The process of cooking for a real hostess is creativity. And for any creative process, attention to detail is characteristic. A baking sheet in the kitchen is the most important detail, an accessory, without which it is impossible to cook most of the most delicious dishes. When wondering how to choose an oven tray, you choose the possibility of creating favorable conditions for culinary exploits.

Cooking in a pan

Types of baking sheets

Oven trays, as a rule, are rectangular, their sides can be of different heights depending on the model. Modern appliances are not as heavy as in the days of our grandmothers, and the variety of materials from which they are made allows you to choose the model that best suits you.

According to the material of manufacture

Glass. Very beautiful in design, perfectly complement any interior, but not very practical to use. It is quite easy to break them, and, given the high cost of glass options, it can be assumed that not every housewife can afford such a choice. Before you put such a device in the oven, it must be heated. This is due to the inability of glass to tolerate temperature changes, and therefore, it can simply crack. Models can be used very carefully at home, but they are absolutely unsuitable for catering establishments. Among the undoubted advantages is the possibility of maintaining the temperature of the cooked dish for a long time. One of the manufacturers of such models is Gorenje.

stainless carbon steel. A special “food” steel is used, and therefore their use is absolutely safe. The most common model, practical in operation. They are very easy to wash, they are affordable, do not change the taste of the dish, and are easy to clean.
Stainless steel baking tray

Aluminum. The best choice of large industries, professional chefs and ordinary housewives. Inexpensive, equipped with a non-stick coating, the feature of the material allows you to give any shape. They are excellent conductors of heat, in connection with which food cooks very quickly, the light weight of the product makes it easy to use and allows you to transfer finished products anywhere without removing them from the mold.
aluminum tray

Silicone. A relatively recent discovery that quickly became part of everyday life. Such trays are able to withstand high temperatures (up to 280 degrees), while being very compact and easy to use, because they do not burn your fingers when you take them out of the oven. Another advantage is that there is no need for lubrication before cooking. At the same time, pastries are perfectly baked, and foreign odors do not impregnate the container.
Silicone baking sheet

Cast iron. Most likely, we inherited from our ancestors. Now such pans are practically not produced. They are very heavy, however, it is worth noting the fact that cast iron is almost eternal. Therefore, you should not cross out this option from the scope of practical application, there are dishes that are ideal for cooking in them.
Cast iron grill pan

Ceramic. It is believed that the walls of such baking sheets “breathe”. Thanks to this, all the products that are used retain almost all of their useful properties, as the food is cooked in the languishing mode. Ceramics does not emit harmful substances under the influence of high temperatures. However, its porous structure contributes to rapid destruction when liquid enters microcracks.
Ceramic tray

Teflon. Available with a non-stick coating, the product does not stick to such a baking sheet and retains a beautiful appearance. The complexity of use lies in the need for careful care of the thing.
Teflon baking sheet

By appointment

For baking. They differ from each other in the height of the sides. In order to bake cakes or cookies, use baking sheets with low sides, for multi-layer cakes and pies – high-sided. High-breasted Gorenje pieces are very popular in professional kitchens.
Baking tray

Lattice. You need such a baking sheet if you are going to grill meat in the oven. It can also be used in the process of cooking french fries or any other food that you usually fry in a pan.

For pizza. Yes, this is a special baking sheet that has a special design that allows air to circulate freely. Thanks to this, the pizza becomes crispy and properly baked.
pizza tray

Perforated. Used for baking bread. Due to the structure, the surface of the finished product acquires relief, which makes such a product more attractive.
Perforated baking sheet

For grilled chicken. The structure of such products allows you to cook several chickens at the same time (up to eight).
Grilled chicken tray

By size

In fact, there are various sizes of oven trays, the most common ones are described here.

  1. full size – 18*25 inches, designed for commercial use.
  2. half – 18 * 13 inches, universal, but more often also used in commerce, and not in everyday life.
  3. quarter – 9*13 inches, ideal for domestic use.

Among the most famous manufacturing companies are Bosch, Elextrolux, Gorenje, Miele, Pyrex.

Grilled dish

How to choose a baking sheet for baking and baking in the oven

Choosing the right baking sheet is important for cooking in the oven. There are a few things to keep in mind when buying.

  1. Tray with lid – it’s comfortable. Many dishes must be cooked covered to ensure even distribution of heat and humidity. You can get by with foil, but using the “native” cover is more convenient.
  2. Coating quality plays a leading role It should be not only non-stick, but also anti-vandal: resistant and thick.
  3. For the preparation of buns and cookies, it is more convenient to use a baking sheet with a low rim. For pies and compound dishes (for example, meatballs in sauce), a dish with high sides (at least 2.5 cm) is ideal.
  4. The baking sheet should look good: be of quality material with a good coating. A thin baking sheet of unknown origin will not last long.
  5. On sale you can find baking trays with perforated bottom. Most often they are round, designed for pizza. This feature allows the dough to bake quickly and evenly and not “sour” from the resulting condensate.
  6. Grilling food such as chicken or vegetables requires a construction double bottom: the first with perforation or in the form of a lattice so that excess fat drains and the second is a tray for collecting this very fat.

Baking tray with perforated bottom

The Best Baking Trays for Oven Cooking

The tray can be made in two versions. The first is selected for a specific oven and the same size as it, has a rectangular shape. Such a baking sheet is installed on guides in the oven, does not require additional devices. Another option is ovenware, which is smaller, any shape, and can stand in the oven on a wire rack. In any case, a good baking sheet is easy to care for and will last for years.

Pintinox Prior

This is a cast aluminum pan. It has no seams, grooves and other uncomfortable nuances. The pan has an ergonomic shape. The inside of the dish is covered with high-quality Teflon Classic non-stick material. The tray is suitable for use in any type of oven.

The baking sheet is rectangular with a side of 40 cm. The bottom has an interesting shape – with ribs. This allows you to cook healthier food, use less fat and get juicy, evenly cooked meals. For convenience, the model is equipped with silicone handles. They do not heat up during cooking, so the baking sheet can be taken out of the oven at any time without any tools. The main disadvantage of this dish is the high price.

Paderno COM

This is a round shape with a diameter of 24 cm. It is great for making pizza and pies like shortbread (not high, without rising). Form height is 2,5 cm. The baking sheet is made of food steel of brand 10/18. It does not deform at high temperatures, is not afraid of temperature shock and corrosion. The sides of the baking sheet expand upwards. Thanks to this solution, pies are very easy to remove from it.

There are no handles here, you need to carefully get the form out of the oven. Paderno COM must not be used in a microwave oven.

TimA Granite ART

This is a deep rectangular baking dish. Its size is 27 cm by 35 cm by 6.7 cm. The shape looks very stylish and expensive. It is made by stamping aluminum and has a 5-layer high-tech non-stick coating Art Granit, consisting of stone chips rich in minerals. Along the perimeter of the form there is a lapel of the side, it, in fact, is a circular handle: it is convenient to take it, the material does not slip in the hands.


This baking sheet is one of the leaders in sales. It is light, cute and practical, unpretentious in care, and lasts a long time. It is made of 0.9 mm aluminum, with a good non-stick coating Scandia Whitford. The outside of the baking dish is covered with elegant blue enamel. The coating is also an additional layer that increases the wear resistance of the dish.

The size of the baking sheet is 27 by 35 cm, there are comfortable handles. The height of 8 cm allows you to prepare a wide range of dishes, including bulky biscuits. The baking sheet has a lid with which it is convenient to prepare and store food. The advantage of this model is that it can be washed in a dishwasher. The Kalitva baking sheet has the best value for money: inexpensive and practical, it is loved by consumers.


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