Geyser coffee makers are probably familiar to many since the days of the USSR, at that time they were made of aluminum and therefore very quickly lost both their appearance and quality characteristics. Such devices are most widespread in Italy, the famous Italian “mocha” – this, in fact, is the same geyser options, only in a more interesting and varied design. Let’s try to understand the principle of operation of a geyser coffee maker, having studied some of the features of its functioning.

What is a geyser coffee maker

A geyser coffee maker prepares a delicious, aromatic drink using steam. The device is a collection vessel, consisting of two parts. Water boils at the bottom of the appliance, and ground coffee is in the filter between them. The powder, under the action of steam coming from below through a special inner spout in the filter (the part that separates the top and bottom), is brewed, turning into a strong drink. The upper vessel is also a container for finished coffee. On the bottom of the device there is a safety valve through which excess pressure can be released. Outwardly, a geyser coffee maker resembles a tall, slender teapot. Traditionally, such devices have a faceted vessel design.

Geyser coffee makers are of several types. The first and easiest one is plate. They can be used on gas and electric stoves. The process of making coffee is simple and does not require the skill of a barista. It is enough to pour water down, pour ground coffee up, put the structure on fire. When a characteristic hiss appears, you can remove the appliance from the stove and enjoy a fragrant, freshly brewed drink.

geyser coffee maker for gas stove

Electric coffee makers work from the network. They are more expensive, but they are more convenient to use. There is already a thermostat, an automatic shutdown, an indication and an off button that allows you not to unplug the cord every time. Advanced models have additional options: display indication, coffee strength adjustment, keeping warm, wireless operation and others.

electric geyser coffee maker

Coffee makers for induction hob essentially the same as the first devices. The only difference is that induction coffee makers have a magnetic bottom and are compatible with induction hobs. In such a coffee maker, you can prepare a drink on any type of stove, they are universal. But on the contrary, it is not always possible to brew a drink on induction in a device designed for a gas stove.

Attention: if there is no special marking on the coffee maker, you can check its magnetic properties yourself. If any magnet sticks to the bottom, such a device is suitable for induction.

Coffee maker device

The device of a household geyser coffee maker looks like this:

  1. At the base of the device there is a water tank, into the wall of which a safety (emergency) valve is built.
  2. A filter is put on the container, the entire perimeter of which is covered by a mesh – a kind of strainer for ground coffee.
  3. At the top of the coffee maker is a compartment (vessel) for the finished drink.

How does it work

The principle of operation of the device is based on the use of steam under pressure. Water is poured into the lower compartment of the body in a certain amount. According to the mark inside the coffee maker, it is necessary to clearly monitor the filling, preventing the water level from rising above the permissible level. The coffee powder is poured into the coffee compartment, after which the upper part of the device is screwed on, and the device is put on fire.

Water in the process of boiling turns into steam, squeezing out the remaining liquid through the tube into the upper compartment, after passing them through the coffee.

Since geyser coffee makers are used primarily for making espresso, the principle of operation is reduced solely to the “squeezing” function of steam. If the steam is also brewing, the outlet temperature of the product will be too high.

A special role in the apparatus is assigned emergency valve. With its help, the pressure stops when the tube becomes clogged and water cannot pass through it. This can happen if tamped coffee is used that is too finely ground, in which case all the water will escape through the steam into this valve.

How to make a drink in a geyser coffee maker

Usually, a user manual is attached to the coffee maker, which describes in detail the process of making coffee. Let’s consider the process in stages.

  1. Remove the coffee maker top and filter.
  2. Pour water into the bottom container. It is important to observe the label “maximum”, do not pour too much.
  3. Add ground coffee and spices to the filter. The edges were wiped from coffee. Install the filter in place.
  4. Completely assemble the coffee maker.
  5. Put the device on fire or press the electric power button.
  6. On the stove, coffee is brewed at low heat. Readiness is checked as follows: water stops flowing into the upper container – you can remove the coffee maker from the fire.
  7. Everything, you can enjoy your drink.
  8. To prepare the next portion of coffee, the device must be washed and the whole algorithm repeated.

making coffee in a geyser coffee maker

Attention: the device gets very hot during the preparation of coffee. If touched, serious burns can result. To take a coffee maker in order to pour a drink into cups, you can only by the handle. She doesn’t heat up.

Recommendations for use

It is important to follow the rules of operation in order to brew wonderful coffee and avoid premature failure of the device. Carefully monitor the temperature regime of a gas or electric stove. As soon as you hear that the drink begins to flow into the upper compartment (this can be easily guessed after a few days of operation), turn off the burner, and in the case of an electric stove, it is better to completely remove the device from it.

Don’t tamp the coffee too hard, even if you want a rich drink: just lightly press the mass with a teaspoon. Do not let the appliance begin to “snort”, this can happen at the final stage of cooking. If you still hear such sounds, immediately pour cold water over the lower part of the case. “Snorting” means that too hot steam begins to participate in the work, this affects the quality and taste notes of the finished drink.

Operation of a geyser coffee maker


It is important to properly care for a geyser-type coffee maker. This will allow you to brew a quality drink with a clean taste, high quality. In addition, a well-maintained product will last much longer, given the simple design, such coffee makers are often passed down from generation to generation.

  1. Before turning on / putting the coffee maker on the stove, you need to check the correctness of its assembly, the tightness of the connections, and the tightness.
  2. Do not put a hot device under cold water to wash it. Let the coffee maker cool down first.
  3. Be sure to clean the safety valve. A clogged valve will not be able to release excess pressure and the coffee maker may explode.
  4. The filter must be washed with detergent or soda.
  5. The filter and gaskets should be inspected for wear and tear before each use.
  6. The coffee maker and any of its parts must not be washed in the dishwasher.
  7. To avoid corrosion, all parts of the device must be dried after washing.
  8. Stovetop coffee makers should not be placed on high heat.

Attention: over time, deposits from coffee essential oils form on the walls of the coffee maker. It does not need to be scraped off, cleaned off. It works like a protective film, protecting the aroma of coffee from odors. The coffee maker is easy to clean like normal dishes.

Coffee plaque in the coffee maker

Additional functions

Geyser-type coffee makers with the simplest principle of operation are designed primarily for preparing a tasty and high-quality drink. However, in some more advanced models, manufacturers offer an additional set of features that greatly facilitate the operation process.

Among them:

  1. The presence of a sound notification when the process is completed.
  2. Light indication, confirming or refuting the operation of the device.
  3. A timer with which you can independently set the time for the device to automatically turn on.
  4. Automatic switch-off when the drink is ready and a warming function that allows you to maintain the temperature of the coffee.

Geyser coffee maker with timer

Advantages and disadvantages

Main advantages:

  1. Saturation and aroma of the finished drink.
  2. No need to constantly monitor the operation of the device (as, for example, in the case of a Turk).
  3. The finished coffee does not have the so-called “grounds”, since the possibility of sediment getting into the upper bowl is excluded.
  4. Acceptable cost of the device. Even the original Italian-assembled Bialetti Moka Express cost no more 2-3 thousand rubles. Chinese models, of course, are even cheaper.
  5. Compact design that allows you to place the device anywhere.
  6. The geyser can be used not only for making coffee, but also for brewing teas and herbal preparations.



  1. Limited by a clearly defined volume – you need to cook a strictly designated number of cups, no more and no less.
  2. It is necessary to carefully monitor the degree of grinding of the powder, it should not be too fine, otherwise the filter may “clog”.
  3. The structure of the device can cause certain difficulties in caring for it.
  4. It is impossible to get an appetizing foam.
  5. The metal part of the coffee maker remains hot for a long time after switching off, so care must be taken when handling the appliance.
  6. If you have an induction cooker at home, then the most popular aluminum geyser coffee makers will not work on it. It will be necessary to look for steel coffee pots, for example, Bialetti Venus.

Thus, when choosing a geyser-type coffee maker, you should carefully evaluate all its advantages and disadvantages in order not to be disappointed later either in the set of possible functions, or in the principle of operation, or in the quality of the finished drink.


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