We have a tiny room in a small-sized Khrushchev. But even such kitchens deserve a beautiful interior. Moreover, now designers can miraculously transform any space, make it more functional and attractive.

Kitchen under the tree in Khrushchev

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This is what happened with us – the surfaces of light wood filled the kitchen with warmth and comfort. For small rooms, light shades are simply necessary, which make the room a little more spacious and larger.

Fittings Hettich

The body and facades are made of the same material – chipboard Egger Bordolino Oak. Surfaces with imitation of natural rock and cut marks look very natural. Rough deep pores can be felt when touched and this creates the illusion of real wood.

Body and fronts Chipboard Egger Oak Bordolino

When artificial lighting is turned on, the wooden texture is even more visible. The noble light wood organically fit into the small interior, enlivening it.

Tabletop plastic

The kitchen is U-shaped, which is almost never found in such small rooms. The extreme part of the headset is a bar counter-peninsula, which replaced the dining table.

U-shaped kitchen in Khrushchev

It is very convenient for all households to sit behind it, and the table itself has become an organic continuation of the furniture set. Thanks to the peninsula, a spacious work surface has appeared in a small kitchen, behind which you can do all the work without hesitation.

It was even possible to place a refrigerator in the furniture row, which is a rarity for small Khrushchevs. For this, a special niche was assigned to the technique. Since the refrigerator will stand next to the hob, it was simply necessary to separate it with a partition.

Niche for refrigerator

If this is not done, the refrigerator will overheat and quickly fail. Yes, and the side panel of the equipment next to the hob will quickly lose its appearance from high temperature and grease splashes.

Cabinets for greater functionality extend to the very ceiling, mezzanines in 3 rows. This is very convenient, because now a lot more items are placed in a small kitchen.

Tabletop plastic

The tabletop goes in the color of the facades. It is made of chipboard, with a PVC film on top, like an apron. The monochrome interior in a small room is convenient because it does not split the room, focusing on some part. We have a complete and bright picture.

Fittings Hettich

Fittings inside Hettich cabinets. These are hinges and guides with closers, as well as a lift that provides access to the dish dryer.


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