Refrigerators of the Stinol brand are reliable European-level appliances with excellent characteristics. Users noted such distinctive features of these household appliances as high-quality assembly, reliability, durability and democratic price. But even with careful operation, over time, various malfunctions occur at the Stinol refrigerator. In this review, we will consider what difficulties the owners of different models of these kitchen units face.

Refrigerator Stinol

The principle of operation of the refrigerator

All refrigeration equipment works on a similar principle, performing two main tasks: the concentration of cold in the inside of the device and the removal of the generated heat energy to the outside. Most modern equipment use freon – a popular type of refrigerant.

Freon includes fluorine, chlorine and ethane. This refrigerant has a unique quality: it changes from a liquid to a gaseous state when the pressure inside the system fluctuates. The cooling procedure is as follows.

  1. The compressor draws the refrigerant in.
  2. The piston pushes it through the tubes.
  3. During the heat transfer process, the refrigerant begins to condense.
  4. Freon becomes liquid.
  5. Moisture is absorbed by the sorbent, turning into a gas.
  6. Next, the refrigerant enters the capillary tube.
  7. The pressure drops with the temperature of the gas.
  8. Passing through the evaporator, freon changes its properties.
  9. The gaseous refrigerant enters the compressor again.

The principle of operation of the refrigerator

On sale you can find models with two compressors – one for the main chamber, the other for the freezer. On the one hand, the efficiency and quality of cooling increase noticeably, but on the other hand, the maintenance and repair of equipment becomes more complicated. The refrigerator can also be equipped with a drip system or nofrost technology.

Compression models are the most common solutions on the refrigeration market. Here, the movement of freon is organized by changing the pressure. But there are other types of refrigeration systems:

  • adsorption;
  • steam jet;
  • thermoelectric.

AT adsorption technology ammonia is used as a refrigerant. The obvious disadvantages of such devices are problematic maintenance and unsafe substances. Systems of this kind were used in old technology, which has already been discontinued.

AT steam jet refrigerators water runs through the pipes, and the ejector plays the role of a pump. The system is stable, safe and environmentally friendly, but it consumes a lot of electricity and fluid to pump the temperature.

Thermoelectric Models work on the principle of the Peltier effect: the absorption of heat through two conductors and current. The system is reliable, durable, but very expensive, as well as its maintenance.

The device of the compressor electrical system

The main element of the refrigerator is the engine. It is necessary to organize the circulation of the refrigerant, and in our case, freon, through the tubes. In addition to the unit itself, the system contains the following elements:

  • starting relay;
  • thermostat responsible for a specific temperature level;
  • protective relay to prevent motor overheating.

Compression cooler device

The engine includes a rotor and a starter. The design of the latter consists of several copper coils. While the rotor is more like a conventional steel shaft, working in tandem with the piston engine system.

When the unit is turned on, the coils form electromagnetic induction, which serves as a source of torque. Further, the rotor begins to rotate due to centrifugal force, and at the same time the piston moves.

In modern models, the engine is located inside the compressor, which minimizes the likelihood of spontaneous refrigerant leakage. The system in its original form is subject to strong vibration. To reduce it, a special metal suspension on springs is provided.

On new models, the latter are fixed inside the case, while on older ones – outside. The first option is more practical and allows you to dampen vibration much more efficiently. But in the event of a suspension breakdown, organizing repairs is much more difficult.

Refrigerator compressor Stinol

Refrigerator compressor Stinol

The motor will work until the required temperature is established in the chambers, after which the thermostat is connected. It opens the contacts, and the current stops flowing to the motor. The compressor also stops working. When the temperature rises, the thermostat contacts will close again and the cycle will continue.

In models of the mid-price and budget category, the thermostat quite often fails. The element has far from the most complex design and costs a penny, so it is much more practical not to repair it, but to buy a new one.

Refrigerator Diagnostics

To find out the possible cause of the problem, it is necessary to carefully examine the unit for the working condition of the elements:

  • check the main nodes for parts corrosiondeformation, mechanical damage to components, violation of protective coatings;
  • examine the device for tightness, fastening strength of parts and automation devices;
  • check 3 functional parameters of the device: temperature in the freezer and near the back wall of the cabinet, power consumption.

Common problems with Stinol refrigerators

The entire model line of refrigeration units is distinguished by reliability, functionality and high build quality. However, they, like kitchen appliances from other brands, are not immune from the occurrence of various breakdowns. Consider typical malfunctions characteristic of the Stinol line.

Cabinet breakage

If the cabinet is defective, a thin layer of frost will accumulate on the static evaporator. As a result, a significant amount of liquid accumulates in the condensate collection container.

The defects of this state of the refrigerator are explained chamber leakage due to:

  • rupture or loose fit of the seal;
  • deformation of the structure of the refrigeration unit;
  • the presence of gaps between the rubber door seals and the surfaces of the freezer.

Possible malfunctions with sealing rubber are restored with a hair dryer for drying and styling hair with a power of 1-1.5 kW. To do this, heat the rubber seal in the place of contact with a hot jet. Then stretch it to change the shape of the part. After manipulation, the door must be closed. The refrigerator can be used after the sealant has cooled down. If the protective layer is torn, it should be replaced.


Poor seal seal

Malfunctions of elements of the electrical circuit and automation

Very frequent breakdowns occur with automation devices and electrical circuit components. These include:

  • faulty starting or thermal relay;
  • failure of the compressor, fan and other components;
  • reduction of electrical circuit insulation resistance;
  • malfunction of the thermal fuse or defrost heater in equipment with the No Frost system;
  • freezer defect, timer;
  • breakdown of the evaporator tray heater;
  • clogging of the drainage system with small particles.

Troubleshooting automation in the Stinol refrigerator consists in identifying a defective element, repairing, and if it is impossible to repair the breakdown, replacing the part with a new spare part.


Problems with refrigerant

If the amount of refrigerant is overestimated when refueling the device, then the temperature in the freezer is kept below -180C, the refrigerator compartment is cold, the return pipe is covered with condensate or a layer of frost. To normalize the working process of the device, after a two-hour break-in adjust the dose of freon.

In the event that the filling dosage, on the contrary, is underestimated, the refrigerator is warm and the temperature is lowered by more than -250C. In this case, frost may partially form on the rear wall. Just as in the previous case, it is necessary to dose the lack of refrigerant to the norm.

If it happened freon leak, oily spots appear in these places. The solution to this problem is to charge the unit with freon or to replace the assembly component with a new part.

Warning! Freon vapor is a poisonous gas, so it is taken from the refrigerator into special cold receivers. After any work with the refrigerant, the room is ventilated for at least 15 minutes.

Freon filling

Signs of problems with the refrigerator and possible malfunctions

There are several typical breakdowns of Stinol units, which manifest themselves according to certain signs. In the table, we will consider the main problems with refrigerators of this brand, and how they manifest themselves:

sign Possible defect
The device does not turn on a malfunction in the electrical plug or power cord;

breakage of the compressor windings;

the thermostat or start-up relay does not function;

open circuit of the thermal fuse;

timer jamming in defrost mode;

there was a violation of the contacts in the connection of the electrical circuit due to oxidation

After a short period of operation, the unit switches off breakage of the starting winding of the electric motor;

the bimetal plate of the protective relay or the coil of the starting relay do not function

The appliance freezes slightly the temperature controller does not work;

the rubber of the seal has lost its elasticity and shape;

the compressor has reduced performance;

there was a clogging of the capillary pipeline or filter-drier;

the integrity of electrical circuits is broken

Refrigerator is too cold the quick freeze button has sunk;

thermostat knob not adjusted

The freezer freezes, but the second compartment does not there was a refrigerant (freon) leak;

system has been depressurized

Inside the freezer is warm (refrigerator without NoFrost system) freezer compressor broken
Moisture collects on the bottom of the device violation of the position of the tube;

clogging of the outlet tube with small particles

It is warm inside the freezer (equipment with the No Frost system) Defect of automatic defrosting system NoFrost

Consider the most common malfunctions of some models

  1. Two-chamber refrigeration appliance Stinol 102. The device has two compressors with a unique NoFrost freezer defrosting system. The front panel is equipped with two thermostats. A feature of the model is the air circulation between the freezer and the evaporator fins due to the electric fan. A frequent breakdown of equipment includes a malfunction of the thermal relay (in the TN1 or TN2 circuit). To make sure that the part is malfunctioning, it is necessary to remove the wires from contacts numbered 3, 4 and close them with a jumper between them. If, after manipulation, the compressor starts up, there is a breakdown in the relay. It may be that the equipment does not cool when the compressor is running with a cold condenser. In this case, there may be a freon leak.
    Refrigerator diagram
  2. Stinol 103. For refrigeration units of this model, a typical problem is the failure of the temperature controller. This is due to the technical characteristics of thermoelements, which are designed for a five-year service life. Due to this defect, the temperature in the two chambers may be too high, as a result of which the unit will behave unstably. Over time, electrical circuit connections may be broken due to oxidation or burning of contacts, various breaks and other breakdowns. If the starting or thermal relay fails, the compressor does not turn on.
  3. Stinol 110 – the most common model. Refrigerators consist of a spacious refrigerator compartment and a small freezer, which is equipped with a NoFrost system. Typical breakdowns of this unit are no different from the malfunctions of the 102nd model. The thermostat T1, the TIM-0 timer may be faulty.

Thermostat check

The temperature controller often fails. This is due to the fact that the thermostat of the German company Ranko, which were installed in the refrigerator, small working resource – about 5-6 years. If the temperature controller in the refrigerator is not working, the compressor will not start. To exclude other breakdowns, it is necessary to check the serviceability of this part.


At home, it is difficult to check whether the device is working or not. However, there are 2 ways to determine the working status.

  1. Regulator contacts under numbers 3 and 4 (in the diagram of the 103rd model they are designated as TH 1 or TH 2) must be closed. Thanks to this, the integrity of the electrical circuit and the supply of mains voltage to the compressor input (in the CO 1 or CO 2 circuit) are maintained. It is necessary to determine whether the supply voltage is going to the regulator contacts. If it is not there, then the integrity of the entire circuit from the electrical outlet is checked, if there is, the power is turned off and the contacts are called. In case of breakage, the part must be replaced.
  2. Can also be bridged thermostat input contacts. If the compressor starts, then the regulator is faulty. Otherwise, the breakdown did not occur with him. The malfunction is also determined by ear: when the thermostat switch is mechanically turned, a click occurs. If not, then there is a high probability of a defective part.

Any malfunction of the refrigeration unit, whose service life is more than 10-15 years, requires a thorough examination by a specialist. Repair of Stinol refrigerators most often consists in replacing a worn part. If you have experience in electrical work, you can replace the spare part with your own hands. But when breakdowns occur too often, you should think about buying a more modern version of the refrigeration appliance.


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