The kitchen is the most visited place in the house, where the whole family spends a lot of time. And the hostess is still working at the stove, preparing various dishes. The workplace should be comfortable, well lit and safe. What kind of kitchen will be – the owners decide, come up with a design, equip it with household appliances, choose a style and furniture. Be sure to think through all the zones, arrange them in accordance with the purpose and make the necessary lighting. In this article we will talk about LED lighting in the working area of ​​​​the kitchen.

LED lighting for kitchen work area

Common types of lighting

Each area of ​​the kitchen is illuminated in accordance with the requirements. A variety of lamps transforms the room, creates an atmosphere of comfort. In the kitchen there should be several types of them:

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  • Ceiling or hanging chandelier – placed on the ceiling in the center of the kitchen. It is selected in accordance with the style of all furniture and illuminates the dining area. In addition to lighting, it has an aesthetic function.
  • LED Strip Light has several colors, performs a decorative and practical function.
  • Skinali – These are glass panels with a variety of ornaments. Used to finish the kitchen apron. The built-in LED backlight illuminates the image from the inside. Seascapes with fish and corals look original.
  • Spot LED bulbs used in large quantities, located in lamps or in decorating the ceiling.
  • Hanging lamps with swivel mechanismslocated on the furniture and the ceiling, illuminate in the right direction, create a stream of light to the work area.
  • Spots installed in ceiling structures, in cabinets. Their light is clearly directed to one point.

Ice backlight for kitchen

In the kitchen, you can’t do without one lamp, at least 3 types of lighting are required: general, local lighting of different zones and decorative.

What are LED kitchen lights?

Under LED lamps it is not necessary to change the wiring and equipment, they are available for any base and are easy to install. It is not difficult to pick them up to the style of the kitchen, they are very diverse.

  • Basic lighting provided with pendant or ceiling luminaires with LED bulbs. With small dimensions of the kitchen or a low ceiling, it is better to use the ceiling.
  • Linear surface-mounted luminaires are assembled into a module, from which you can assemble the backlight of the desired length by connecting with adapters.
  • Overhead lamps various forms and ways of connecting power: from the mains or on batteries. They can be fastened anywhere with Velcro or a magnet, used in cabinets, on internal shelves.
  • Embedded into walls and floors: they are flush-mounted and can withstand heavy loads.
  • Flat design panelsceiling mounted. A variety of sizes allows you to create a unique look of the kitchen with uniform lighting.
  • Mounted to illuminate the contents of the drawers recessed LED lighting. It is better to entrust its installation to specialists.
  • Common type of lighting light-emitting diode (LED) tape. Its advantages are in a wide choice of colors, the ability to cut the desired length, adjust the brightness, mount in inaccessible places.

The principle of operation of LEDs

Light-emitting diode

LEDs (LED or LED) are semiconductors. Color, brightness and saturation depend on the chemical composition. They consume little electricity, are used in light bulbs, linear fixtures, tape and come in warm and cold white, and can also have up to 50 thousand other shades. In addition to color, they differ among themselves in the type of glow, the number of crystals.


  • The most basic advantage of LEDs is energy saving;
  • Resistance to mechanical damage;
  • Large selection of colors, the possibility of using for decoration;
  • Unlike some types of lamps, LEDs are environmentally friendly;
  • Moisture-proof models are produced, which allows them to be used in the kitchen, in the bathroom;
  • Sufficiently long service life, about 15-20 years;
  • Do not heat up, can be used in any plafonds and on stretch ceilings;
  • Can be small in size and used in inaccessible places;
  • Using a voltage of 12 V allows you to install devices in wet places and safely clean.

Connecting LED strips


  • To connect, you need a power supply, which often fails;
  • High price. But the long service life and low power consumption compensate for this disadvantage.

How to decorate your kitchen with LED lighting

Backlighting helps you work safely in the kitchen with good lighting. Above the stove, the lamps are built into the hood; additional light is installed above the work table. To decorate the kitchen, many types of lighting are used for every taste and style. Most importantly, it must be safe.

Lighting Options

For decoration, the backlight is used in different places:

  • The light directed upwards above the cabinets visually makes the room taller, gives it an “airiness”.
  • Dishes are illuminated in kitchen glass cabinets, the effect of reflection in mirrors is created.
  • LED lighting under the lower tier of cabinets “lightens” the kitchen set. The color is selected in the style of kitchen design.
  • Parallel light sources visually enlarge the room.
  • Decorating glass shelves in cabinets with lamps that turn on when the door is opened. It is very convenient, beautiful and rational.
  • Decorating doors, arches, paintings, mirrors.
  • Ceiling structures in several levels are supplied with a chandelier, lamps, diode tape.
  • The most original and beautiful decoration option is skinali. A flat LED panel with a selected pattern is illuminated from the inside, creating the effect of a plasma panel.

You can decorate the kitchen for every taste, come up with a design, use your imagination.

Important! A large number of multi-colored highlights is tiring. It is better if the light is soft, with a brightness control.

Illumination of the working area – countertops

The work area requires special attention. The light source from behind the hostess casts a shadow on the table, illuminating it poorly. It is convenient to use controlled lamps that can be directed.

Illumination of the working area

The tabletop is illuminated in several ways:

  • Overhead linear lamps of the required length are installed on the lower part of the upper wall cabinets. The light falls evenly, does not create a shaded area, it is convenient to work.
  • Moisture-proof diode tape under wall cabinets and on the countertop.
  • Glass top with backlight. This option is original, unusual and beautiful.
  • Luminous skinal covers the entire work surface. In addition to decor, it performs the function of illumination.

Do-it-yourself LED strip installation

How to choose LED strip

To select a tape, you need to decide where it will be located, for what purposes it will serve.

LED lighting scheme for the kitchen

  • Degree of protection against water. If the LED strip is placed on top of the wall cabinets, a splash guard will do. On the table top and on the bottom of the tables, protection from a jet of water will be required. For use in pools, fountains, a special moisture-resistant tape is produced.
  • Voltage, used in work for diodes – 12 V.
  • Brightness depends on the number of diodes per 1 meter of tape, from 30 to 240. The more diodes, the brighter the light. For a design solution, the additional illumination is less bright.
  • Color for the work surface it is better to choose white. All other shades will distort the appearance of food when cooking. And for decoration it is possible to use any color scheme, even changing color and flashing.

Required Tool

The best way to install a diode strip is to purchase the entire installation kit. It includes power supply, cable, plug, heat shrink tube for sealing. If the installation will be carried out in a guide profile or on double-sided tape, then they are purchased separately.

The diode tape is sold by the footage, it is convenient to measure the desired size. In addition to the kit, you will need a soldering iron, a switch, a dimmer, a plastic box to place excess cable in cabinets.

Selecting a power supply

Important! It is strictly forbidden to connect the LED strip directly to the network. This is done only through the power supply.

You can choose the model and power of the device, focusing on the technical characteristics of the diode tape (read in the instructions or ask the sales assistant when buying). The power reserve should be 25% higher than the calculated one, which depends on the type of tape and its length.

Power supply for LEDs

The power supply comes in different sizes, so the choice should be made in favor of a quality device that is easy to mount in the right place.

Power supply for LEDs

Connection and installation diagram

Mounting the backlight is easy. With a little electrical skills and following the recommendations, it is easy to install lighting.

Connecting LED lighting in the kitchen

  • Cut the tape only in those places where there are special marks. Bare the extreme contacts by 1-1.5 cm.
  • Connecting the power cable from the power supply unit only by soldering is more reliable. Solder 2 pieces of cable to the contacts, insulate with a heat shrink tube.
  • The switch is installed and the power supply is connected to it.
  • A conventional switch is installed before the power supply, and a dimmer is installed after it.
  • The tape is attached under the cabinets or to the selected place using double-sided tape. First, a place is slightly outlined, the correct placement is checked, then it is pressed tightly against the surface along the entire length.
  • Mounting can be in an aluminum profile.
  • Convenient installation of self-adhesive LED strip.
  • Inside the cabinet, install a plastic box for extra wires so that they do not interfere and do not spoil the view.

LED lighting scheme for the kitchen

Important! Connecting multiple tapes is done only in parallel!

If there is no knowledge of electrics, then it is better to entrust the installation and installation of lighting to specialists.

Video: master class

LED lighting in the kitchen is not only functional, but also beautiful, modern and safe. It can completely change the look of a room. Using imagination, you can get a comfortable, functional work area where it is pleasant to cook meals.


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