One of the fashionable and, along with it, never outdated trends in the interior is shelves for the kitchen. They can be an addition to existing closed cabinets, or they can be used on their own. The variety of options, the freshness and unbroken design attract more and more people to try this type of design in their kitchen.

Plastic hanging shelf for the kitchen

How to choose a shelf for the kitchen?

There are a few things to think about:

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  • location;
  • material;
  • product style;
  • the nature and weight of the contents of the shelves;
  • fastening method;
  • lighting if desired.

Shelves in the kitchen should be beautiful, comfortable, reliable. It must be remembered that when choosing open options, special attention will have to be paid to cleanliness. It is important to carry out regular cleaning of dust, grease, carefully place objects that are in sight. But on the other hand, you will have an incomparable feeling of freedom, spaciousness and fresh air in the interior. Heavy and oppressive furniture will never look.

Shelf with imitation papyrus

What are kitchen shelves? Examples with photos in the interior

Shelves are attached to the wall (wall-mounted), to the ceiling (suspended), or combine both options. On the floor there are stationary and mobile racks on legs or wheels. The table shelf for the kitchen is installed on the work surface instead of the upper tier of cabinets. You can arrange shelves below the level of the table top, filling the space to the floor.

Hanging shelf with holders

Often, shelves are made at the bottom of hanging cabinets for the most necessary things, at the top – for those that are rarely used. There are cabinets-transformers. They can be left closed and open, as the cabinet doors are equipped with shelves from the inside.

Shelves can be placed on the kitchen island or inside the shelving at the transition from the kitchen space to the living room. Sometimes they make a separate cabinet with shelves or drawers. They put more heavy things in them, compared to hinged shelves. Below are vegetables, fruits, large dishes. At the same time, attention must be paid to neat design.

Case LDSP Egger, color Dark space

Each type of shelf has its pros and cons. They select an option based on the layout of the kitchen, the furniture already available there, the presence of empty places – corners, niches.

Shelves for open kitchen

You can fill an open shelf for the kitchen with elegant dishes, spices in the same container, wine glasses, mugs, a collection of wines. To prevent the dishes from accidentally falling, you can provide small sides, partitions. Unattractive items of various sizes, so that they do not create a mess, are put in beautiful containers, baskets, boxes.

It is worth remembering that small particles floating in the air settle first on open shelves. They should not be placed too close to the stove, especially gas.

stone kitchen shelf

Closed hanging shelves for the kitchen (ideas with photos)

A glass door will help protect the contents of the shelves from dust, dirt and at the same time maintain an overview. In addition to swing models, sliding glass panels look spectacular. Some hosts use textiles for this purpose. Curtains will complement well the interior in Provencal style.

In a classic style, glass shelves consisting of two modules would be appropriate. At the top is transparent glass, and under it is a wider closed pedestal, as a continuation of the structure. It can be moved in different directions, changing the appearance of the room at will.

Glass sideboard with bottle holder

Corner kitchen shelves

Corner shelves will help to use an empty place, and even draw attention to it. They are made on the same level or in the form of a ladder. On the upper floors you can put items that the hostess occasionally needs. Place below what is in constant use.

In typical apartments, very often open shelves close the edge of the headset adjacent to the door. Thus, there is more space in the aisle and there is no need to use more expensive radius doors. In addition, an additional decorative element appears in the interior, because the most beautiful and attractive trinkets are placed on open shelves.

set with open shelves on the sides

Decorative kitchen shelves of original shape and design

Shelves in the kitchen – a limitless field for imagination. You can use straight and rounded lines, choose natural material – branches, ropes or artificial – metal, plastic. Shelf panel can be combined with hooks and other holders. Glass bottles and fittings are used as racks for the shelf. Banks, fixed with clamps to a common panel, can become a container for small items.

Shelves can be built from ready-made boxes, pallets. This allows you to combine and rearrange them in any order. You can create interesting effects by adding luminous resins to the materials used. Hold the backlight on the bottom of the shelves or above them.

Shelf lighting

If you plan to place 1 – 2 light objects, a shelf in the form of any figures can be made from ice cream sticks. Then animals, flowers, houses, honeycombs will appear on your wall – whatever you think of.

Racks on wheels made of wood and metal are in demand. They can be moved as needed. It is important that the kitchen shelf matches the style. What is suitable for industrial, hi-tech, will not fit into the classics, and vice versa.

Shelves are almost an integral part of the kitchen in Provencal, Scandinavian styles. You can fill them with dishes with paintings, jars of spices, pots with live plants.

Furniture facades Ischia

Hinged shelves-console will decorate the loft kitchen, hi-tech, minimalism, Scandinavian style. Shelves on a metal frame made of pipes are especially appropriate in a loft style.

What materials are kitchen cabinets made from?

The most popular are wooden shelves in the kitchen, with an imitation of texture. They harmonize equally well with classics, with glossy furniture, and with minimalism. In modern design, the presence of different styles is allowed. It depends on the abilities of the designer how well it will be possible to combine them. The tree must be protected from moisture.

American walnut veneer

As an alternative, MDF and chipboard boards are used. In appearance, they are often not inferior to natural wood, but they are more resistant to water, last longer, are easier to maintain and cheaper.

Shelves made of glass, metal, PVC pipes are suitable for modern style kitchens. Metal is organically combined with the loft style, industrial. Glass products transmit light, they are also called invisible shelves. For heavy objects, it is better to use tempered glass as it is more durable. Both materials wash well and last a long time.

glass kitchen shelf

Reliable shelves are obtained from drywall. They are built into niches or the space between existing cabinets.

Stages and nuances of making a homemade shelf for the kitchen

If you wish, making a shelf for the kitchen with your own hands is quite quick and easy. Useful:

  • Drawings of the product, made independently or taken and printed from the Internet.
  • Tools – chisel, circular saw or jigsaw, drill, horizontal level, ruler.
  • Materials for the base and finishing. Chipboard should be chosen no thinner than 13 mm.
  • Fasteners – self-tapping screws, screws, nuts, joints for joints, brackets, dowels, corners.
Self-tapping screws and mounting brackets

Image taken from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FhiJsAr61HU

Manufacturing steps:

  • According to the drawing, a template is prepared on cardboard, which is then circled on wood, MDF, plywood. Cut out every detail.
  • They mark where the fasteners will be located, prepare grooves for them.
  • The ends of the base are closed with edge veneer or self-adhesive tape, PVC edge.
  • Fasten the parts together with self-tapping screws, glue them for strength. You can use wire holders from 4 mm in diameter or screw ties. If the shelf is small decorative, not designed to withstand gravity, you can only get by with glue.
  • From above, the shelves are varnished in several layers or stained.
  • Hinges are screwed, shelves are installed on the wall.

A metal railing can be attached to the bottom of the shelf. It can be used for towels, ladles and other items. To fix it, you need to make holes in the bottom shelf with a drill, mount a handle in them.

Rail system for storing spices and seasonings

Installation of wall shelves for the kitchen

The method of fastening is chosen not only on the basis of aesthetics. The shelf must first of all securely hold the objects located on it. It’s one thing to put a few plates, it’s quite another if you plan to place appliances on them – a TV, a microwave, pots and pans. In the latter case, glass is not suitable as a base, and wood and MDF board must be taken with greater thickness. For large items, such as coffee makers, you should build a closed shelf under the wall cabinets. Of all types of fasteners, anchor bolts are capable of withstanding the heaviest loads.

The most modern look shelves, in which the mount is hidden from the eyes in the wall. They are called soaring, they fit into neoclassicism, hi-tech, minimalism. For hanging models, belts, ropes, ropes are useful. Shelves are attached to the wall with brackets, hinges, pins, dowels.

You can not drill a hole in the wall for each plumb line (and add new ones if the location changes), but use a mounting tape and adjustable hangers right on it.

Standard installation scheme: mark the mounting points on the wall with a pencil using a level. Then drill holes for future dowels. The last step is to hammer the dowels into the wall, fasten the screws and fix the shelf with the corners.


Image taken from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FhiJsAr61HU

In order not to use the corners at all, you can drill holes for the dowels and drive the screws into them with the spikes outward. This type of fastening can easily withstand a load of several kilograms. Attach a shelf to them and align the holes on the shelf with the spikes sticking out in the wall. Route the grooves on the shelf with a drill and fix your product on the wall.

Pros and cons of open shelves

Shelves pluses:

  • Kitchens with open shelves create a feeling of more space, light.
  • Economic benefit when ordering, manufacturing.
  • Quick renovation of the interior by changing the filling of the shelves.
  • Easy to DIY. Just as quickly they can be disassembled and moved to another place, redone. For example, install in another room and change the purpose.
  • You can choose a comfortable height, suitable for the growth of the owners.
  • In narrow kitchens, no additional space is needed for a swing door. Shelves have less depth than cabinets.

Decorative open kitchen shelves

Cons can be avoided if the shelves are filled correctly:

  • Take into account the weight, the presence of a side that protects objects from falling, choose reliable fasteners.
  • Do not put colorful objects of different sizes, there are a lot of details on one shelf at once.
  • Place away from sources of pollution – stoves, use high-quality hoods.
  • Place items that are used most often on the lower shelves. They wash more often, they are convenient to get.

When arranging shelves in the kitchen, it is important to prepare alternative places to store unattractive things. Items for shelves, so that they please the eye, and not irritate, it is useful to select according to the color scheme. The contents are often sorted out and wiped from dust, remove unnecessary things. For storing bulk items, sets of jars in the same style are preferred.

Rail system for storing spices and seasonings

Experiment and choose a convenient option for yourself. Enjoy the result yourself and surprise your guests with a new kind of cuisine.


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