Today I will tell you how to make something interesting for your favorite kitchen from an old cutting board. So, my board broke, as you can see in the photo.

Broken board for crafts

I was very upset because I did not want to throw it away at all. This board was given to me as a housewarming gift and it is dear to me as a memory. So I decided to come up with something so that it would still serve.

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Master class Board with a pocket

We will need:

  • Board;
  • Fabric, scissors, thread and needle;
  • Sewing machine (if any);
  • Pushpins;
  • A hammer.
  1. Turn the board over to the full side. Whole side of the board
  2. You don’t have to use a broken board, of course. You can take an ordinary board, which you may not use so often, and it sits or lies idle in the kitchen. It often happens that the wooden part of the handle is chipped, and in this case it can be sawn off and the rest can be used. I decided to make such an organizer in which it will be possible to store kitchen spatulas. You can put spoons, forks, napkins, etc. there. I will make a pocket from fabric. Since my kitchen is designed in green tones, accordingly, I picked up such a bright piece of light green fabric, which depicts a bright red poppy. Take a piece of bright fabric
  3. I would like my craft to be such an accent in the kitchen, and not only perform some task, but also become an original interior solution. We apply our fabric to the board and determine the size of the pocket. If you want to store forks and spoons in it, then you need to make a pocket of the appropriate size: attach a fork and see that it looks out and it is convenient to get it. I will have shoulder blades, they are on long handles, so I will make a pocket for the whole board.
  4. With the help of a ruler, pen and scissors, I mark and cut out the required size. Mark the required size
  5. I will need a sewing machine to work, at least you can sheathe the edges by hand. Sewing machine
  6. I zigzag the edge of the fabric, since I do not have an overlock. Overlock edge finishing
  7. After that, I fold the fabric and sew it on a typewriter. Fold in the edges
  8. During work, the fabric wrinkled a little, and therefore I smooth it out with an iron. Ironing a pocket
  9. You can change this pocket according to your desire and mood. So we apply the resulting piece of fabric to our board. Try on a pocket
  10. We need to attach our pocket. How to do it? To do this, you can use a construction stapler or ordinary nails, since the board is wooden. You can also glue the pocket with hot glue. I will use multi-colored pushpins and a hammer, as I think this will add some zest to our craft. Multicolor push pins
  11. Choose buttons of different colors. We attach the buttons first in the corners. Fix the corners first
  12. If nothing is bristling and not warped, then we fix the edges and be sure to fix the bottom well. We fix the corners and the bottom
  13. On the one hand, we do not close the pocket from above, since we will insert our accessories there.

All is ready. You can choose a place for your board. She can stand, or, if she has a hook, hang on the wall.

Master class on making a kitchen organizer

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