Grilled dishes have a special taste and aroma, crispy crust. Not only this is attractive, but also the undoubted usefulness: using such a device, you do not need to add oil or other fats for frying to food. This review will help you understand what the device is and whether it is worth buying.

General information about grills

A grill is a cooking equipment that is used to cook food using charcoal, gas or electricity as a heat source. The following types of grills are on the market today.

  1. In the traditional sense, adaptation means metal grate (may include a lid). Most often, sausages, poultry or meat steaks are cooked on it over an open fire.
    Grill grate
  2. Grill can be built into other household appliances. For example, microwave ovens with functions similar to the above are known to everyone. In this case, bringing the dish to the final result will occur with the help of microwave energy.
    microwave with grill
  3. At gas grills gas burners act as heating sources. Devices are most often installed in country houses.
    Gas grill
  4. Finally, the most convenient grill for domestic use – electric. Some models have small convenient dimensions, they will get along quite compactly in any kitchen, delighting the owners with tasty and healthy dishes.
    Electric grill

Types of electric grills

Such equipment in most cases is a multifunctional device designed for thermal processing of food. In this case, the heat is directed directly to the surface, where the heated products are already located. The electric grill allows you to fry, bake, and in some models also smoke food. Adjustable degree of heating allows to do a frying to necessary degree of readiness.

The device is found in portable and stationary. The latter is more suitable for catering or a country cottage, as with all its impressive features it takes up a lot of space.

Stationary grill

Grill of stationary type

Another division of electric grills – contact and non-contact. Contactless the view works similarly to barbecues: products strung on skewers and placed in special baskets rotate around the heating element.

Contactless grill

Electric non-contact grill

AT contact appliances, the future dish is located directly on the heated surface. This technique also has its own classification.

  1. Unilateral grill. Most often, the simplest grating, in more complex models – a Teflon or stone surface. Many devices have two zones: pancakes and vegetables are cooked on a flat one, meat and fish are cooked on a corrugated one. It is better to choose the option with adjustable legs.
    One side grill
  2. AT bilateral In the variant, the products are clamped by presses, respectively, and the dish will be cooked from both sides at once. It is necessary that the distance between the panels is adjustable. The unit is able to unfold into a large one-sided surface.
    Double sided grill
  3. Combined the model gives the chance to combine both options and it is more than possibilities for preparation of the most various dishes.

Using an electric grill is quite simple, the main thing is that there is a power outlet nearby. After switching on, it is enough to slightly grease the surfaces with vegetable oil using a silicone brush, and in the case of a non-stick coating, even this is not necessary. Wait until the surface warms up a little. It remains to put the products and select the appropriate settings.

Pros and cons of electric grill

The device has many advantages.

  1. Convenience and ease of use.
  2. Dishes cooked in an electric grill are appetizing and fragrant.
  3. The device saves time for cooking.
  4. Versatility. Suitable for cooking meat, fish, poultry, vegetables.
  5. The device is compact. It can be taken on a summer vacation or a trip.
  6. Dishes can be prepared without oil. Such food is indicated for people on a diet, with diseases of the digestive system.

Cooking in an electric grill

Electric grills also have disadvantages.

  1. High power consumption. Even if you reduce the cooking time, the cost of electricity does not compensate for this.
  2. Instability of the device to power surges.
  3. Constant control of the device during cooking. If you do not follow the cooking, the dish may burn or remain raw.
  4. Thorough and gentle cleaning. Without proper care, the device loses its basic properties.

Grill pan versus electric grill

When choosing between a grill pan and an electric grill, it is worth starting from your needs. Both devices are quite similar in appearance, however The functionality of the electric version is still wider. So, there are appliances with interchangeable panels, so you can not only fry meat or fish, but also cook french fries, pancakes, waffles. Some models of electric grills have the function of defrosting dishes.

Electric kettle and grill pan

In addition, modern gadgets are equipped with several temperature modes and a built-in timer, which facilitates the cooking process: just lay the product and press the desired button. At the end of cooking, a beep will sound. The grill pan in this regard is much less autonomous: food should be cooked on it under constant supervision.

If we talk about mobility, then, despite the fact that the pan is lighter, it is not an independent appliance and is tied to the stove. But electric grill you can take with you to the country or to any other place where there is a source of electricity, and cook delicious and healthy meals.

Grill on the balcony

However, the frying pan also has advantages. First, its cost is lower. Secondly, it is easier to care for her. In an electric grill, when cooking, fat can flow into the structure, which makes it difficult to clean.

Advice! When choosing an electric grill, make sure that its panels are removed for cleaning. Also, it will not be superfluous to have special pallets for collecting dripping fat.

Which is better: air grill or electric grill

The difference between electric and air grill is more significant. The air fryer uses a completely different way of cooking. Products in it are processed by a stream of hot air circulating inside a special container for cooking. Oil is not required for cooking, so the food is dietary. In air grills, you can not only fry, but also bake, stew food, cook soup, cereals, jams, and simmer yogurts. The device can even act as a smoker. Some have a defrost feature.

air grill

air grill

When cooking in an air grill, there are no food odors, and electric grills can spread them throughout the house. The quality of cooked food for both devices is approximately the same, but the degree of food processing is better for aerogrills. The appliance cooks food evenly on all sides. However aerogrills are bulky for transportationelectric grills take up less space.

Is it worth buying an electric grill

To answer this question, you need to figure out for what purposes an electric grill is needed. Of course, dishes cooked in an electric grill will decorate any holiday table. But at the same time, the device is additional kitchen appliances and less practical than a slow cooker or microwave.

Important! An electric grill is also not suitable for frequent use if you want to save energy.

How to choose an electric grill

If, nevertheless, it was decided to buy an electric grill, it is necessary to study the criteria for choosing a device. There are several recommendations.

  1. In terms of power, the device can reach from 0.7 to 2.2 kW. The higher this indicator, the device works faster. But power also depends on power consumption.
  2. The size of the device is selected according to the needs of the user.
  3. The surface of the device must have non-stick coating. Otherwise, you will not be able to cook food without oil in the appliance.
  4. It is good if the device has timer and control device temperature.
  5. The electric grill must maintain a constant temperature in each cooking mode.
  6. It is desirable that the electric grill has removable elements. This greatly simplifies its care.
  7. Thermally insulated handles allow you to move the electric grill when it is hot.
Electric grill with various interchangeable panels

Electric grill with various interchangeable panels

The device has many useful featuresthings to consider when buying an electric grill:

  • adjustable lid height;
  • separate pans for dripping fat;
  • additional panels that expand the possibilities of cooking;
  • temperature change;
  • “delayed start”, which allows you to pre-set the start time of cooking.

What to cook in an electric grill

Any food cooked in this appliance is considered healthy, since it is not necessary to use fat and oil to get a delicious dish. All excess itself flows into a special tray due to the slight inclination of the panels. The choice of dishes that can be cooked on an electric grill is quite diverse:

  • fruits and vegetables;
  • meat, fish, poultry;
  • hot appetizers and sandwiches;
  • pancakes, pies, pancakes, pies.

You can cook all dishes either directly on the panel or by wrapping the product in foil. Vegetables are cut into a thickness of at least 1 cm. Usually it takes no more than 10-20 minutes to cook.

How to clean the device

After cooking, you need to remove its remains. It would be better to wash the device as follows.

  1. Make sure the equipment is unplugged.
  2. It is best to clean the grate when it is still slightly warm. This must be done immediately – the next day the food runs the risk of sticking tightly.
  3. Easiest to work with removable panels. But if this cannot be done, you should remove the food residues with the plastic spatula included in the kit, and then collect with a damp cloth.
  4. A small amount of detergent can be used to treat the surface. The last step is to wipe the grate dry.
  5. If grease drops get on the heater itself, it will be enough to wipe it with a sponge or a damp cloth.

Cleaning the electric grill from food debris

Helpful Hints

  1. To grill a dish that is as similar as possible to a charcoal grill, it is best to take open spiral grating. Only in this case, the device should be used under a powerful hood. Experts advise taking such devices with a cast-iron surface. But the aluminum coating is not able to withstand high temperature effects – there is a risk that the dish will not be sufficiently fried (for example, a steak).
  2. The hood is also needed when choosing a non-contact electric model. The taste and aroma of “smoky” is not very suitable for city apartments. In the absence of normal ventilation, it is still better to purchase them for a summer residence.
  3. It is quite realistic to purchase models with good plastic. But if there is a choice, it is still worth stopping at the metal version.
  4. If it’s about portable electric grill (for example, you plan to take it with you to the country), then you should pay attention to the convenient case – it should resemble a suitcase with a handle.
  5. Do not count on special technical “bells and whistles”. A timer, automatic shutdown, power adjustment and residual heat indication will be quite enough for such a device.


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