertical blinds is used.

In the corner of the room, you can put furniture with a secret, in which there is a compartment for storing cans or bottles. There are also carousel headset models with mounts for pans and drawers for bulk food.

Kitchen with upper cabinets

Placement of floor cabinets

Lower facades are often used to install built-in appliances. If there are no such appliances in the kitchen, then such furniture is used to store dishes and various products. When choosing a headset, it is better to take models with non-standard door opening. A revolving floor cabinet has good functionality; food and various kitchen utensils can be stored here.

Other furniture will help save usable space. A striking example is a cutting board with a special hole for removing food waste and debris. Unusual kitchen sets have a special retractable table that can be masked if necessary.

Set with floor cabinets

The nuances of choosing a facade

It is necessary to choose the right kitchen set for the design of a small kitchen, the photos on the site show the most successful furniture arrangement options. Facades should have glossy surfaces that will reflect light. This will visually expand the usable space. Gloss is used not only on furniture, but also on the backsplash and ceiling.

It should be noted that gloss is not suitable for any style of room. In some interiors, wooden structures or products with imitation of wood structure will look better. When using natural materials, the surface of the furniture is covered with a transparent varnish. Bulky stone products for a small kitchen are absolutely not suitable.

The choice of color for the room depends on the style in which it is made:

  • Loft and high-tech involves the use of cold shades, such as black or white. Purple, orange and light green are absolutely not suitable for such a design.
  • A Provence or classic kitchen involves the use of soft pastel colors (beige, gray, cocoa color).

Gloss in the interior will allow you to transform a small room, it will become more beautiful and brighter. With the right arrangement of furniture and the use of light colors, you can visually expand the space in the room.

Bright kitchen under the tree

Custom furniture

If some pieces of furniture, for example, a soft corner, are bought in a store, then a set for the kitchen can be ordered from furniture makers or made by hand. To do this, you need to have wooden blanks and surface treatment products (color, clear varnish).

The workflow takes place in the following sequence:

  • draw a sketch of furniture indicating all sizes;
  • we order materials for the manufacture of cabinets and accessories;
  • we fasten the headset with self-tapping screws, install doors, drawers and shelves.

Kitchen sets in a small kitchen usually have small overall dimensions. Simple products with given linear dimensions are made quickly, but you will have to tinker with corner models.

If necessary, you can order a kitchen set from furniture makers, although its price will be much higher than a hand-assembled product. In this case, the user can choose an individual product design. In the studios there is a special worker who is involved in the drafting and makes all the necessary measurements. This is especially true in the manufacture of furniture of complex shape. The user can choose the color of the furniture, which will best match the existing interior of the room.

Custom-made headset

Using a corner cabinet

Corner furniture for the kitchen is suitable for rooms with any area. It will look good in both small and large rooms. There are different models of products, with one, two and even three corners.

In small rooms, it is necessary to save useful space as much as possible, so corner products will come in handy here. In other rooms, you can experiment; various decorative elements are added to the interior. In order to constantly maintain order in the kitchen, it is necessary to properly store dishes, cereals and other bulk products. For this purpose, a corner set is best suited.

Using a corner cabinet

In a small kitchen, it is recommended to use functional and beautiful furniture, but the user must be careful about her choice. It is recommended to select a headset made of MDF with a glossy finish. The color of the products must match the interior of the room.

Many users make headsets on their own according to individual parameters from any available materials. Products are covered with paint of the selected color, and then a transparent varnish is applied to protect surfaces from moisture and sudden changes in temperature.


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