When choosing a gas stove, buyers face various problems. And one of them is the difficulty of choosing with a huge number of offers. If you do not want to choose for a long time, pay attention to hansa slabs. In the catalog of this manufacturer, there is definitely a suitable solution. You may be interested in the new brand – model FCGX58099. We will tell you more about its characteristics.

Key Features of FCGX58099

The main characteristics of the model look like this:

  • four burners of different sizes;
  • easy cleaning enamel on the surface of the oven (it is also gas);
  • cast iron grates on the hob – easy to clean, durable and reliable;
  • electric ignition, which is located in the rotary knob – the burners can be used without matches and a lighter (the function requires connecting the stove to electricity);
  • convenient oven lighting.

The main characteristics will already appeal to those people who are looking for something simple, concise, but as efficient and easy to use as possible.

ProCook trays included

The FCGX58099 cooker oven has not only a wire rack, but also two ProCook trays – a flat one and a deep one. The unique honeycomb surface of the products does not allow dishes to burn quickly. And they also have special stiffening ribs – due to this, the baking sheets themselves last much longer and do not deform.

Security Solutions

When developing the FCGX58099 gas stove, a lot of attention was paid to safety (as is the case with other Hansa appliances). This moment, if you read Hansa cooker reviewsis always highly appreciated by buyers.

To maintain a high level of security, the following features are used:

  • Gas control of the hob. If the fire in the burner goes out (for example, it is flooded with boiling water), the stove immediately stops the gas supply.
  • Oven gas control. Here is a similar solution. If for some reason the fire in the oven disappears, the gas supply will be automatically turned off.
  • Triple glass in the oven door. Thanks to this multi-layered solution, the outer glass heats up much less. You can safely touch it without fear of burns. This is true for both adults and children, as well as for pets.

But the possibilities of the new FCGX58099 model do not end only on the listed pluses – let’s say a few words about the convenience of caring for equipment.

Easy maintenance saves you time

As we have already said, the device uses easy-clean enamel. This means that there are no pores on it, into which dirt would clog – it is very easy to wash such a surface. In addition, the FCGX58099 cooker oven has an Aqualytic steam cleaning function. If you use it every time after cooking fatty foods, and then clean the surfaces without waiting for the fat to begin to accumulate and harden, the stove will always be in perfect condition.

The new Hansa cooker is worth exploring and considering as an option to purchase. If you are looking for a gas model without unnecessary features, but with everything you need, this solution may appeal to you.


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