Preserving the freshness of products is a guarantee not only of health, but also of good mood. That is why the choice of a refrigerator must be approached carefully, taking into account the individual characteristics of the future user. Today, there are a huge number of household appliances from different manufacturers on the market, but only a few of them can boast of many years of experience. One of the most trusted and loved by customers brands is Indesit. And this is not surprising: the corporation has been operating for several decades, during which it managed to become one of the largest manufacturers of household appliances in Europe.

Important! One of the main advantages of Indesit is accessibility. The brand is constantly evolving, releasing new models of refrigerators with unique features, but all of them remain accessible to almost everyone.

Types of refrigerators Indesit

Distinctive features of Indesit refrigerators are laconic design and versatility for their relatively low price. When choosing the ideal model, you should first determine the type of device. For example, the Indesit range includes free-standing two-door models with a top and bottom freezer, single-door refrigerators, as well as compact and built-in models.

fridge freezer

With top freezer

Although from the outside such refrigerators seem quite small, in fact they are very roomy – You can easily fit a large amount of products in them.

Importantly, top-freezer refrigerators are much more environmentally friendly and help save energy.

Refrigerator with freezer

With bottom freezer

Many buyers prefer this freezer arrangement, and you can find many similar models in the Indesit line. Thus, when you open the refrigerator, the entire set of products will be in front of your eyes.

With bottom freezer

Single door models

If you already have a freestanding freezer, then this is the option for you. This is a great choice for those who need extra space to store their groceries. For example, such a refrigerator can be put on and store blanks there.

single door

Compact refrigerators

This option is perfect fit under the tabletop Perfect for a small kitchen or office. If you do not have enough space, but need a device for storing food, a compact refrigerator is ideal.

Built-in refrigerators

If you want a new refrigerator matches perfectly with your kitchen décorthen you should pay attention to embedded models.

Important! Do not forget to pre-take all the necessary measurements so that the appliance fits exactly into your kitchen.

built-in refrigerator

Unique Features of Indesit Refrigerators

Refrigerators Indesit have a full range of modern features. We list the most common of them and are found in almost all models.

Reversible hinges

If desired, the refrigerator door can be installed as you need – so that it opens either from left to right or from right to left.

Pull-out shelves

Thanks to the sliding shelves, the products will not remain forgotten in the depths of the refrigerator. They are very easy to use and will help to easily put things in order. Thanks to the ergonomic design of the shelves, now can be extended by 7 cm – the contents of the refrigerator will always be in sight, and nothing will go unnoticed.

Pull-out shelves

Flexi Use Box

Many Indesit refrigerators are equipped with this versatile compartment that maintains the ideal temperaturewhatever is put there (for example, fruit, meat or fish).

Important! The temperature can be adjusted according to the food being stored – a lower temperature for meat and fish or an optimal temperature for fruit.

Flexi Use Box

open space

This system makes it easy change the location of the freezer compartments. You can organize the space just the way you like it – if necessary, the drawers can be removed to make room for larger items.

open space

Total No Frost

It is hard to imagine a modern refrigerator without this useful feature. As the name implies, the freezer does not require defrosting. And this means that there is no more stuck “snow coat” on the walls of the freezer and no more wasting time. The No Frost function ensures reliable and stable operation of the appliance, and also keeps the temperature in the freezer at an optimal level.

Total No Frost

Direct Cool

The new technology supports optimal humidity level in the refrigerator, ensuring long-term storage of fresh products (without weathering) even without packaging. Available on models with a static cooling system.

super freeze

This feature provides quick freezing food due to almost instantaneous cooling of the freezer. Thus, the products retain their freshness and their beneficial properties much longer.

Black Out Sensor

This technology provides more safe food intake, signaling significant changes in temperature that may affect defrosting or re-freezing of food. The inside of the freezer door contains liquid materials that respond to changes in temperature inside the freezer. Depending on the value reached, the Black Out Sensor indicates: the food must be consumed within 14 days, or it must be discarded.

Black Out Sensor

Twin touch display

Indesit does not stand still, year after year working on the creation of refrigerators with an extended set of functions. So, the new refrigerator Indesit Extra has a number of features, including the Twin Touch Display. Thanks to innovative touch display control has become even more convenient – instantly use the Push & Cool function to lower the temperature in the refrigerator and the Push & Freeze function to quickly freeze by lowering the temperature in the freezer.

twin touch

Indesit innovative freezers

For users in need of spacious freezers, Indesit offers a new line of spacious freestanding freezers. They have the following useful options.

  1. Extra function allows you to remove a removable shelf, which creates additional space for storing more products, including extra large ones. No need to worry about the holders – they fold easily and do not interfere with the ease of use of the freezer.
    Extra function
  2. Small products also have a separate place – removable shelf Pick&Go Ideal for storing berries or ice cream. In addition, it is easy to clean due to the special type of construction.
    Shelf for berries
  3. The new freezers are equipped with the legendary NO FROST system. There is no need to spend time on manual defrosting – Indesit freezers prevent the formation of frost, freeing the user from routine work.
  4. Products will not be affected even in the event of a power surge: a special Volt Control voltage control system protects the camera in unexpected situations.
  5. There is an opinion that a large amount of food in the freezer prevents an even distribution of temperature, which negatively affects the quality of freezing. Fast Freeze function maintains the optimum temperature in the freezer even when fully loaded.
    Fast Freeze function


Indesit refrigerators and freezers are time-tested quality combined with a minimalist design that can be a successful addition to any type of interior. You can get acquainted with the range, learn more about the functions of refrigerators and choose the ideal model on the official website of the brand.


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