To feel comfortable and always happy to return to your home, you need to “beautify it”. This is especially true of the “capital” of housing – our favorite cuisine. It doesn’t matter if you are doing repairs or just decided to refresh the interior, approach the design correctly, choose the design of curtains and curtains (photo at the end of the article).

Before you go to the store for a purchase, you need to solve three difficult, but very important questions. When you do this, it will be much easier to make a choice. First of all, it is important to determine the purpose and function of the curtains in the kitchen (more). Next, you should consider and take into account the style and color design. After that, you just have to decide on the fabric.

Beautiful curtains in the kitchen

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For a kitchen window, curtains perform both a practical function and an aesthetic one (read more here). Thanks to them, you can decorate the room, make it unique and special. By choosing the right model, you can correct the shape of the window or even the entire room as a whole.

Pay attention to the position of your light opening. If it is on the first floor and faces the street, then the curtains will become protection from prying eyes. If the window faces south, then the main function will be protection from the sun, but it is important to consider the fabric from which they are sewn.

We select the design of kitchen curtains depending on the style

As for the design of curtains, the classic, Scandinavian style and minimalism continue to enjoy the greatest popularity. Moreover, for the last 2 years it has been customary to put bright accents on them. It can be jewelry, pendants, bright and large patterns on the fabric.

If you live on the first floor, then you can additionally use thick roller blinds, plastic or metal blinds that are attached directly to the frame.

Curtains in the kitchen

Be sure to choose the right accessories, they should be appropriate, not flashy. So, fringe is suitable for French curtains, and for light curtains it is much preferable to use clips, ties or bows.

Classic style

In recent years, cascading curtains have become very popular. They have one interesting feature that attracts buyers. The folds on them do not go away even when fully opened, remaining in the form of a drapery. The window itself begins to look very beautiful and solemn.

Classic style curtains in the kitchen

Accessories are everything

Remember what a flirty brooch can do with a formal dress. The same applies to curtain accessories. Bag, belt or bracelet – it seems to be little things. However, one such “little thing” is enough to make a completely unexpected accent. Curtain holders, cornices, brushes, various accessories – these are the very accents, thanks to which the look of the room can change.

For example, a cornice holder can be made in the strict English style of the times of colonial rule – in this case, the room will remotely resemble the office of the viceroy of the British crown in India. A transparent acrylic cornice, on the contrary, will only emphasize the ultra-modern views of the owner of the house.

Kitchen curtain accessories


If you decide to design windows in an oriental style, you can use vertical blinds. They are a great replacement for drapes and curtains. If they are colored, it will be very oriental.

Vertical blinds are controlled by special cords that move along the entire eaves. With the help of them you can expand the space of the room. If the room is narrow, then blinds to the entire window will expand it. If the ceiling is low, then they will visually make it higher.

The material from which the blinds are made is processed with a special composition. Thanks to this, the blinds retain their shape. If vertical blinds are made of fabric, they retain shades.

Vertical blinds are attached to the ceiling, and to the cornice, and to the walls, taking into account the parameters and design features. Such blinds can be installed on any type of windows.

Oriental curtains in the kitchen


Recently, curtains called Roman curtains have become popular for the Provence style. Roman blinds are made from a single piece of fabric that is folded horizontally. Roman blinds are made from any fabric, so you can choose for any interior. On the market you can find bamboo blinds and even wooden ones.

When choosing blinds, pay attention to the length. Blinds should not be to the floor and be on the windowsill. Make sure that everything is in perfect order and that the lamellas move smoothly when opening and closing, without creaking.

Roman blinds in the kitchen

The choice of blinds depends on your preference, interior and taste.


Following fashion and dressing in accordance with its latest trends is more than natural. And in order to look like a person of today, it is not at all necessary to update your wardrobe every season – it is enough to diversify it with a few relevant things. The same applies to our house.

If you do not want cardinal decisions – change the curtains! This is not only a functional interior detail, it is also a thing that can change the familiar look of your apartment, in particular the kitchen. After all, every season designers offer us new solutions.

Country style curtains in the kitchen

What are they needed for? Protect your eyes from sunlight. Forget that the view from the window does not always meet aesthetic needs – two, but also create a mood. And this is also a very important fact. By the way, the character of a person can be determined by how he prefers to dress. Curtains and accessories allow you to show character in the appearance of your home.

Not to be confused with German, English Italian fashion. This also applies to curtains, they are divided according to “national” and “geographical” features. A bright representative is country style.

In addition, the curtain is not just a piece of fabric of a standard size processed along the edges. In order for them not only to hold well on the cornice, but also to look beautiful, a special curtain braid was invented. Or rather, many of its varieties.

Country style curtains in the kitchen

Typical sizes also vary. There are those that are measured in width – usually it is 140-150 cm. And there are those that are measured in height – 280-300 cm. And there are many varieties – curtain screens, with lambrequins. In general, the lineup is not limited to the “two by one and a half” panel.

And the curtains are “related” to ordinary clothes seasonality. In summer, none of us will go out into the street in a fur coat, and in winter – in a light sarafan. The same applies to curtains: thinner windows are decorated in summer, thicker ones in winter. That is why in the summer it is very useful to decorate the windows with country-style curtains.

High tech

It is clear to everyone that the design of an apartment without curtains, curtains or blinds will have an unfinished look, although this is quite possible in high-tech style. To protect the room from bright light, but at the same time follow the canons of this style, many people prefer blinds.

Today, the choice of blinds is huge and you can choose a model to match the color of furniture, decor, wallpaper – it will be original and stylish. Windows can be closed with horizontal or vertical blinds. Let’s find out which blinds are best for your home to make it cozy.

High-tech curtains in the kitchen

Blinds are made of metal, plastic, fabric or wood. If we talk about reliability, it is better to install horizontal blinds on the windows. They can be made of plastic or aluminum. The design of horizontal blinds is simple. With the help of a special mechanism, they can be raised to any height. The mechanism is usually located at the bottom of the blinds.

In the design, an important detail is the cornice. The control mechanism is multifunctional.

If you have wooden windows, then you can choose a mechanism that will be placed at the top of the structure.

If you have chosen plastic blinds, then there are mechanisms of two options: standard with separate control of raising and turning the slats and combined into a single whole (level control of the blinds and slats).

High-tech curtains in the kitchen


For minimalism, Roman-style curtains are perfect. One of the features is a rather organic, discreet mount. They can be fixed in two ways: at the very top of the window opening or above it, on the wall. Usually a piece of fabric, a blank for future curtains, is initially cut out in accordance with the size of the window. If the window is too large, then two or more pieces of fabric are used, specially stitched together.

Curtains in the kitchen in the style of minimalism

Classic Roman style curtains will look great in a minimalist kitchen. The fabric from which they are made is very dense, and therefore does not transmit light at all. This option is well suited for the summer season, but for the winter it is better to replace them with lighter ones. Additional accessories are not required. They will look great in an interior that suits them in color.

Lovers of a light and simple airy style can enjoy Roman-style decorated curtains. Tassels, bows, lace and ruffles are elements of an interesting and attractive decor that anyone will like. But its obligatory condition is the use together with light fabrics. The most optimal neutral option, which many have already appreciated, is white curtains along with bright decorative inserts.

Curtains in the kitchen in the style of minimalism

Modern style

This season, ethnic motifs are relevant in the world of home textile fashion – both “solo performances” in the style of any particular culture (African, North American, Indian, Chinese, Egyptian), and fusion, that is, “mixing” of cultural traditions and symbols .

A variety of materials are used for long curtains, the textile industry is constantly producing something new, there are thousands of types of fabric textures today.

modern kitchen curtains

The main types of materials are translucent tulle fabrics (voile, organza, semi-organza, devore). In addition, dense fabrics are used (actual curtains, as well as taffeta, velvet, chenille, silk) and fantasy (with embroidery, appliqués, crash effect, translucent inserts, etc.).

Of course, there is a special demand for fabrics for curtains. They should be well tolerated by direct sunlight, keep their shape, collect as little dust as possible. And they, like clothes, are casual (ordinary) and haute couture (high fashion) – that is, model created by the designer.

Requirements for fabric for curtains in the kitchen

Of course, in choosing curtains, you should always rely on your taste. First of all, you need to ask yourself this question: what fabric will they be made of? Professional designers are advised to give preference to synthetic materials. Such materials are quite resistant to dirt and odors.

Fabric for curtains

Supporters and lovers of natural fabrics are advised to choose curtains from organza, linen, cotton or silk. However, synthetic threads must be present in the composition. The service life in this case will be much longer.

Next, you need to answer the question – what exactly are the curtains for? Just like a pretty background? Then the best option would be a light canvas. Is it necessary that they be practical and fulfill their main function? In this case, you will need a thick, very dense and heavy fabric.

Fabric for curtains

fabric requirements

Fabric for kitchen curtains should be highly durable and should not cause any problems with care. Ideally, the material should be easy to wash and dry quickly. Most often for these purposes use:

There are also fully synthetic materials that are highly resistant to soot, grease and other contaminants. For a while they will look perfect, but then they will require very careful care and special cleaning.

Linen curtains in the kitchen

As for the color, they can either be fully combined with the main shade of the room, or be an absolutely independent accent. Moreover, the last option looks especially interesting, but it is very important to be careful with the choice, and even better – use the services of a designer.

We care gently

Curtain care

Curtains, like clothes, should be monitored and cared for. For washing at home, ordinary thick curtains made of fabrics that do not shrink when washed are suitable (get detailed information immediately from the seller in the store).

Curtain care

If you wash them by hand, be sure to rinse well, otherwise the detergent left on the fabric may become stained in direct sunlight.

Ironing is best when damp or with steam so that they do not deform (stretch) – this applies to fabrics with a lint-free surface. To prevent seam marks from being left on the fabric, lay a small patch between the layers of fabric so that a scar does not form.

Ironing curtains

Curtains made of fabric with fine pile can be cleaned like suede – with a brush, on which you can put a cover made of thin fabric so as not to damage the surface structure. As long as the dirt is not ingrained thoroughly, use dry cleaning products. To protect the curtains from excessive accumulation of dust, treatment with an antistatic spray will help.

What color options to choose

The most common criterion for choosing modern curtains is the color scheme (read also Curtains of two colors, a combination of shades). Color should be combined with every detail in the room. There are cold and warm colors. For example, if the room has most warm colors, the color of the curtains should also be warm.

Warm color curtains in the kitchen

Also, additional patterns play a significant role in the choice. As a rule, the pattern burdens the room, but not always. It is necessary to distinguish on which colors the pattern is present. If the color is cold, then the pattern should be subtle. If the color is warm, then you can fantasize with patterns here as you like. The style of the curtains should match the style of the room.

Photo: beautiful light curtains, long and short in the interior

Perhaps there are no such people who would not like to create comfort in their home. After all, only thanks to such a simple, but significant detail, we can have a good rest at any time of the day. Also with the help of curtains we create harmony in the house. Their choice must be approached with all responsibility, as they give a great mood and promote relaxation.


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